Working out-side your comfort zone

I was going for a pun there… Not sure if that came through or not. Anyways, greetings from sunny Orlando Florida!!! I am traveling on business so i thought I’d steal a quick moment to talk about working out away from home. I don’t know about you but I love my routine. My gym, my running routes, my yoga studio. Its a science for me. Sometimes it’s hard when you have a shock to your routine. But if handled correctly it can totally enhance your working out experience!! Here are some tips that work well for me when I am traveling:

1. Do your research ahead of time. Whenever I am traveling anywhere I take some time to research the facilities. Is there a health club? Is there a lap pool? Are there accessible running routes? These are all questions I ask so I can prepare for what I need to bring. For this trip I brought workout clothes, a swim suit / cap / goggles, and my Garmin.
2. Make a rough schedule. When I’m traveling, I get really really busy. If I don’t plan ahead of time, I will end up skipping too many workouts. I like to create a rough schedule for my trip and pre-plan my workouts wherever they fit. For this trip I’m doing a circuit workout today, a quick intense cardio session tomorrow morning in the pool, long run on Saturday, easy gym workout Sunday, tempo run on Monday and another circuit workout Tuesday before I leave.
3. Do something different. You’re in a new environment, take advantage of it!! Join a game of basketball or volleyball, or rent a paddle board. Try a local exercise studio if you have time (I sadly do not). Make the most out of exercising in a new place. I’ll be using my long run on Saturday to explore the area.
4. Relax and enjoy your vacation 🙂 if you miss a workout, forget about it! Do what makes you feel good and your body will respond to that.

Off to lunch with some coworkers… See ya soon my darlings!

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