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Winter To Do List Check In

Let me reiterate again how much I love having a seasonal to do list! Doesn’t feel too pressured (I have three months at a time after all) but it’s also short enough to keep my accountable. You can see my original Winter To Do List as well as my Summer and Fall to do lists.

Here’s a check in on my Winter To Do List!

  • Love Marathon Training – It’s going. My training has encountered some issues (seen here and here)… I definitely am enjoying training so much more this time around. Last time I felt completely suffocated by the training. So far, not feeling that way! What’s still getting in the way is my confidence, but I think I’m making good progress!
  • Strength Train at least 2 times per week – This is going well so far! I’ve been drawing inspiration from bloggers, magazines, and workout videos to keep my strength training routines interesting. I really do feel better when I do it and it makes my knee so much happier 🙂
  • Read More, Watch TV Less – Definitely cutting WAY down on TV (except Downton Abbey and Nashville but I love them and I won’t stop!) I like background noise, which is often TV by default. However, Mike and I have started listening to Songza a lot at home (We’re currently listening to the station “Beach Grooves”.) This allows us to put on music without having to actually pick the album or artist (which sometimes becomes such an arduous task.) I’m also getting in bed earlier to read instead of watching TV to unwind and spending weekend downtime in bed or on the balcony with a book instead of on the couch with the remote. It’s making me enjoy the TV I do watch so much more. Like Sarah Silverman says, “Make it a treat!”
  • Read a classic novel I haven’t read yet – I’m about 1/3 of the way through Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. So far I think I like it but I haven’t gotten completely engrossed in it. I’ve been reading a lot of other books but for some reason I find it really hard to get into some of the classics. I tried A Clockwork Orange but omg the slang makes reading it SO tedious. I still want to try again though. Also considering Atlas Shrugged (my bestie and her bf both just read it and loved it) or Brave New World. I’ve had a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on my bedside table for probably six months now… might be time to crack it open.
  • Watch 5 “classic” movies I haven’t seen yet – I have watched The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe but other than that I’m not doing SUPER well. I’m hoping to get another one in soon. The classic movies collection on Netflix Instant is pretty pathetic (as is the selection on Netflix Instant in general unfortunately). I have Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Graduate in our queue. Still want to get an Audrey Hepburn movie in there and a couple Kubrick movies…
  • Read at least three full news articles per day – I’m getting there. I’ve been using the newstand app on my iPhone a lot more. I wouldn’t say I’m doing it every day yet but I’m definitely reading more and actively seeking out more information… which I suppose is the point. 
  • Go to Zoolights – Unfortuntaely, this did not happen due to Mike’s mono. That’s ok though… another year will come for Zoolights 🙂
  • Do at least one additional “Christmas” activity in DC – Ditto on the above. 
  • Make 2 new-to-me holiday desserts – I made a gingerbread cake roll and a carrot cake! I am hoping to try out a couple new recipes before the end of the winter too. I’m participating in a crock pot challenge and want to try using my crock pot to make a dessert.
  • Play with Fig and Little Mac a little bit every day – Again, won’t say I’m doing it every single day but I am definitely much more mindful of it. They play with each other all the time but they really do like to interact with me besides just petting and snuggling. We’ve definitely upped the play time.
  • Participate in another blog related “challenge” – I signed up for and started Courtney’s 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge but mono / sickness kinda side lined me. I did a lot but I kinda stopped checking in and probably didn’t hit 2012 reps. That’s ok! I’m currently participating in the PB Fingers Crock Pot Challenge (try 10 new crock pot recipes by the end of February) and Gretchen Rubin’s 21 Day Relationship Challenge (every day she emails one tip to improve your relationships and so far I am LOVING it)
  • Participate in at least three volunteer opportunities – Hmm let’s see… I volunteered at DC Central Kitchen with my coworkers in December, which I LOVE. I also technically volunteered with Girls on the Run DC for their fall 5K in early December, but it was not a positive experience to put it lightly. I’m not going to say more b/c I won’t “knock” an awesome charity on my blog, but I’d like to get at least two more volunteer opportunities in before the end of the winter. I am fund-racing for Back on my Feet for the marathon in March, so I’m hoping maybe a volunteer opportunity could come out of that as well.
  • Practice yoga three times per week (even if it’s only for a few minutes) – This still isn’t going THAT well. I’m doing yoga more than I was in the fall but I’m still not at 3 x per week. I have started going to a studio occasionally, which definitely helps. I want to focus on grabbing 10 free minutes to practice instead of not doing it at all.
  • Tackle the “little tasks” right away (“One minute rule”) – This little mantra has totally stuck with me… it’s awesome. Taking care of my space feels so much less arduous 🙂 Big success on this one.
  • Go skiing at least three times (weather permitting) – Well unfortunately, Mike’s doctor has recommended he not ski until end of January (just incase his spleen was still swollen and he had a bad spill), which definitely puts a damper on these plans! We’re still hoping to go a couple times in February to get some skiing in this season.
  • Try three new restaurants in our neighborhood – Hmm let’s see. We have tried an Indian place in our neighborhood with another couple so I guess that’s only one? Need to identify two others and make it happen!
  • Tackle a new ethnic cuisine at home – Haven’t tackled this yet. I’ve been more focused on my baking task. Still want to try making dosas. Or perhaps something Asian like dumplings or summer rolls? I was intrigued by this recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  • Learn more about wine – Bahahaha… nope. Still clueless. I did buy a bottle of red wine at Trader Joe’s today that was 40 cents more expensive than the cheapest bottle… does that count??? But seriously… someone teach me (preferably for free?)
  • Spend Wisely – This is one of my favorite resolutions of the season actually! Normally my relationship with money is so singularly focused on saving / frugality. I always felt guilty after any splurge and scrimped in places it didn’t really make sense. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve purchased and have been able to do that while still being financially responsible. FTW!
  • Practice gratitude This has been such a good practice for me. I’m not saying I’m zen because I am far from zen and I certainly don’t feel grateful all day every day. But by spending just a minute every day feeling grateful, I am able to frame my day in a much more positive light. Also makes handling the blows a little bit easier too 🙂

