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Friday Favorites

Well it has been a week! I picked up a little bit of a sore throat in Disney (airplanes are the worst) so I’ve been feeling kind of beat since I got back. I am so excited for a weekend at home complete with Saturday run with the running club, a concert at the Rock’n’Roll Hotel and a special day with Mike. Also, Ted is coming out this weekend. Anyone else really want to see it???

Mike sent me this picture while I was in Florida and it made me so happy!! Glad Fig had a great “boys trip” with Little Mac and Mike 🙂

Parade at Magic Kingdom… Cinderelly Cinderelly…

Used my one day off to hit the parks with my friend Bryan (his very first time ever at Disney!!). It was an epic day complete with all the major rides at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

MISSION SPACE!!! Really fun ride at Epcot

You know you’re in Disney when… all your snack options are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads

Finally home just me and Fig! We were both pretty exhausted so there has been a ton of snuggling. 

My Week in Workouts: My workouts this week were kind of scattered since I was traveling for work. The hotel gym was incredibly small and crowded so I just hopped from machine to machine, whatever was free! The gym hours also weren’t ideal for my work schedule on this trip (didn’t open until 6 am and on Friday I had to be showered, dressed, and at work at 6:45 am, hence the hotel room workout!)


  • 30 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (perform each move for 60 seconds, repeat three times: jump rope, jumping jacks, burpees, speed skaters, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, power squats, scissor lunges, high knees, butt kicks)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • 9 Mile Run


  • 20 minutes Treadmill
  • 30 minutes Elliptical
  • 20 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (the above but only repeated 2x)


  • 40 minutes Treadmill (First 20 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, Second 20 minutes alternating 5 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, 5 minutes walking at 4.0 speed 7.0 incline)
  • 15 minutes Bike (hill workout setting)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • Rest Day


  • 75 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class


  • 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class
  • 60 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class

Cooking with Jalapenos

Inspired by yesterday’s post, I hit up the grocery store to get restocked post-Florida trip. When I travel a lot I tend to get lazy about grocery shopping and eat out a lot. This is not good for my bank account or my lifestyle! Mike and I are heading back out of town (with Fig) on Tuesday night for spend 5 days in North Carolina with my family, so I pre-planned meals to not over buy on groceries. Plus, I notice that Tina from Carrots’n’Cake pre-plans dinners for her weekly shopping trip and I thought it was a great idea! Here’s my dinner plan until Tuesday.

Wednesday: Jalapeno Popper Chicken with a side of roasted veggies
Thursday: Softball game so I’ll bring a sandwich with me to eat before the game
Friday: Pre-Saturday Long Run meal. Whole wheat pasta with ground turkey, marinara, broccoli and spinach.
Saturday: Eat out or scavenge something
Sunday: Eat out or scavenge something
Monday: Wheatberry Mock Risotto with Spinach, Red Peppers, and Chicken Sausage
Tuesday: Leftovers before getting on the road

Last night I went to a long, hot, sweaty yoga class and Mike has his track workout, so we had a later dinner at my house. Mike really likes jalapenos, but I have to admit they’re not my favorite. I like spicy foods mostly if they’re Asian or Indian flavors, but for whatever reason I’m not a huge fan of spicy peppers like jabaneros or jalapenos. I also am kind of afraid to cook with them because I don’t want to accidentally get the oils in my eye (probably irrational but whatever). But when I saw this recipe from SkinnyTaste I knew I had to make it for him. I decided to compromise and scrape out about 1/3 – 1/2 of the seeds to regulate the spice. I probably could’ve left more but it was still tasty.

I modified the recipe some but mostly because I had to. The chicken I bought ended up being much smaller pieces than I thought. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be that great to stuff / roll up. I also elected not to use bacon, but that was just because I didn’t want to buy a whole thing of bacon. I didn’t end up missing it though.
So instead of making roll ups like the recipe, I decided to gamble and turn in into a casserole. I lined the bottom of a pan with the chicken and spread the cheesy mixture on top. Instead of coating the chicken with bread crumbs, oil, and lime juice like the recipe indicated, I just sprinkled the final casserole with lime juice, a little salt, and some extra shredded cheese.

I also roasted some brussel sprouts with some yellow zucchini I found at the grocery store. I thought they were summer squash initially and when I realized what they were I was too intrigued not to buy them. They were DELICIOUS. Both Mike and I agreed we really liked them (I think I liked them more then summer squash). The veggies were just tossed with a little olive oil, minced garlic, and seasoned salt.

