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Thoughts of the Week

Happy Friday to all my favorite bloggie buddies! I am particularly excited this Friday, and I have lots of totally awesome thoughts floating around in my head that you should know about!

1. ONE WEEK TO MOVING DAY!!!! My boxes are being delivered today, so this next week is about to get crazy. I cannot wait. I think Fig knows that we’re moving too because he’s gotten super destructive in the last week or so. He spends more of his day obliterating the blinds (I am totally going to get charged for that). He also has taken to knocking over any container of liquid available and shattering glasses all over the floor. He is such a joy. Now I’m trying to decide what color schemes to go with in the new place! There will be new bedding in the bedroom and a new bathroom to think about! For the bathroom, I like everything to revolve around the shower curtain. Right now I’m considering this one, this one, or this one.

2. Quick update on my friend! I mentioned earlier this week that a friend of mine was in the hospital. I am thankful to report that after a long week, he has been released from the hospital, but returned home with his family for rehabilitation. Please please please continue to send him good vibes, thoughts, and prayers. He is such a fighter. I went to see him off at the airport yesterday and you would never believe had been through such an ordeal, he was so calm and collected. I would be a complete nightmare in such a situation.

3. and finally… HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN????? That is right boys and girls, Georgetown Homecoming weekend is UPON US!!!! I may not have expressly said this before but I am a proud Georgetown Hoya baby!! When I decided to stay in DC after graduation, I felt it was important to establish a life outside of Georgetown. I don’t go out to the same bars anymore or go to events meant for students (this cannot be said for all alumni let me just tell you). But Homecoming is MEANT for alumni (even though I totally loved it in undergrad too). A lot of my college girlfriends are all scattered over the country now, and this is one of the only times of the year we all get together. I cannot wait to have the weekend to be with them!!! Here are some pictures of the fabulosity of Homecomings past for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Yes it would appear I wear the same shirt every year to Homecoming. Gonna wear it tomorrow too… so take that! You can also see the sweet evolution of my hair color here. I thought blond on top and basically black on the bottom was a super good look for me at the time. The Jersey girl died hard in me. Happy to say we’ve reached a much more natural hue these days. Although I was just talking about wanting to dye my hair, so maybe my “evolution” is just in my head.

Anyways, it’s going to be a great weekend catching up with old friends, reconnecting, and remembering how much I loved Georgetown (not that I ever really forgot). Mike is coming too this year!! He has not met some of my college friends yet (that might give you an idea how often I see some of them) so I’m excited for him to meet the whole gang. My only goal is not get sick from drinking. I’m pathetically weak, and for that reason I don’t drink much anymore. I’m almost 25, it’s time to get through a day of Homecoming without making myself ill.

Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Maifun … Fun

So I actually made this recipe awhile ago but I’ve been hoarding it in my post bank. Yes, I am trying to create a post bank so I can post new stuff even when I get busy. You’d think this wouldn’t be so difficult but it’s hard to work ahead on your “fun activities” sometimes. Anyways, I digress. Remember my awesome weekend in Philly for Sarah’s birthday?? Well on Sunday night when I returned to DC, I was happy, tired, and definitely craving a healthy meal. I wanted something super easy and then I remembered a box of Annie Chun’s Maifun noodles that I took from Mike’s roommate. That makes it sound like I stole them, which I didn’t. He put all this food out on the counter with a note saying “Take whatever you want.” So I took almost everything. Anyways, Maifun. Here’s what I love about it… you don’t even have to actually cook it! If you’re using them in a stir fry you can just soak them in warm water for 5 – 7 minutes before adding them to your dish. I meannnnn, this is amazing.

Thank you Harris Teeter for providing the perfect blend of Asian vegetables to my stir-fry without me having to do any work at all.

Tofu for protein… yes please. I love tofu and thankfully so does Mike. I try to be mindful of my soy intake so I don’t eat it constantly, but when I do it is always delicious. Every time I make tofu Mike asks if we can have tofu more often. He ate several cubes cold off the cutting board. Hippie.

Finally… the sauce! I’ve made this sauce before in this post and it never steers you wrong. I needed to actually buy soy sauce because I haven’t been ordering take out much recently and I didn’t have any leftover packets!! Mike suggested I try tamari instead of soy sauce. Upon investigation, tamari is a gluten-free 100% soy soy sauce (that was redundant). The flavor is AMAZING compared with regular soy sauce. Love love loved it. It wasn’t even substantially more expensive than soy sauce too (maybe only 50 cents more for the bottle).