Winter 2012 / 2013 To Do List

I’m SERIOUSLY loving having seasonal to-do lists right now. They are an awesome way to try some new experiences or make sure I make time for things I love, AND they’re a great way to set some self-improvement goals. I am flossing like a champion these days… so you know this is a good process. Take a look back at my summer and fall to do lists if you haven’t already.

Winter is an interesting season! It’s not my favorite, but it has its unique qualities that I love. First off… I was born in the winter! WOOHOO BIRTHDAY PARTAYYY. I’m turning 25 this January… quarter century! There’s also the Christmas / Holiday season which is always fun! I love snow and skiing and SOUP and hot chocolate. All those awesome things. But I don’t love the short days, cold temperatures, or lack of outdoor time. So this year I want to fill my winter with fun activities and a little dash of self-improvement.

  • Love Marathon Training – So far so good! I’m two weeks in (I owe you guys a marathon musings actually… later today) and things are going really well. I want to keep up this enthusiasm! I’m working to reframe my mind too. Last time around, I got really negative about all the training I “had to do”. This time I want to keep my eyes on the fact that I chose this goal and it’s going to be totally kick ass when I finish. 
  • Strength Train at least 2 times per week – I actually really already do this but sometimes strength training falls to the back of my mind. With starting up marathon training, I need to be really intentional about strength training (or it will easily fall off my radar). I’m thinking that I want to do my entire body two times per week… but they might mean breaking it up into shorter bouts in more than two days.