The end result was DELICIOUS. The casserole turned out to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to the roll ups (though I’d still love to try the roll ups again some other time!).

I tried to practice my new “hunger/satiety” strategies during this meal. I felt REALLY hungry right after yoga, but I had a big glass of water when I got home and that really curbed my appetite (it is absolutely true that most of the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty). I was still ready to eat, but I didn’t feel quite as ravenous. I drank another glass of water with a lime with dinner and tried to take my time while eating. I took smaller bites and chewed them a little more than usual. It really did help!

This isn’t a diet

First off let me say HI!!! I’m back from my blog-acation (and my blog-acation I mean I have been working 14 hour days and have had absolutely no time). I probably should have thought ahead and written blogs / pre-scheduled them but I guess this is like a blog lesson learned.

Anyways, on to the post at hand. I’ve been thinking a lot over the last several days about my nutrition and eating habits. It’s not a secret that I have issues when it comes to food and I’m really committed to breaking the diet-cycle I have going on in my life. However, when I stopped dieting it became pretty clear that I don’t have great eating habits (ok I’ve gained 4 lbs since I ran my marathon at the end of April too).

I exercise a lot as a way to make up for it but in the end it’s really about food. So here’s what I propose! I’m going to embark on a journey to revolutionize the way I eat, think about, and relate to food. And I want to share the journey on here! I honestly don’t see this becoming the kind of blog where I post everything I eat in a given day, so I’m thinking perhaps at least one post per week about my progress / challenges, etc.

Anyways here are some key issues I want to tackle from the start:

  1. Recognizing hunger / satiety cues. This is so basic but I really struggle to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied. I often eat based on cues that are not hunger and continue eating until I am stuffed / not feeling well.
  2. Snacking smart / intelligent eating. There are situations that I know always lead to eating habits that don’t make me happy (the worst is situations with hor devours.) I often skip meals leading up to events where I perceive I will “eat a lot” so then I’m starving when I get there, and surprise surprise, I eat a ton. And then I feel awful. I need to develop better strategies to enjoy these kinds of events without leaving feeling sick and miserable.
  3. Condiments and extras. I generally enjoy eating healthy foods but I often sabotage myself with the “extras” like salad dressings, mayo, ketchup, cream in my coffee, and alcohol. I firmly believe that there is room for everything in a healthy balanced diet, but I need to work on moderating these extras.
  4. All or nothing mentality. I don’t know how to treat myself and stay on track. The second I eat something “bad” (I also need to stop using those labels but you know… baby steps) I end up thinking “well I’ve blown it now so I might as well just go nuts”. I need to learn how to incorporate treats into my diet so I actually enjoy them without guilt and still stay on track.

The truth is that I have the knowledge. I know how to do all of this. I just need to make a commitment to putting into practice for the long term. This is not a diet. This is a life change 😀

Friday Favorites

In a slightly difference version of Friday Favorites I’m going to include some products and items I’m curently enjoying, as opposed to my favorite pictures from the week. Expect next week’s Friday Favorites to include some Disney pics 🙂

Peanut Butter GU Gels: I got this as a free sample at the Nashville Marathon expo, but never actually ate it. OMG so good. My favorite flavors of gels before were Orange, Lemon Lime, and Chocolate, but the Peanut Butter flavor is more savory and not as sweet. Perfect for later in a long run when sugarly GUs start tasting terrible.

Herbal Essences Curl Mousse: My hair is finally getting long enough to wear curly again and this SUPER budget friend mousse has been great in the humidity of DC.

Bullfrog Gel Sunscreen: Runners (or those who exercise outdoors) are at a higher risk for skin cancer than those who workout indoors all year. The truth is that most of us don’t think to always put on sunscreen before we go out for a run (I certainly am guilty of this!). I HATE sweating with a sunscreen lotion on, it makes my skin feel so greasy. However, Bullfrog’s Gel sunscreens absorb quickly into skin (even when wet) and don’t leave me feeling as greasy.

Snuggbuds Headphones: Mike bought these at a race expo and didn’t like them. I inherited them and I am LOVING them. I am horrible to headphones, so I’ve never bought anything besides the super super cheap earbuds. The sound is so amazing in these and doesn’t leak out like regular earbuds. They’ve been with me every day at work, during my commmute, and during all my workouts.