Everything does in the pan and stir that bad boy up!! In retrospect, I wish that I had mixed the peanut butter and tamari together ahead of putting it in the maifun. The noodles are SO thin that they kinda clumped together around the peanut butter. The PB didn’t spread throughout the dish like I hoped it would, and I made a HUGE mess trying to stir it up. Lesson learned for next time.

It was so good I forgot to snap a picture of it plated up on the table but trust me… it was delicious. I ate leftovers for like two days. Happy happy girl. Also, here’s a picture of Fig grooming himself during dinner. Fig, please, not at the table.

Hump Day Motivation

My planned post didn’t exactly come together but I wanted to share a really, really awesome video that my BFF Sarah posted to my Facebook wall this week.

That video made me wanna get out there and pound the pavement! Also since we’re in the business of sharing motivation today I thought I’d share a great strength training workout I did yesterday morning at the gym. I started with 20 minutes of cardio to warm up and then hit the weight room for about 45 minutes.

Circuit Workout
Leg Circuit 
Exercise  Weight Reps
Squat Jumps Body Weight 20
Lunge w/ Knee Up 15 lbs DBs 20
Calf Raises 15 lbs DBs 20
Hamstring Ball Curls Body Weight 15
Repeat 1X
Chest / Back Circuit
Exercise  Weight Reps
Bent Over Rows 15 lbs DBs 15
Lat Pull Downs 50 lbs 15
Push Ups Body Weight 15
Burpees Body Weight 15
Repeat 1X
Arms Circuit
Exercise Weight Reps
Overhead Press 15 lbs DBs 15
Bicep Curls 10 lbs DBs 15
Tricep Pull Downs 30 lbs 15
Split Shoulder Raises 10 lbs DBs 10
Repeat 1X
Abs Circuit
Exercise Weight Reps
Mountain Climbers Body Weight 20
Stability Ball Sit Ups Body Weight 20
Leg lifts to Hip Raises Body Weight 20
Repeat 1X

Oh you know me… always workin on my strongs. Happy Hump Day!

A Birthday Celebration

Last Thursday (the 20th) was my big brother’s 28th birthday!! Living in the same city as my brother is literally the best. I may be “away from home” but I’m never far from family. I am also lucky to have several close cousins living in DC too. Hence, when birthdays come around, my parents don’t hesitate to jump in the car and drive the 6.5 hours from North Carolina for a big birthday bash. My parents have taken to coming to DC to celebrate their own birthdays too. We’re really big food sharers in my family, which I love. So we always try and go to an interesting restaurant and get a great sample of the menu. This year Doug selected The Green Pig in Clarendon for his birthday dinner. His friend it the executive pastry chef there, and we had been meaning to go forever! Let’s get down to the good stuff 🙂

Beer! I had been volunteering all afternoon at Ragnar and the thought of drinking wine made my sleepy. But a cold crisp beer sounded awesome. I started with a Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Lager.

Then the chef surprised us by delivering some fresh rolls and cornbread to the table. The cornbread was unbelievably moist (maybe that giant scoop of butter had something to do with it? We had a big group, so we all took half a piece of cornbread.The rolls were surprisingly good too. I normally prefer harder breads to soft rolls but the large granules of salt on the top really made these awesome.

In an effort to listen to my “hunger / satiety” cues, and learning from past experiences at huge group dinners like this, I elected not to order an appetizer. We are big sharers, so I got a bite of everyone else’s (there was PLENTY to go around). Doug got the buffalo ribs, which were delicious. We also had duck confit cavatelli, pulled pork and avocado tacos, and a delicious peanut and butternut squash soup. My favorite was the cavatelli, but the pork tacos were surprisingly good. They had some serious heat to them.