photo 1

  • Read More, Watch TV Less – Straight up… I LOVE TV. I just do. But Mike doesn’t really watch TV, so it’s not really an easy activity that we can do “together”. I don’t want to stop, but sometimes I think I’m doing it just for the sake of doing it. I also find that when I watch TV less, I enjoy it more (delayed gratification). So instead of always resorting to putting the TV on, I want to increase my time doing other activities like listening to music or reading.
  • Read a classic novel I haven’t read yet – I didn’t ACTUALLY finish Anna Karenina but I read some and I saw the movie. It rocked btw… go see it. I have read a lot of the classics, but the other day I was scanning the Top 100 Books list on Amy’s blog and I realized there are plenty on there I haven’t read. I love to read but don’t always chose books that really “challenge” me. So that’s my goal for the winter. Besides, what better season to spend a Sunday curled up in bed with Fig, a cup of coffee, and a good book?
  • Watch 5 “classic” movies I haven’t seen yet – There are actually a ton of really good movies I’ve never seen. My brother is a huge movie buff, and back in the day I was watching a lot of good movies with him. Recently though, I find myself lacking the ability to commit to a movie. TV is easier for me because it’s shorter. As social hibernation sets in for the winter (it’s inevitable, there are just less things to do socially in the winter than the summer), I thought this could be a good goal. I think I want to start with Dr. Strangelove and Casablanca (yes yes I know I know… I have never seen Casablanca and it’s a horrible sin)
  • Read at least three full news articles per day – I am so a product of my generation. I read news headlines on Twitter and Google Reader all day, but I rarely click through and read the entire article. I also watch / listen to morning news at the gym or when I’m getting ready for work, but that’s such a passive way to get information (especially when you consider that my morning news program of choice is about 10 minutes of current events and then 90 minutes of “who got voted off Dancing with the Stars”). I want to challenge myself to read three full articles of interest every day.
  • Go to Zoolights – I love the zoo… and I love Christmas lights. This combines both. I went two years ago, but didn’t get out to see it last year. I really want to make sure I do it this year.
  • Do at least one additional “Christmas” activity in DC – I had a similar goal in the Fall. I want to make sure I’m taking advantage of everything my wonderful city has to offer. I don’t really know what this will be yet… but I only have a couple more weeks to figure it out so I better get on it.
  • Make 2 new-to-me holiday desserts – I’m not a big baker, and really tend towards savory cooking. I’d like to start getting outside of my comfort zone and improving my baking skills. I’ve been invited to a “Christmas Cake” party this year, so I think I will try a gingerbread cake roll for that. From there… who knows 🙂
  • Play with Fig and Little Mac a little bit every day – I love our cats more than pretty much anything (except Mike, he’s still my #1). I snuggle and pet them every day, but I notice that recently we haven’t been playing at much as we used to. Sure Fig will get frisky and roll on his back and we’ll have tummy-rub time, but they have a whole crate of toys we don’t use! We had a really amazing cat sitter over Thanksgiving, and she played with them every day while she was there. It really made me think… my cat sitter is being better to my pets than I am! I want to take 5 minutes every day to play with crinkle ball or the laser pointer (they LOVE the laser pointer). Playing with them is good for them, but it also makes me ridiculously happy. It’s really a no-brainer.

photo 2

  • Participate in another blog related “challenge” – I really enjoyed Pile on the Miles in November. I’d like to find another challenge (I know Courtney is doing one right now but I kind of forgot to sign up for that… whoops. Maybe I can just sign up late?)
  • Participate in at least three volunteer opportunities – I really enjoy volunteering, but right now I only do it when opportunities find me. This winter I want to get a little more active in seeking out opportunities to give my time / work with others.
  • Practice yoga three times per week (even if it’s only for a few minutes) – On my Fall list, I wanted to start a home yoga practice. I’d say that is going “OKAY”. I found a couple good spots in the apartment to practice, but I definitely don’t love guiding my own practice. I’ve been using DVDs and OnDemand videos with much more success. I just like being led through my practice. I feel that allows me to get my head out of it and just let my body move. I’m looking for some new DVDs to purchase so if you have suggestions please let me know! I’m also finally starting to get out of my “all or nothing” yoga mentality. I used to think that if I couldn’t practice for a solid hour it wasn’t worth it. Why not?? Even if it’s just 10 minutes… that’s better than 0 minutes right?
  • Tackle the “little tasks” right away (“One minute rule”) – I am currently reading The Happiness Project (it was my intention to participate in PB Fingers Book club this month but I didn’t finish the book in time. I’m still going to do a whole write up on here though because I seriously think this book might be changing my life). One of the items she discussed was the “One Minute Rule,” where she vowed not to put off any task that would take one minute or less to complete. I am such a culprit of this! I get super overwhelmed my little tasks too… in my personal life AND at work. I’ve already started implementing this rule and it makes SUCH a difference. I want to make this habit really stick.
  • Go skiing at least three times (weather permitting) – I stopped skiing when I was in high school because I was a really serious athlete and skiing wasn’t encouraged by my coaches / Dad (It just seemed like an unnecessary risk of injury). But Mike loves to ski and he took me back out on the slopes last winter for the first time in 10 years. I was literally terrified riding the ski lift up but by the end of the day I was following Mike down a Double Black Diamond (Granted this was at a ski resort in the Poconos .. I wouldn’t be able to do Double Blacks out west or up in VT yet!). I also remembered how much I loved it! We didn’t have a great ski season last year (too warm, couldn’t keep runs open) and could only go once. I’m really hoping for a better season this year so I can go skiing at least three times.