My Week in Workouts


  • Four Mile Run


  • Rest Day!


  • Rest Day!


  • Five Mile Tempo Run (Warm up / Cool Down Miles @ 10:30 min / mile, Speed miles between 9:00 and 9:20 min / mile)


  • 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class


  • Four Mile Run


  • Two Mile Run
  • 40 Minute Circut Workout (Exercises done for 3 sets of 15 reps, 45 seconds of jumping jacks or high knees between each set / exercise. Leg Press Machine, Chest Press Machine, Bent Over Rows, Single Leg Deadlifts, Bicep Curls, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Shoulder Press Machine)
  • 10 Minutes Inclined Walking (Incline 7.0, Speed 4.0)
  • 5 Minutes Cooldown on the Treadmill

1.  2. 3. 4.

Working out-side your comfort zone

I was going for a pun there… Not sure if that came through or not. Anyways, greetings from sunny Orlando Florida!!! I am traveling on business so i thought I’d steal a quick moment to talk about working out away from home. I don’t know about you but I love my routine. My gym, my running routes, my yoga studio. Its a science for me. Sometimes it’s hard when you have a shock to your routine. But if handled correctly it can totally enhance your working out experience!! Here are some tips that work well for me when I am traveling:

1. Do your research ahead of time. Whenever I am traveling anywhere I take some time to research the facilities. Is there a health club? Is there a lap pool? Are there accessible running routes? These are all questions I ask so I can prepare for what I need to bring. For this trip I brought workout clothes, a swim suit / cap / goggles, and my Garmin.
2. Make a rough schedule. When I’m traveling, I get really really busy. If I don’t plan ahead of time, I will end up skipping too many workouts. I like to create a rough schedule for my trip and pre-plan my workouts wherever they fit. For this trip I’m doing a circuit workout today, a quick intense cardio session tomorrow morning in the pool, long run on Saturday, easy gym workout Sunday, tempo run on Monday and another circuit workout Tuesday before I leave.
3. Do something different. You’re in a new environment, take advantage of it!! Join a game of basketball or volleyball, or rent a paddle board. Try a local exercise studio if you have time (I sadly do not). Make the most out of exercising in a new place. I’ll be using my long run on Saturday to explore the area.
4. Relax and enjoy your vacation 🙂 if you miss a workout, forget about it! Do what makes you feel good and your body will respond to that.

Off to lunch with some coworkers… See ya soon my darlings!

Hydration Station

The beginning of this post might sound somewhat conceited but just bear with me because we’re going somewhere good. I am in really good health. I don’t mean I’m super skinny (I am not), or that I am in SUCH amazing shape or anything like that. I mean that I hardly ever (and by that I mean almost never) get sick. I got sick immediately following my marathon but prior to that the last time I was really sick was February 2010 (my senior year of college). As I’ve made clear on this blog, I try to live a lifestyle that is rich in mostly healthy eating and exercise, but I attribute my good health mainly to two different factors: getting ample sleep and staying hydrated. I know I mentioned yesterday that I am a “champion sleeper” and it’s really true. Getting 8 hours of sleep a night will literally change your life. However, today I’m in the mood to talk about hydration.

How much water do you drink every day? I aim for a minimum of 64 oz of water per day (that would be the old standard 8 8oz glasses). I use a Nalgene bottle most days (which is 32 oz) and aim to drink at least two (32 oz before lunch and then another 32 oz before dinner). Some days I drink another 16 – 32 oz on top of that. Depends on how hard I workout, how much I sweat etc. I definitely drink more on days I do hot yoga, because I lose a lot of water. On a typical workday, you can find this on my desk at all times (bottle of water and a cup of iced black coffee).

But sometimes I just want more than plain water! I LOVE carbonated water as a treat. I’m dying to have a Soda Stream, but haven’t worked up to actually purchasing one for myself. I usually grab a couple liter bottles of Vintage Seltzer at the grocery store, or a case of La Croix cans at Costco. The only thing I watch out for with carbonated water is added aspartame (the Harris Teeter generic brand of carbonated water has it! Disappointing).