I ordered a Butternuts Moo Thunder Stout to enjoy with my dinner. Sometimes I’m just really in the mood for a dark beer 🙂

I was glad I didn’t order an appetizer because I was already starting to feel satisfied! Thankfully, I also went pretty conservative on my dinner. I ordered the heirloom tomato, watermelon, and goat cheese salad with a side of duck liver gravy poutine. Not exactly the “healthiest” dish available, but since I went light with the rest of my meal I decided I was completely fine with that! The salad was amazing. The tomatoes were slightly mushy but I still ate them all, don’t you worry. Tomatoes are pretty much out of season, so I’m not surprised they weren’t totally crisp. The watermelon / goat cheese combo was great. My cousin and I were remarking that you normally see watermelon with feta, but this was an awesome change. I ❤ goat cheese. The poutine wasn’t EXACTLY poutine (which is normally fries with gravy and cheese curd) but it was awesome no matter what you call it. The duck liver added an awesome flavor to the gravy, and I didn’t mind melted cheese over cheese curd.

In typical Zimmerman family style, I also had a bite of everyone else’s entree. Mike has the rabbit cake with mashed sweet potatoes, apple butter, and brussel sprouts. He loved it, and so did my cousin John. My favorite part was the brussel sprouts 🙂 A couple people got the bacon cheeseburger, because it actually has the bacon meat ground in with the ground beef. I’m not normally a huge burger eater, but the bite I had was DIVINE.

Doug and his friend Dan shared the Pork Shank for Two entree. It was served with collards and grits (the boys ate very little of the collards and grits though. There was so much pork there to focus on). One of my favorite items was the side of macaroni and cheese that was shared around the table. It was made with smoked Gouda cheese, and it tasted kind of like bacon in the best way possible. It was so rich though, I think we all only took a couple bites!

Now for some group shots! My cousin Karen, her husband John, my mom and my dad!! Very exciting news too… Karen and John are expecting their first child this March!! We spent the entire meal telling her to eat whatever she wanted 🙂

The birthday boy and his bff Dan took their seats of honor at the head of the table. And shared and entree 🙂

And finally my cousin Ryan, his girlfriend Amanda, Mike (rocking his glasses after Ragnar) and me!

Finally it was time for the best part of any birthday celebration… DESSERT. I knew these desserts were going to be amazing because Doug’s friend Rory is ridiculously talented. We ordered four different options to share around the table. Everyone else was feeling really full, but thanks to my conservative ordering I was ready to go! First up was the banana cake that came with chocolate sauce, peanut butter ice cream and peanut brittle. I loved this dessert. Some around the table though the peanut butter flavor came through above the banana but PB/banana is one of my favorite combos so I loved it. You can just call me Elvis. We also had the housemade doughnut with ice cream and chocolate sauce. This was surprisingly good. I’m not normally a huge doughnut eater but with the chocolate sauce and ice cream it was kind of like a profiterole, which I love.

We also had the butterscotch pudding, which had brownie at the bottom and pecans on the top. This was hands down my favorite, favorite, favorite dessert. I never order butterscotch stuff, because I don’t normally really like it. In fact, I wouldn’t have ordered this if my mom hadn’t wanted it! But it was so unbelieably good… there are no words. It was a great texture and flavor. I was only upset I had to share with everyone. We also ordered a pie of the day (apple) at the request of the birthday boy, so we got a Happy Birthday message on his plate 🙂 I’m not an apple pie lover, but I did have a bite just to be fair. My dad and brother LOVED this one.

Everyone left the dinner with a big smile, a full belly, and a desire to go immediately to sleep! All in all I was pretty pleased too with how I felt after dinner. Normally I leave gatherings like this absolutely sick to my stomach from being so full. I definitely felt full but not in a bad way. It was the perfect Saturday night with great family and friends 🙂

Happy Birthday Douggie!! Here’s to another year of you being perfectly you!

Ragnar Relay – Volunteer Recap

So in case you didn’t know (or didn’t read my post on Friday) I spent most of my weekend volunteering with the Ragnar Relay here in DC. The name is somewhat deceptive because very little (if any) of the race actually occurred in DC. The race began in Cumberland, MD and ended at National Harbor, which is technically considered Oxon Hill, MD. Regardless, it was a weekend to remember. Let me start by saying that Mike and his team (Get to the Choppa) totally KILLED IT. Mike has been anxiously checking the Ragnar website for the official results, but his team thinks their unofficial time is approximately 25 hours and 45 minutes. They were beasts out there and I’m super, super proud of him 🙂 See the below video for an explanation of their team name.

