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Spring 2013 To Do List

Creating a seasonal to do list has become on of my favorite things. [You can see my Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Winter 2012/2013 lists] This is going to be a SUPER busy Spring (as evidenced by the fact that I am not posting my Spring To Do list until April 1st… whoops!) so I wanted to streamline my list this season.

  1. Try two new fitness workouts – I still haven’t tried barre and I have my eye on a couple places in my travels.
  2. Set a new 10K and 5K PR – This is the spring of speed! I’m running a 5K this Friday night and I’ve got a good feeling 🙂
  3. Hike Sugarloaf Mountain – I loved hiking Bull Run Mountain last summer and Great Falls this winter. Want to keep it up!
  4. Travel to Boston – One of my best friends moved up to Boston at the beginning of last summer and I haven’t made it there to visit her yet (SHAME). I am committed to making it happen this Spring.
  5. Cook seafood at home twice – I wrote a post after the FIRST time I cooked fish as home. Haven’t done it much since then (except here I think). Want to try my hand at some new and more creative recipes with seafood.
  6. Do 35 unbroken full push ups – I have totally caught the strength training bug and I’m loving the results I’m seeing already! Between working with my trainer and on my own, I think 35 full unbroken push ups is well within my grasp.
  7. Try two new yoga studiosYou’ve all been following along on my journey to find the perfect yoga studio (Reviews here and here so far) I want to give two more studios a try this Spring. I’m thinking Tranquil Space and one other.
  8. Buy my wedding dress – I’ve not been great about keeping you guys updated on wedding stuff so far (if I was a smarter blogger I would because my page views go WAY up when I write about wedding stuff). I’m having a really hard time settling on exactly what KIND of dress I want to wear at the wedding, and I hate being so indecisive. 
  9. Plan more fun adventures with MikeMike and I were on a really good streak for a while of planning monthly “date nights” (some examples here, here, and here), but we’ve fallen off the wagon a little bit. I want to be more intentional this spring about planning special outings together (just the two of us!)
  10. Read 5 books – I’ve been on a big reading kick recently (Some examples of book reviews here, here, and here). I’ve always been a big reader / book lover, but my reading definitely ebbs and flows at times. I want to keep up my current enthusiasm by reading 5 new books this spring (I just finished Crossed by Allie Condie and I’m halfway through Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Trebole and Elyse Resch!)

And this post needs a picture… so here’s some glamour shots of Fig and Little Mac at the vet (not happy kitties)

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Winter To Do List Check In

Let me reiterate again how much I love having a seasonal to do list! Doesn’t feel too pressured (I have three months at a time after all) but it’s also short enough to keep my accountable. You can see my original Winter To Do List as well as my Summer and Fall to do lists.

Here’s a check in on my Winter To Do List!