  • Try three new restaurants in our neighborhood – We haven’t tried THAT many, mostly because we’ve been cooking at home. While I do prefer cooking at home (since it is healthier and cheaper), I want to get to know the area a little better. Three over a season seems like a reasonable goal.
  • Tackle a new ethnic cuisine at home – I took on homemade pasta this Fall, and now I want to get out of Italy and explore some other ethnic cuisines. I’m thinking that I might try my hand at homemade dosas. I’ve made only very basic Indian cuisine at home, but dosas require a whole different level of effort. I think I might be up for the challenge though.
  • Learn more about wine – I literally know NOTHING about wine. Some wines have given me really bad migraines so I’ve been really hesitant to try new wines / branch out. But I’m also realizing that getting wasted on any kind of wine has the ability to give me a migraine. Sipping one glass and enjoying the flavor probably will not. I recently had a glass of Pinot Noir that I loved. I don’t think I’ve drank a glass of red wine in 4 years. I’d like to read some more about different types of wines, figure out what I like, and try some different wines. I’m not going to sign up for a class or anything like that but I am an adult after all. Perhaps it’s time to stop ordering “whatever white wine is the cheapest” at a restaurant 🙂
  • Spend Wisely – I’ll talk more about this when I discuss The Happiness Project, but she had an entire chapter dedicated to money that had me completely enraptured. Yes I still completely intend to look for ways to save money and live within my budget, but I want to focus on spending “wisely” instead of just spending “less”. I want to free up my wallet a bit for buying gifts or making charitable donations. This winter I want to focus on spending money on things that make me happy.
  • Practice gratitude – I want to remember every day how  much I have to be grateful for. I don’t want to start keeping a journal. That’s just not me. I find journals forced and insincere (for me, not necessarily for others). I also don’t want to add another task to my daily to do list, because that will just make me resent it. I decided that every day I’m going to spend a couple minutes of my metro commute making a mental list of things for which I am grateful. It will also have the added effect of making a normally not too pleasant part of my day (metro at rush hour is… trying) a source of happiness 🙂

Wow this list is SUPER long… I better get to work!! Happy Tuesday!

Check In – Fall 2012 To Do List

Let me just tell you how much I love making seasonal to do lists. Here’s a hint… IT’S A LOT! I missed October 15th but better late than never. Let’s check in on how I’m doing with my Fall 2012 To Do List:

  1. Register for a spring marathon and get a training plan –  I did chose the marathon but haven’t registered yet (I have until October 31st before the price goes up again!!). Also Mike bought the new Hanson Method Book on Amazon so I want to read a bit more but I’m pretty sure that’s what I am going with!
  2. Try rock climbing – Going on Sunday at University of Maryland with our friend Sarah!! Post coming after that I promise 🙂
  3. Develop a home yoga practice – This hasn’t happened yet. But would you believe me if I said I actually planned on doing yoga when I got home tonight?? With moving, I only now feel like I’m back in a routine. I’m running Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday right now, strength training / cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and SOMETIMES Sunday. I need to work the yoga back in though.
  4. Become a morning exerciser (and stick to it!) – I’m making some progress!! I’ve started exercising a couple mornings a week and I’m hoping to gradually up that to every morning. I went to the gym this AM! Yesterday I made the decision to sleep in / run after work and I wasn’t pleased with that choice. It was SO hard to motivate myself to run (once I was actually running, I was fine… weird how that works). All I kept thinking was “I should’ve just done this in the morning” soooo you know… progress!
  5. Floss four times per week – I was thinking yesterday about this actually. There is such a strong link between oral health and overall health that I should stop thinking this is such a chore. It’s just like eating healthy and exercising… it’s good for me! I bought disposable flossers which I love so that’s helping. I also bought pre-threaded floss (thread already connected with the floss, not just the threaders) but the stick is too big to fit between some of my teeth. I might have to go back to the threaders, even though it’s more of a pain. Anyways… it’s going. I’m not at 4x per week yet, but I’m on my way!
  6. Make more running dates with friends and learn to love the running club. Also, try at least one new running group – I have had a running date and I’ve tried a couple other times with some girls (we couldn’t make our schedules work unfortunately). Haven’t been to the group because we’ve been so busy with the move. But I do have a plan to go to the group next weekend and to go to track sessions with Mike on Wednesdays again! That’s a start! I think in general, I wanted to get my running groove back with this goal and that is DEFINITELY happening. I still do want to try a group fun run. Either Pacers in Clarendon (they have a Ladies Run on Mondays or a co-ed run on Thursdays) or Lululemon in Clarendon (they have a fun run on Mondays). 
  7. Try a barre class – If I want the free class offered at Lava Barre by Lululemon, Friday the 26th is my last chance. I may or may not be able to do that depending on a friend coming in from out of town. If I can’t do that, I’m going to research some “first timer deals” around DC and try and bully someone into going with me (trying new stuff is so much more fun with a buddy!)
  8. Go to NYC to visit friends – Going the weekend on November 2 – 4th!! We have secured a place to stay on Saturday night, now just looking for someone to let us crash at their place on Friday night. We are way too poor to afford a hotel in Manhattan on the weekend of the NYC Marathon (if there is even a hotel room to be had!!!)
  9. Stick to the budget (NO SHOPPING) – Doing SO GOOD on this one. Totally sticking to the budget even with the move. No shopping at all… go me, go me! I’m having fun reinventing pieces that are already in my closet. I also purged my closet a lot when I moved, so that felt really good. Made a huge clothing donation.
  10. Take a day trip to Kings Dominion – Going on Saturday for a special day date with Mike!! Woohoo!! Probably going to be a post too… Mike and I forgot to have a September Date Night, so we have to make up for it in October.
  11. Finish Anna Karenina before the movie comes out (and then go see the movie with Sarah K) – I may or may not have kind of given up on reading this book. It is LONG AS HELL. It’s still on my Kindle though and maybe I’ll get more of it read. The movie comes out November 16th so I don’t know if I’ll finish it before then. Definitely the movie date is happening though 🙂
  12. Master a new cooking skill – I’ve decided it’s going to be homemade pasta. I looked up directions and all I need is a rolling pin (I know it’s shameful I don’t have a rolling pin but I’ve never had a surface large enough to roll anything). Hoping to get a collaboration with my brother where he does sauce / meatballs and I do that pasta and we have a big dinner! Perhaps I’ll try and get this on the calendar for next Sunday at Marine Corps Marathon.
  13. Host a dinner party (or a brunch party!) – Nothing planned yet BUT I still do want to do this. Just looked at my calendar and found a good looking Sunday that might just work for a brunch party. May have just created an Evite…
  14. Go to as least three free fun / social events in DC or VA – We went to the Adams Morgan Day Festival which was really fun! I also volunteered for Ragnar which I was kind of counting as a “free event” since I was giving my time as opposed to spending money! We’re also going out for the Army 10 Miler this weekend and the Marine Corps Marathon next weekend (might be working at a water stop with the running club too). I could do better on finding non-running related events though. Someone invited me to go see the girl from Smitten Kitchen at Politics and Prose… so that counts right?? Maybe I’ll try to do one more non-running related fun free event!
  15. Research and consider adult Spanish language classes – A friend told me about some great educational podcasts so I think I’m going to try those. I need to load them on my phone or iPod to listen to on my new metro commute!

Friday Favorites



This has been a really interesting week. Early in the week I wasn’t feeling very well so I skipped my normal Tuesday yoga class in favor of going to bed at 9 pm (it was glorious). The week certainly picked up with some really great mid-week activities with great friends. This weekend promises to be no less amazing… opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight with friends, a concert with my brother and Mike on Saturday, and hopefully some time relaxing in bed with Fig.