But let me back track and tell you a little bit about my experience (because as we know… it’s all about me). Friday afternoon I left my office at 4:30 pm and sat in traffic for 2 hours on Route 270 trying to get out to Middletown, MD. I finally arrived for the start of my shift at 6:30 pm at Exchange 18 at South Mountain Creamery. I saw that name on my volunteer sheet but for some reason I was still shocked when I pulled up to a working creamery with like cows and chickens roaming around. I’ve lived in the city too long. It rocked.

Unfortunately, when you’re the first shift at an exchange point, you spend about 45 minutes getting set up and trained, and then you wait around for hours for your first runner to come through. I didn’t mind though. I brought a book to read, but ended up sitting around for hours chatting with the other volunteers who were SUPER cool. One guy has run this relay several times but broke his knee cap in a car accident this year. This dude is so legit. He is fighting back from this injury and plans to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Another guy’s wife was running with a team from the Naval Academy, and he does Ironmans! I had a great time getting to know everyone. Finally, it was 10 pm and it was time to start preparing for the runners. I was manning the chute, which is basically where the active runner enters and hands off their slap bracelet to their next runner. One of the other volunteers was about 200 yards down the road and would radio in the number of incoming runners. I took that number and shouted it over a bullhorn (I meannnnn it was really awesome) to notify their team to set up in the chute. Since this was a night shift we also had to check and make sure each runner was wearing a reflective rest, a headlamp (or forward facing light) and a blinking tail light. It was DARK out so no one was forgetting to put on their lights. I also didn’t get any pictures because it was super dark and my phone was completely dead… sorry!

Right as I finished my shift, Mike’s van arrived to sleep a couple hours before starting their next legs. We got to hang out for a little bit, which was really fun. I convinced him to go buy South Mountain Creamery chocolate milk because it is heaven on earth. He agreed. I left and drove an hour back to my apartment where Fig and I promptly passed out in bed.

I had to be back on the next day at 1 pm, but luckily I didn’t have to drive very far to the finish line at National Harbor. Here I was working the finish line. Basically, I was stationed slightly in front of the finish line and I was taking the number of incoming runners / teams and radioing them to the official timer and the DJ so they could be announced when crossing the finish line.

The finish line was SO much different than Exchange 18. For starters there was NO down time. I was on from 1 pm straight through to 6 pm when I had to ask for a relief so I could leave! It was definitely much more tiring but the atmosphere was so electric. Teams were SO excited, and they were all gathering to run across the finish line together.

I also loved some of the creative costumes you saw. This was one of my favorites: Hunger Games!!

Of course I literally started bawling when I saw this (yeah like crying into my radio… embarrassing). This guy did the relay on crutches with only one leg. His whole team (Operation Give Back) walked across the finish line with him. Everyone stopped and clapped for them, it was such a wonderful moment. I just teared up a little remembering it.

The day was beautiful… I even got some color on my arms and legs! At one point there were some threatening clouds but they never ended up producing any rain. Anyways, I left on Saturday exhausted (I say this like I ran a 200 mile relay race) but I had SUCH a good time! I am also totally itching to do a team relay race now. Just need to find a team…

One a separate, personal, and sad note: a very dear friend of mine is currently in the hospital with a very serious head injury. He is so strong and fighting so hard, but this has been truly devastating news. Please keep him in your thoughts, prayers, good vibes… whatever you do, do it for him today! I am going to visit him as soon as I allowed.

Bad Blog Mommy… Bad!

I know I know I’ve been a bad little blogger this week. Sorry friends… I’ve really missed checking in and am looking forward to getting back to my regular posting schedule 🙂 Today’s post is a bit of a hodge podge of things I just wanted to share.

This has been a crazy crazy crazy work week. That’s a lame excuse since I purposely leave any and all details about what I do / where I work off the blog. This blog is about my personal life and it is done in my personal time and I just think it’s best to keep those two worlds separate for right now. That may change down the road but we’ll have to see. But anyways onto a couple items before I wish you a happy happy weekend:

1. I’m going to miss this girl SO MUCH. I had the pleasure of meeting Kyla as a coworker but after a work trip to Seattle last summer it became pretty clear I had to make this girl my friend. Since then we’ve had some really fun times climbing to the top of the needle in Seattle, dining with giraffes at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World, watching the Dupont High Heel Drag race at Halloween, and enjoying many nights out in DC. Kyla is cool in ways that I can’t even pretend to be cool. She’s a great friend and sadly she is leaving us to move to Denver CO. I’m gonna miss her so much!!