Before I started running, I NEVER drank sports drinks. I just never felt like I needed them, and all my weird eating / food issues really flared up when I thought about drinking calories during or after a workout. However, once I started running, my need to fuel my body right for peak performance started to trump that. I still don’t drink a ton of sports drinks, but there are a couple I’ve come around to. Hydration is all about what works for you, and I find that when I sweat a lot I lose a LOT of salt (literally like white crystal film covers my entire face after a race… yuck). I therefore tend to prefer sports drinks for the electrolytes rather than a lot of sugar. A little sugar prevents me from getting an exercise induced migraine, but I tend to use running supplements (like GU gels, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, or Clif Shot Bloks) instead of sports drinks for that purpose during exercise (usually only long runs / races).

I like coconut water a lot and I love how it’s not artificial / loaded with sugar. My favorite brand is Vita Coco. They have really good flavors but the plain is just as good. Their coconut water is not from concentrate too (unlike Zico).

I also sometimes drink Gatorade G2. I like having this lower sugar option both for nutrition and taste. If my only option is regular Gatorade, I usually mix it with water (approximately 50/50 ratio). This is usually after a hard workout. During a workout, I’m all water.

I am also slowly but surely coming around to the idea of Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink. I totally scoffed at it at first. I mean I just worked out really hard… MILK? I gag. But then I tried it, and it was actually like having liquid heaven after a race. I haven’t made it a regular part of my routine yet… but I’m coming around.

1.  2. 3. 4.

Way Back Into Love

I will give $100 dollars to anyone who actually knew this title is a reference to a truly bad Drew Barrymore / Hugh Grant movie called Music & Lyrics (ok fine! I’m not actually going to give you $100). But seriously, I did get a couple troubled reactions to my post last week about my yoga studio so… yay people are reading the blog! I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. Do I give up yoga like… completely? That thought made me pretty sad.

I noticed today how I’m feeling the effects of not having done yoga in a while. I am getting pain in my feet, which I never get, I’m not as stretched out as usual, and I miss that zen feeling.

But here’s the long and the short of it. I am BUSY. I am trying to be less busy, but instead I feel like I’m just getting busier. I work a full time job (that as of lately has actually been MORE than full time) and I’m a champion sleeper (7-8 hours a night is imperative. I’m physically incapable of overriding this need too). I also have a cat who really likes when I play with him, friends who I enjoy actually having time to be with, and a boyfriend who is too adorable to ignore. There are not enough hours in the day to have all of this and workout 2.5 – 3 hours a day. That worked for me when I was in college and when I was single and working, but it’s just not working anymore. So what’s a girl to do?

So here’s my new strategy… commit to a 45 – 90 minutes of working out per day. I will take more if I can get more, but I can’t get upset when I don’t. I’m trying to keep my evenings mostly free and move my workouts to the morning or lunch time. However, as I mentioned above, I am a champion sleeper, so working out every single morning isn’t feasible. I just get super stressed out about needing to get to bed super early all the time. It’s not fun. I can workout some mornings, but not every morning. I want to get back on a more regular running schedule, continue to focus on strength training, and not give up on my yoga.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: 4 – 6 mile Run

Tuesday: Early AM yoga and Cardio / STrength Intervals Class OR Strength Training Circut on my own

Wednesday: either 4 – 6 mile Run OR 3 miles Easy & Track Workout (Track is usually not more then 3 – 4 miles)

Thursday: Early AM yoga and Cardio / Strength Intervals Class OR Strength Training Circut on my own

Friday: 3 – 5 mile Run OR another cardio workout

Saturday: 10 – 15 mile Long Run and Yoga (if I can)

Sunday: Yoga OR Rest Day

If I end up having a free evening during the week and can make it to yoga, I will! So there… this is how I hope to find my way back into love 🙂

Bonnaroo Day 3 – Final Summation

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Here we are for the final day of Bonnaroo recaps. After this I promise we’ll get back to regular posts about lactic thresholds and fartleks and all that other fun stuff. OK! So when I last left you I had just danced my pants off at Skrillex well into the night. It was probably after 5 am by the time I went to bed (UNHEARD OF for me for those who know me well). Everyone was so beat from Saturday, the whole camp slept until 10:30 am (also UNHEARD OF for me). When people started emerging from their tents there definitely looked to be some fallen soldiers. It has also rained over night so everything was wet and damp and markedly more dreary than the previous morning. We started off with coffee and then Ben made everyone a hot breakfast of eggs and corned beef hash (which I am told you can find in the “canned meats” section of the supermarket. I had no idea such a section even existed but I might brave it to go after corned beef hash. Unfortunately, I glanced at the nutrition facts and almost cried so we’ll see). We lazed around camp well into the afternoon. The on and off rain wasn’t inspiring anyone to run into Centeroo any earlier than necessary. We had planned to go in early and do Splash-a-Roo (the giant waterslide) but it was too cold for that now.