Crossing Broad Street in Philadelphia… on the way to brunch!

A perfect Thursday evening with one of my favorite girls. Painting pottery at All Fired Up with wine and snacks! Summer To Do List item… complete! Also look at my SWEET dinosaur cup!

Something in this closet doesn’t belong… I love this little hooligan.

Screen On The Green‘s showing of “It Happened One Night“. Checking off another item on my Summer To Do List with a Clark Gable movie… perfect.

Washington Monument Day and Night… sometimes I really don’t appreciate how amazing this city is 🙂

My Week in Workouts:

Friday 7/20:

  • 60 Minute Spinning Class

Saturday 7/21:

  • 30 Minutes Hill Workout on Elliptical
  • 15 Minutes Total Body Strength Training (Clean and Press, Burpees, Push Ups, Bent Over Rows, Bicep Curl / Shoulder Press, Chest Press on Stability Ball, Crunches / Oblique Twists on Stability Ball, Dead Lifts, Squat Jumps, Overhead Tricep Extensions) I was kind of all over the place with this one but it was fun.
  • 20 Minutes Inclined Walking Workout on Treadmill (3.8 mph, Incline from 8.0 – 12.0)

Sunday 7/22:

  • Rest Day

Monday 7/23:

  • 5 Mile Run

Tuesday 7/24:

  • 60 Minute Cardio Strength Intervals Class

Wednesday 7/25:

  • Speed Workout (10X 400 M at 5k Pace, 200 M recovery)
  • 75 Minute Level 1.5 Vinyasa Yoga Class

Thursday 7/26:

  • 60 Minute Cardio Strength Intervals Class

Summer To Do List Check In!

Wow it’s after July 15th which means that summer is basically half over (I generally view summer as June 1 – August 31st… the “Christina Calendar”)!! I thought this was the perfect time to check in on our summer to do lists and see how much progress we’re making. My list needs more work than Mike’s, but I think we might be on track to get most stuff done!

My List:

  1. Try out trail running (This post on Lavender Parking really got me psyched up) – There are trails near Mike’s house we’re planning to go out for a run together one night in the next couple weeks. 
  2. Go for a day hiking trip (Maybe this one or this one) – DONE recap here
  3. Convinve a friend to go paint pottery with me at All Fired Up! (I heard you can bring wine??) – I have solicited two girls to do this with me and we are going next Thursday evening (Thursday is “Ladies Night” hahaha like there is a “Man Night” at a pottery painting establishment?)
  4. Attend a backyard BBQ (someone else will have to host because I have neither a backyard nor a BBQ) – my friend Sarah and her husband just bought a house and are tentatively planning a housewarming BBQ for the end of August so that could fulfill my goal. Also, I did have a cookout on memorial day, it just happened to be in a courtyard of an apartment building, not a backyard. 
  5. Take Mike’s motorcycle out for a scenic drive in Virginia / West Virginia (obviously he’ll be driving) – We talked about this yesterday and are tentatively planning to take the motorcycle to Harper’s Ferry, WV to go river tubing for our one year anniversary in August. Woohoo!
  6. Go watch an outdoor movie screening (they only have 100 million of these in DC and I’ve never gone) – will be attending Screen on the Green’s showing of “It Happened One Night” next Wednesday!
  7. Eat or get a drink at five new places from this list – Totally on track with this one. We have gone to Marvin, Biergarten Haus, and Rock and Roll Hotel already. Plans to go to American Ice Co, DC9, and Cork Wine Bar before the end of the summer. I also realized that I have been to a lot more places on this list than I initially thought. In general, this goal was to try new places and we’ve been doing that like crazy!
  8. Play some sort of lawn sport in the park across from my apartment – I’ve discussed this with a group of people so hopefully we can get it together before the end of the summer! I’m thinking perhaps Sunday the 29th would work. First need to purchase a lawn game though. Thinking about this or this.
  9. Make a creative DIY garland for the wall above my bed – Oh right, I forgot about this. I have the rope and the wall mounts so yeah better start browsing for ideas…
  10. Take a weekend trip to NYC to visit all my friends who live there. – Sadly, this isn’t going to happen this summer. I just ran out of available weekends. I’m hoping to do it this Fall. 