2. I was in a yoga class this week and I had this really weird but like totally awesome experience. I was feeling a little sore and tired and had really wrestled with even going to class. But there was that voice in the back of my head that said: the days you don’t want to go to the mat are the days you need to go to the mat the most! So I went. And I’ve never experienced sensation in my body quite like this. For some reason I was able to completely and totally focus my mind on each individual muscle and posture. I wasn’t “doing yoga” I was “experiencing yoga”. It was wild. I don’t write a lot about yoga on here because I don’t really even know what to say. If you like reading about yoga though… my amazing amazing friend Haley is writing a blog chronically her “30 Day Throwdown” (she is committing to practice daily for 30 days). Haley is a trained yoga teacher and her knowledge of yoga philosophy is really astounding. So go check her out at Bring It Om (Adorable blog title btw… good for you girl).

3. Injury update: my wrists are doing alright. I don’t have the same dull aching constant pain any more which is positive. Running is obviously fine. I did a strength training session on Tuesday, was paying special attention to my wrists especially during push ups and tricep dips, and didn’t feel any pain during the workout. They hurt a little later that afternoon at work. I took it kind of easy in yoga on Wednesday, but I actually fell out of eka pada koundinyasana I, which was disconcerting. My arm literally collapsed under me. I took some childs pose after that to regroup and backed off on arm balances for the rest of class. I planned to take forearm balance or headstand instead of handstand but we didn’t end up practicing those postures. I also elected not to take wheel (even though it’s one of my favorites… boo). I still don’t think it’s time to see a doctor, just continue to practice kindness to my wrists and see where we go. I may start an icing regime (I know I should icing is just the worst haha).


4. Ragnar Relay is here in DC this weekend!!! I want to run a team relay race SO BAD but I am not running this one (someday soon I hope! I need to find a team haha). However, Mike is running with a bad ass team of Army Rangers (they got first place in their division at Ragnar PA last year). I am participating in my own way… by volunteering! If you’ve never volunteered at a race, I can’t recommend it enough. The environment is intoxicating and it always ends up being so much fun. Plus you get to meet new people and if my friends keep leaving DC at the rate they are leaving, I need to start making some new friends ASAP. Anyways, I will be volunteering for Mike’s team (each “local” team is responsible for providing a couple volunteers) tonight at Exchange 18 in Middletown, MD from 6:30 pm – 12:00 am. This is a “major exchange” point (every 6 exchange points is not only a change in runners but also a change in which van is active) so it should be a lot of fun. I wanted to do a night shift because I think the running at night part sounds so cool / fun. But I still need my beauty sleep so I didn’t want to have to arrive at 3 am. I will also be volunteering at the finish line on Saturday from 1 pm – 6 pm with Back On My Feet DC! If you don’t know about BOMF, they’re probably in your city and they are the I got a volunteer email yesterday saying that the money raised by Ragnar DC for BOMF will pay to put 12 people through their program. That is just… awesome. Please read more about BOMF, consider making a donation or getting involved!! I really want to continue to look for ways to get involved more with their organization. I am considering running my next marathon for them!


That’s all folks! Wow this post got long… but I missed you! See you next week 🙂

Knowing when to push

I push myself… in pretty much every aspect of my life. I push myself typically to the point of complete collapse, when I am left with no choice but to reevaluate. But that isn’t really practicing self-love is it? I think long term healthy living is slightly different for those of us who have been very overweight in the past. Not only was I unhappy with how I looked when I was overweight, I wasn’t HEALTHY. But sometimes I find myself saying “I’m doing what I need to do to be healthy” when I’m really practicing unhealthy habits on the other end of the spectrum. I push myself too hard, I restrict, I chastise myself… all under the guise of trying to be healthier.

For me, someone who has previously been very overweight and struggles with body image issues, walking this fine line isn’t easy. How do I live a healthy lifestyle with good habits, without wandering back into the darkness of disordered eating and exercise obsession? The question I think is this… how do you know when to push and when to back off? The truth is that your body knows best, way better than  your mind certainly does.

