Let’s do two more!

The end of spring always makes me a little sad because it’s the end of racing season. I love racing. I love racing more than I love running in fact… so I race a lot. I thought Broad Street would be my last race this Spring but, oh what the hell, let’s do two more. I’m keeping them simple and short… it’s the theme of the Spring!

I will be running the North Face Endurance Challenge 10K Trail Race in Sterling, VA on June 2nd


Aannnddd the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in Washington, DC on June 9th (I am not a lawyer, but I too have a heart)


I talked Mike into the trail race but I doubt he will get on board with Lawyers have Heart. He doesn’t like summer racing because he’s basically a human popsicle (he melts in the sun).

Questions for you guys:

  • What’s left on the your spring racing calendar?
  • Thoughts on summer races?
  • Sun lover or sun hater?

4 responses

  1. Happily I live in the Pacific Northwest so “race season” is all year long! 🙂 I’m running a trail marathon in 3 weeks, a trail half marathon two weeks later and then I have a couple months to prepare for a 50 miler in October. Love to run! Good luck at your events, have fun!

    1. Damn girl look at you!!! Good luck to you as well 🙂

  2. Race season doesn’t really end in the summer here, but they do start a little earlier. I’ll be running a 5k in June and a 5-miler in July. Haven’t decided anything yet for August!

    1. I really want to do some kind of Fourth of July race this year!! Never been able to before.

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