Mike and I finally got our butts in gear to head into Centeroo to see Ben Folds Five. I was pretty excited to see them playing together (I kind of thought they broke up… did I imagine that? Maybe I did). They played a really fun set and we did a fair amount of singing along.

After Ben Folds Five we wandered over to the What Stage to see Bon Iver. My charming story about Bon Iver is that I was pronouncing it TOTALLY wrong for a while (think like the most American way you can pronounce it) and Mike never corrected me. When I finally learned that it was French I was pretty embarrassed! None the less, excellent show. I may have dozed for a bit on the lawn. It’s perfect music to have a feist.

The rest of the group was hoping to make it in for Bon Iver, but it didn’t happen for them. They decided to save us a spot for Phish while Mike and I went to a couple other shows we wanted to see. Unfortunately, two shows we really wanted to see were playing at the EXACT same time slot so we had to split our time. We headed over to the That Tent to see Fun.(. It’s really hard to punctuate my writing when the band’s name include punctuation!) Amy hadn’t gotten a chance to see them in Santa Fe the previous week because the show was cancelled so I took a video of “All Alone” for her. I wanted to take one of “Some Nights” (which apparently is her fav) but they didn’t play it in the time we were there. They were so good. I am loving them right now. Listening to their albums over and over and over.

After seeing the first half of Fun. we went over to catch the second half of The Shins on the Which Stage. I, like many people I am sure, was pretty interested in The Shins once Natalie Portman said they would change your life in Garden State (I grew up in New Jersey so this movie was like my autobiography… well not really. But I really liked it a lot).

After the Shins we reunited with the group back at What Stage for Phish. The rain was coming down pretty steadily now and luckily the others had gotten a picnic table under a tent to watch the show. I’ve never seen Phish before and had been hearing pretty much all weekend how if I’ve never seen them live I “just don’t get it”. I was hoping to get it after this show. I enjoyed their show a lot. They even brought out Kenny Rogers at one point (though I did see one guy having a freaking out saying “He’s trying to be Jerry!!! You just don’t DO THAT!!!!”… omg, hippie meltdown). The rain put a slight damper on the show and I wasn’t able to get any clear pictures (sorry… I tried but they’re all super blurry). So instead here’s pictures of Mike and I in our rain gear.

Jam bands are definitely really entertaining though, so I’m glad I got to see them! After Phish, we headed back to camp and I called it a Bonnaroo.

Final Lessons Learned:

  1. It’s possible to do Bonnaroo on a tight budget. I decided to consider this my “vacation” for the summer and even though tickets are expensive (I ended up paying a little under $300), I was able to swing a really fun vacation on a pretty small budget. In addition to the ticket, I spent about $100 on other supplies we needed and about $70 while I was there. This was doable because I ate most meals at the campsite (I only bought maybe 1 meal per day in Centeroo) and I don’t really drink much. I imagine if you wanted to be drinking a lot in Centeroo, it would be harder to maintain a budget.
  2. Prepare for all kinds of weather, not just excessive heat. Yes, it is normally really hot at Bonnaroo. So all of us brought minimal clothing. But this year, it was unseasonably cool and I spent most nights wishing I had brought a pair of pants. THANKFULLY I did bring a sweatshirt and a blanket for our tent.
  3. Rain didn’t ruin Bonnaroo quite like I thought it would. It’s amazing how you roll with stuff in these kinds of situations. I just swapped my flip flops for the junky slip ons I bought (which might actually be my new favorite pair of shoes… unclear), threw on my rain jacket and I was good to go.

Final Summation: Over the course of three days and three nights, I saw nineteen amazing shows. I loved everything about this experience. I would LOVE to go back again next year and I definitely want to try out some other music festivals too. Ok, time to stop basking in my post-Bonnaroo glow and get back to the real world. Later gators 😀

An Ode to My Father

In a rare an unprecedented Sunday post here on POTR… I want to take the opportunity to say publicly HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my dad and all dads out there!

My dad has been my rock for my entire life. Through my life as an athlete, he was my biggest fan. He continues to be so today, flying all over the country to support my running. He has taught me valuable life lessons including commitment, respect, and the meaning of real love. I am so glad I get to spend today with him and my entire immediate family. If you’re reading this (which I know you are because you loyally read everything I write) I LOVE YOU DAD!!!! In honor of my dad, here is a collection of some of my favorite recently photographs of us!