I’ve been thinking specifically about this topic because I’m experiencing some strange pain in my wrists of late. On the bus on the way back from Philadelphia yesterday, I was making my workout schedule for the week and found myself in this mental battle. Make my normal schedule and push through the pain? No pain no gain, right? Scale is back a little to give my wrists a break? Which one is healthier? Exercise is good for you. More exercise is therefore better right? But I don’t want to hurt my wrists long term. Compromise? Run more, strength train less? Go to yoga but back off in certain poses? Don’t go to yoga at all? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


Here’s what I decided to do… let me body make the choices and set myself up to succeed. I’m going to exercise as usual, but pay attention to my wrists and stop if they hurt. I am however making a couple choices like taking a level 1.5 yoga class instead of level 2 to rest my wrists a bit. Isn’t that all you really can do? That was kind of simple now wasn’t it?

(Obviously let me be clear that if I continue to experience pain in my wrists I will see a medical professional. Right now I just don’t know if they just need some rest or something is seriously wrong)

Weekend Look Ahead

Let me just take a moment for a quick blog milestone… yesterday POTR received a record number of page views! I don’t know if the blog is getting a little more popular or it was just an interesting subject but THANK YOU! I don’t really know exactly where I see this blog going long term. I started it because I love to write and I thought it would be fun… but if it turned into something bigger I would totally be cool with that. I’m not really doing anything to make that happen though. Maybe that will be my next goal. Who knows.

Anyways, onto the topic at hand. IT’S FRIDAY BABY! I’m about to cut loose in a fashion that would please even R Kelly

I am extra excited for this weekend because I will be traveling to Philadelphia this afternoon to spend the weekend with my long distance bestie Sarah! It is her birthday weekend… she’s turning the big 2-5 this weekend!!!!! First a quick summary of the weekend plans we have!

FRIDAY: Gigantic birthday dinner at La Virtu which looks amazing

SATURDAY: workout in the AM, a free day to spend just the two of us toodling around Philly, and then we are heading to Sumeria Philly Fall Gala! I got my party dress in my bag (ok I brought two). I haven’t been to something like this since I was in college so I am PUMPED.


Needless to say it’s going to be a great weekend. But this post is not just a weekend look ahead, it is also a BIG birthday tribute to this amazing girl I have the pleasure to call my best friend. Sarah is brilliant, driven, no nonsense and one of the coolest girls I know. But she is also hilarious, fun, caring, and supportive. So many of my best memories and favorite stories involve Sarah. Like the time that Sarah let me cut her nose ring out of her face the night before a big job interview with a pair of nail clippers (She got it pierced in India and not a single medical professional or tattoo artist in DC could get it out. Drastic measures had to be taken) And dancing down second street in South Philly in the Mummers Parade. And roadtrips to Southport, Georgetown basketball games, and so many more.

I know she is a lifelong friend (because I won’t let her get away no matter how hard she tries). Happy Birthday Sarah… I love you!!!!!!! The commemorate this big birthday, I have included some of my favorite pictures of us over the years.

and this is one of my favorite pictures of Sarah ever. St. Patty’s Day senior year of college. It is so “Sarah”… especially because she stole that hat from someone.

It’s the little things

Sometimes I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit. I certainly do not. This week has been completely and totally work dominated (it isn’t normal that I work until 8 pm two out of three nights … sorry if that is normal for your job but it’s not for mine) and my workouts have really suffered. Yesterday I found myself dwelling in my mind about how bad it was that my workouts were so cut back this week and how bad that was for me. (I may have also found myself wandering back to the “you’re so fat and lazy” place, but I tried to reel that in) But today I’m once again moving my perspective into the positive. Today I’m going to acknowledge all the little things that I do to improve my health and wellness daily. Maybe this list will serve as a reminder to some people to acknowledge their good habits, and maybe it will provide others with some useful tips / suggestions! Please chime in and let me know what your little health habits are!

