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The best beach is the one you’re on

I grew up adoring the beach. In New Jersey, it’s not a question of whether or not you go to the beach, it’s just a question of how often. I can attest personally that most people who go to the “Jersey Shore” are nothing like the people on that horrific reality show (that has literally ruined my life… that may have been hyperbole but seriously, make me home state look worse, just try!). To me the Jersey shore means countless memories of my childhood and an unadulterated love of wasting away the day in a beach chair in the surf with a great book. My parents now reside in North Carolina and those beaches are EVEN BETTER. However, DC is seriously lacking in beach access. You can get to the Eastern Shorn (Dewey, Rohoboth, Ocean City MD) but you’re looking at a minimum 2.5 hour drive so it’s not really ideal for a day trip (and since I don’t have any friends with shore houses and renting a hotel room isn’t in my budget really, I’m kind of out of luck). Recently, my friend Dara, who is in DC for the summer (she normally lives in Boston getting her PhD in math because she is WICKED SMAHT – insert Boston accent there), suggested we take a day trip to Sandy Point State Park which is right past Annapolis but before you cross the Bay Bridge to head to the Eastern Shore. It is technically on the Chesapeake Bay not the ocean, but there is sand, water and bathrooms, and it’s only 45 minutes from DC. SOLD.

So Saturday morning after enjoying a great long run (it was blissfully only about 75 degrees when we started, Mike got in 13, I got 10), we packed up the car, picked up my friend Bryan, and headed out to Maryland. Right before exiting the highway we spotted my personal definition of heaven on earth… a Wawa! Bryan (from Nebraska originally) had NEVER been to a Wawa, so it was a no brainer to stop and get sandwiches and Wawa iced tea to enjoy on the beach.

We finally arrive at the park around noon and met up with Dara and her roommate Jaqueline. We rolled out our towels, popped down in the sand and enjoyed a LOVELY afternoon laying out, eating snacks, and splashing around in the Chesapeake.

Around 5 pm, the storms that were in the forecast all afternoon finally rolled in. We decided to pack it in and head back to DC.

To me, summer and the beach are basically synonymous and I’ve definitely felt a lack of that since moving to DC full-time. Pools are great but they’re just not the same to me. I crave the ocean. I also find that I am at my calmest when near a body of water, and whenever I run in a new city I seem to seek out some body of water to run near. I really think that long term I want to settle down somewhere a little closer to the ocean, but for now I foresee more trips to Sandy Point in my future. In the off season, it is even cheaper to get in ($5 per car load versus $7 per person for non-Maryland residents).

North Carolina Fourth of July

Phew there is nothing like five days away from your phone, email, and Internet to recharge your batteries!!! I feel a renewed sense of motivation that I was seriously lacking before this vacation! I grew up in New Jersey but two weeks after I graduated from college my parents and I packed up our home of 22 years and moved down to a small town in southern North Carolina. I was preparing to Washington DC full time and my brother had already been living in DC for years. I was nervous about how this move would make me feel but honestly it’s the best thing ever for the whole family! Now my only regret is I can’t get down there MORE! Regardless, Fourth of July in my parents’ town is quite a big shin dig! Here are some highlights from our trip:

  • Fig made his first long car trip and he did GREAT! He really wanted to be in someone’s lap the whole time though, so I will have to be creative if ever taking him on long drives alone (kitty in the driver seat seems very dangerous to me. I am currently writing this post in the car on the way home with Fig in my lap… My brother is driving I promise!). He also met his first dog – our geriatric family mutt Bernie (Bernie is 15 years old and is the sweetest, most easy going guy ever). He did pretty well with Bernie. At first he was very scared of him so there was some minor hissing and hiding under furniture but all on all they cohabitated perfectly. He also didn’t destroy my parents house… Score!
  • The weather was unimaginably good. We went to the beach every single day (even Mike who kind of hates being in the sun. I told him I’d turn him into a beach / sun lover and I think I might have succeeded!!).
  • Mike played his first game of tennis since 2007 and his first full 9 holes on a real golf course ever. My favorite thing about visiting NC is all the activities there are to partake in. Its the perfect way to feel really active and enjoy the gorgeous weather. He was obviously really good at tennis even though he said he wasn’t and even though he spent the entire trip saying how bad he was going to be at golf he was annoyingly good. He is already looking at clubs on CraigsList, and I suspect my dad and brother will soon box me out and just take Mike golfing with them 🙂
  • Fourth of July celebrations to remember. For the actual fourth of July we tried to get downtown for the parade but we were lazy having coffee and chatting in the morning and the traffic was too crazy. So we packed it in and just went to the beach instead! Then we went to my favorite restaurant on the beach, Island Way, for an amazing dinner of broiled fresh seafood and a chocolate cake that should be illegal. By then the sun had set and we walked out on a huge fishing pier where you could see fireworks in literally four different towns as well as some very impressive personal firework shows on the beach. (Fireworks were illegal in NJ growing up so the most we ever had were sparklers. I’m still amazed at how awesome the personal fireworks were.)
  • Dinner at the Sugar Shack. My brother flew down on Thursday night to join us on vacation so after we picked him up at the airport we went to dinner at literally one of the best restaurants in the whole area. It is absolutely nothing to look at (quite literally a shack) but they serve hands down the most amazing Jamaican food I’ve ever had. I’ve been raving about this place to Mike for forever and it did not disappoint. The portions are MASSIVE so we shared a half rack of ribs with coconut shrimp and curried rice with sweet potato. And of course a slice of house made key lime pie for dessert 🙂 Best meal of the trip!

I love having a go to vacation spot with my family where we can just hang out together and enjoy beautiful weather. Mike has been down once before but it was at Christmas so it’s not exactly the same as the summer. I was so glad he got to experience it! I’ll check in tomorrow about vacation food stuff. I have a lot to discuss!!


Friday Favorites


A beach day with two of my favorite girls (and my mom behind the camera!)


Fig playing in an empty box of seltzer


Sweat art after a really intense yoga class
(Not mine, so I had to be really stealthy to get this picture)


My Bonnaroo wristband arrived!!

My favorite look… dripping sweat after a really hard workout 🙂

My Week in Workouts:

Friday 5/18:

75 Minute Circuit Workout

  • Run 2 Miles
  • Upper Body Exercises (10 – 15 reps each)
  • Back: Bent Over Row / Deadlifts
  • Chest: Push Ups / Chest Press
  • Shoulders: Overhead Military Press / Alternating Front / Side Raises)
  • Biceps: Bicep Curls / Hammer Curls
  • Triceps: Overhead Extension / Dips
  • Run 1 Mile
  • Repeat Upper Body Exercises
  • Run 1 Mile
  • Repeat Upper Body Exercises
  • Cool Down / Stretch

Saturday 5/19:

  • Rest Day (I played Golf!)

Sunday 5/20:

Monday 5/21:

  • Rest Day

Tuesday 5/22:

  • Lunch: 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class
  • After Work: 75 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class

Wednesday 5/23:

  • Early AM: 60 Minute Level 1.5 Hot Flow Yoga Class
  • Lunch: 45 minute Cardio session (20 minutes Elliptical, 15 minutes Stair Master, 10 Minutes Elliptical)

Thursday 5/24:

  • Early AM: 60 Minute Level 1.5 Hot Flow Yoga Class
  • Lunch: 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class