Us together on a road trip through Connemara in Ireland in October 2008

At the starting line of my very first half marathon in Annapolis, MD June 2011

After my first marathon in Nashville TN in April 2012

On a cruise to Alaska in August 2011

 Our favorite tradition… cooking Thanksgiving dinner!! Doing “out thing” in November 2011.

Bonnaroo Recap – Day 2!

My most sincere apologies to you my blog-o-sphere comrades… I missed my first daily blog post! I could bore you with the details of my insanely busy week and my 24-hour migraine that followed it but I’ll just say that I missed you! Here we are though… Bonnaroo Day 2!!!

Even though the heat wasn’t as oppressive this year as I hear it has been in past years, everyone was pretty much up and around the campsite by about 7:30 am. We bummed around for a little bit, found a place to get iced coffees, cleaned up a bit, and then got down to business for the day. We spent the remainder of the morning hanging around camp, playing cards, and yes, breaking into our beer supply (annnddd a bottle of moonshine that one of the guys brought… gross).

By early afternoon everyone was ready for a feist but I was ready to GO! I wanted to get into Centeroo and explore before our first show of the day. Mike and I decided to break off from the group and go in first. The plan was to meet up with everyone at the Flogging Molly show… but more on that later. Off exploring we went, splashing around in the fountain, watching all the girls with their hula hoops (am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing??), and perusing the shops.

Then we headed over to the “That Tent” to line up early for Flogging Molly. I really wanted to get up closer and in the crowd for this show. They were unbelievable. The crowd got pretty rowdy too. Not the wildest pitt I’ve ever seen in my life, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve been in a proper mosh pitt.

After the Flogging Molly show we realized we were in a pickle. We hadn’t met up with everyone before the show, Mike’s phone wasn’t working at all so he left it back at the campsite, and I had no one’s phone numbers. We had a general idea of the shows everyone wanted to see that day, but trying to find a group of people in these crowds was almost impossible. We decided to go about our afternoon and hope for the best. We headed over to What Stage for Santigold, who totally rocked. I also had a minor feist in the middle of her show. It was necessary.

After Santigold, we headed into the Where Cafe to catch Jukebox the Ghost. My brother insisted that we check them out since he was friendly with their drummer. They were great. They just released a new album this week too… so check them out!

Then we popped back out to the What Stage for The Roots. We also grabbed a bite to eat and discussed our predicament. The sun was going down soon and the likelihood of finding everyone once it got dark was even worse.

We knew that everyone wanted to see Dispatch at the Which Stage, so we figured this was the best place to find them. We headed over and while scanning the crowd right in front of the stage I saw an excessively tall man in a blue t-shirt and a white bandana. OMG It’s BEN and KRISTYN! I took off running through the crowd (like an idiot). We weren’t able to get all the way up to them, but we caught their attention and arranged a meeting spot for right after the show. They didn’t know where the rest of the guys were either, but at least we had found some part of our group. Woo hoo! We settled back and enjoyed the show from a pretty awesome spot.

Then during Dispatch, a Bonnaroo miracle happened. I happened to turn around to say something to Mike and I caught a glimpse of a group of guys walking out of the crowd. I recognized some pretty unique hats and literally screamed “OMG IT’S THEM!!!”. Before Mike even knew what happened, I tore out of the crowd after them. Hooray the group was reunited!!! We met up with Ben and Kristyn post-Dispatch and all moved over towards What Stage for the Saturday night headliner, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was hard to get a good picture at night but I loved RHCP! They were my favorite headliner by far. Plus there were FIREWORKS after (ok so there were fireworks after every headliner)

Finally, tonight was the night we had all been waiting for. Skrillex was playing a set starting at 1:30 am and I had been preparing all day for it. I’ve literally never seen Mike so excited for anything (it may have also been helped by the flask of whiskey the guys were passing around). They were… AMAZING. Mike, DW, and I literally danced our pants off. I gathered one million light sticks (I was finding them in our tent all weekend) and kept sticking them in all my clothing. DW found a sweet light saber on the ground too… ground score!

BEST NIGHT EVER. Ok so this post has now gotten really long so I’m going to save my final lessons learned from Bonnaroo for the Day 3 Recap. Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend 🙂 Tell your dad you love him!!