  1. I walk to and from work. I live just about a mile from my office (I live in a city so I realize this is not applicable to everyone) and by adding about 10 minutes to my commute I can walk it instead of taking the bus. I also save money… hollaaaa! It just adds steps and movement to my day even though I wouldn’t necessarily consider it “exercise”. Even if you can’t walk the whole way, could you walk more than you do?
  2. I include vegetables or fruits with every meal and snack. I’m not saying that I absolutely always always always eat strictly healthy foods, but I make a concerted effort to include at least one serving of vegetables or fruit with every meal and snack. You’ve probably heard the saying “Strive for 5” (meaning 5 servings of vegetables or fruit every day) and this the easiest way to do it. Most days, I make each meal/snack a 50/50 split with veggies and fruit. If I can’t make it exactly 50/50, I at least get something in. Are you striving for 5?
  3. I always have a water bottle with me. Some days I drink way more than others, but no matter where I am I have my water bottle with me. Drinking water and being properly hydrated is so important (refer back to this post) and I notice a real difference in how I feel. Are you properly hydrated every day?
  4. I stand up at work.I work a desk job and some days I’m sitting for 10 hours a day. Extended sitting is a serious health risk. While I can’t change my profession, and I don’t have the dough to buy a treadmill desk, I stand up whenever possible. I walk around the office as much as possible, and I even prop up my computer on a box and work standing up. Could you stand up more at work?
  5. I look inward. I’m far from perfect, which I think is pretty evident at this point on the blog. But what I try to do everyday is be introspective and self-aware. Yes, sometimes my head goes to “the dark place” but at least I am able to recognize it and acknowledge it. I ask myself every day, what can I do to improve my position in this world? What can I do to be the best me possible?

So, I’m curious, what do you do that makes you the best you possible?? Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back every know and again for the little things. And go ahead and forgive yourself for the brownie you ate last night (haha ok that was me)

Also… here’s a picture of me wearing a viking helmet. Just because.

Adams Morgan Day

This weekend turned out a little differently than planned. Friday night, went to see Sons of Bill at U Street Music Hall and they were amazeballs. However, upon waking on Saturday morning to go meet the group for Saturday long run (I was really excited) I was greeted with a blistering migraine headache, complete with nausea, photo-sensitivity, the whole shabang. I tried to get up and get dressed, but when I bent over to tie my shoes I almost got sick. I thought maybe I could go and just go for a walk instead of a run, but it just wasn’t happening. I ended up taking medication and falling asleep sitting up on my couch. Migraines are super fun. The beast of it was gone by about 10 am, but it lingered all day basically killing any productivity. I ended up committing the day to being in my pjs and catching up on TV on my DVR. Mike and I tried to venture out later in the afternoon to get iced coffees and read in the park but we were met with a fast approaching thunderstorm. We got iced coffees and returned to the couch for the remainder of the day. While I enjoy relaxing days, I hate when a migraine derails my plans. I woke up Sunday morning positively itching to get out and move. After eating this which was awesome, I was in the mood for a nice long walk. We strolled the paths of Rock Creek Park for a while and it was beautiful.

We ended our travels intentionally at Adams Morgan Day. The festival was in full swing at about 1 pm when we got there, and things were bumpin! We started at the Florida Avenue stage to check out some beautiful dancing. Only thing that wasn’t beautiful? Mr. Wears a Huge Hat in all my Pictures. That might be a Mrs. Unclear.

I was obviously sporting my Sunday best including workout clothes, a scarf covering my dirty / tangled hair, flip flops, and no make up.

After taking in some dancing we explored some of the booths include Planet Pet‘s adoption center (PUPPIESSSSSS) and Stonyfield‘s yogurt booth. They were giving out free samples of Stonyfield yogurt including their greek yogurt. Mike was all over it because he loves it. I hate the texture for some reason, so I let him enjoy it. Enjoy it he did.

United Social Sports had cornhole and dodgeball going on the tennis courts, but as soon as I spied the tent for Capitol Kettle Corn, I was a woman on a mission. They had samples out of all their flavors (Classic Kettle, Sweet Cheddar, Butter, and Caramel Corn). We ended up sharing a small bag of the sweet cheddar that was not actually small at all.

DC Water was coming up big at this event providing a misting tent to cool off AND free water stations throughout the event. Good thing I brought a water bottle because I am all about things that are free. We also witnessed an Adams Morgan flash mob at the end of a salsa show. It was awesome.

We perused the art selection on Belmont before reaching the Columbia Road stage, where they numerous bands playing. We picked up a free bottle of Fuze before doing a teeny bit of shopping at some of the booths. Mike bought me this gorgeous necklace (that he helped pick out!) I’ve already worn it like three times. He’s the best!

All in all, it was a great Sunday. We finished up the day with football and lentil soup 🙂 I guess sometimes our weekends don’t go EXACTLY as planned, but they’re still great.