Mike’s List:

  1. Go to more Saturday Long Runs with running club (we didn’t go to many this spring with all our traveling and racing) – On track / Done.
  2. Ramp up marathon training (Mike is running the Philadelphia Marathon in November) – On Track / Done. 
  3. Try Sake Bombs (we were at a sushi restaurant at the time, inspiration comes from all over) – We’ve picked the best place to do it… now it’s just a matter of going there and letting the spectacle ensue. 
  4. Continue Wednesday track workouts (and convince Christina to join) – He’s been going every week. I went once! So let’s call this on track / done!
  5. Go to either Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens (ride a roller coaster) – We’ve decided to go to King’s Dominion in the early fall in hopes that it will be slightly cooler! I feel KIND OF bad because I went to Disney and rode a roller coaster without Mike. 
  6. Go to a rock climbing gym – There is a rock wall at my gym so we’re hoping to go together at some point. We need to pick a date. I also did a little research yesterday and there are a couple places that have intro to climbing packages at reasonable prices (I’ve never climbed before so I’m kind of interested in those.)
  7. Get Dave (his brother) to visit DC – DONE. Dave is coming to DC this weekend to go to the Hot Chip concert at Merriweather Pavillion on Sunday!
  8. Get Little Mac (his cat) and Fig (my cat) to fall in love (they haven’t warmed up to each other the way we had hoped) – DONE. Mike watched Fig while I was in Orlando on business and they boys are like two peas in a pod. Woohoo!
  9. Try at least three new pizza places (Mike LOVES pizza) – Totally on track. We’ve tried District of Pi and have plans to try Red Rocks, We The Pizza, and Pizzeria Paradiso (I’ve been to Paradiso, so that’s more of a back up)
  10. Get Christina an amazing one year anniversary gift (hehe) – He says he’s “thinking about it” haha. But I know what I am getting him so… score!

Summer 2012 To Do List

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you are all having an amazing weekend… I know that I am! There will be post updates this week with some details 🙂

Like most amateur bloggers (I literally don’t even deserve to be called an amateur blogger… I think there might only be 2 people who read this blog who are not related to me, but whatever!) I learn a lot by reading more established blogs. I read many really awesome fitness blogs, but I also venture away and read some other blogs for fun. One of my favorites (don’t hold your breath this blog is like more than famous) is Cupcakes and Cashmere. Recently there was a post with a summer checklist and I thought it was a really fun idea. Here’s mine! I’m hoping to post updates when I achieve any of the items on the list.

  1. Try out trail running (This post on Lavender Parking really got me psyched up)
  2. Go for a day hiking trip (Maybe this one or this one)
  3. Convinve a friend to go paint pottery with me at All Fired Up! (I heard you can bring wine??)
  4. Attend a backyard BBQ (someone else will have to host because I have neither a backyard nor a BBQ)
  5. Take Mike’s motorcycle out for a scenic drive in Virginia / West Virginia (obviously he’ll be driving)
  6. Go watch an outdoor movie screening (they only have 100 million of these in DC and I’ve never gone)
  7. Eat or get a drink at five new places from this list
  8. Play some sort of lawn sport in the park across from my apartment
  9. Make a creative DIY garland for the wall above my bed
  10. Take a weekend trip to NYC to visit all my friends who live there.

Mike’s Summer To Do List (I made him make this over drinks on Saturday night)

  1. Go to more Saturday Long Runs with running club (we didn’t go to many this spring with all our traveling and racing)
  2. Ramp up marathon training (Mike is running the Philadelphia Marathon in November)
  3. Try Sake Bombs (we were at a sushi restaurant at the time, inspiration comes from all over)
  4. Continue Wednesday track workouts (and convince Christina to join)
  5. Go to either Kings Dominion of Busch Gardens (ride a roller coaster)
  6. Go to a rock climbing gym
  7. Get Dave (his brother) to visit DC
  8. Get Little Mac (his cat) and Fig (my cat) to fall in love (they haven’t warmed up to each other the way we had hoped)
  9. Try at least three new pizza places (Mike LOVES pizza)
  10. Get Christina an amazing one year anniversary gift (hehe)

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!! I’m off to sit next to the pool all day 🙂