  • Love Marathon Training – It’s going. My training has encountered some issues (seen here and here)… I definitely am enjoying training so much more this time around. Last time I felt completely suffocated by the training. So far, not feeling that way! What’s still getting in the way is my confidence, but I think I’m making good progress!
  • Strength Train at least 2 times per week – This is going well so far! I’ve been drawing inspiration from bloggers, magazines, and workout videos to keep my strength training routines interesting. I really do feel better when I do it and it makes my knee so much happier 🙂
  • Read More, Watch TV Less – Definitely cutting WAY down on TV (except Downton Abbey and Nashville but I love them and I won’t stop!) I like background noise, which is often TV by default. However, Mike and I have started listening to Songza a lot at home (We’re currently listening to the station “Beach Grooves”.) This allows us to put on music without having to actually pick the album or artist (which sometimes becomes such an arduous task.) I’m also getting in bed earlier to read instead of watching TV to unwind and spending weekend downtime in bed or on the balcony with a book instead of on the couch with the remote. It’s making me enjoy the TV I do watch so much more. Like Sarah Silverman says, “Make it a treat!”
  • Read a classic novel I haven’t read yet – I’m about 1/3 of the way through Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. So far I think I like it but I haven’t gotten completely engrossed in it. I’ve been reading a lot of other books but for some reason I find it really hard to get into some of the classics. I tried A Clockwork Orange but omg the slang makes reading it SO tedious. I still want to try again though. Also considering Atlas Shrugged (my bestie and her bf both just read it and loved it) or Brave New World. I’ve had a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on my bedside table for probably six months now… might be time to crack it open.
  • Watch 5 “classic” movies I haven’t seen yet – I have watched The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe but other than that I’m not doing SUPER well. I’m hoping to get another one in soon. The classic movies collection on Netflix Instant is pretty pathetic (as is the selection on Netflix Instant in general unfortunately). I have Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Graduate in our queue. Still want to get an Audrey Hepburn movie in there and a couple Kubrick movies…
  • Read at least three full news articles per day – I’m getting there. I’ve been using the newstand app on my iPhone a lot more. I wouldn’t say I’m doing it every day yet but I’m definitely reading more and actively seeking out more information… which I suppose is the point. 
  • Go to Zoolights – Unfortuntaely, this did not happen due to Mike’s mono. That’s ok though… another year will come for Zoolights 🙂
  • Do at least one additional “Christmas” activity in DC – Ditto on the above. 
  • Make 2 new-to-me holiday desserts – I made a gingerbread cake roll and a carrot cake! I am hoping to try out a couple new recipes before the end of the winter too. I’m participating in a crock pot challenge and want to try using my crock pot to make a dessert.
  • Play with Fig and Little Mac a little bit every day – Again, won’t say I’m doing it every single day but I am definitely much more mindful of it. They play with each other all the time but they really do like to interact with me besides just petting and snuggling. We’ve definitely upped the play time.
  • Participate in another blog related “challenge” – I signed up for and started Courtney’s 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge but mono / sickness kinda side lined me. I did a lot but I kinda stopped checking in and probably didn’t hit 2012 reps. That’s ok! I’m currently participating in the PB Fingers Crock Pot Challenge (try 10 new crock pot recipes by the end of February) and Gretchen Rubin’s 21 Day Relationship Challenge (every day she emails one tip to improve your relationships and so far I am LOVING it)
  • Participate in at least three volunteer opportunities – Hmm let’s see… I volunteered at DC Central Kitchen with my coworkers in December, which I LOVE. I also technically volunteered with Girls on the Run DC for their fall 5K in early December, but it was not a positive experience to put it lightly. I’m not going to say more b/c I won’t “knock” an awesome charity on my blog, but I’d like to get at least two more volunteer opportunities in before the end of the winter. I am fund-racing for Back on my Feet for the marathon in March, so I’m hoping maybe a volunteer opportunity could come out of that as well.
  • Practice yoga three times per week (even if it’s only for a few minutes) – This still isn’t going THAT well. I’m doing yoga more than I was in the fall but I’m still not at 3 x per week. I have started going to a studio occasionally, which definitely helps. I want to focus on grabbing 10 free minutes to practice instead of not doing it at all.
  • Tackle the “little tasks” right away (“One minute rule”) – This little mantra has totally stuck with me… it’s awesome. Taking care of my space feels so much less arduous 🙂 Big success on this one.
  • Go skiing at least three times (weather permitting) – Well unfortunately, Mike’s doctor has recommended he not ski until end of January (just incase his spleen was still swollen and he had a bad spill), which definitely puts a damper on these plans! We’re still hoping to go a couple times in February to get some skiing in this season.
  • Try three new restaurants in our neighborhood – Hmm let’s see. We have tried an Indian place in our neighborhood with another couple so I guess that’s only one? Need to identify two others and make it happen!
  • Tackle a new ethnic cuisine at home – Haven’t tackled this yet. I’ve been more focused on my baking task. Still want to try making dosas. Or perhaps something Asian like dumplings or summer rolls? I was intrigued by this recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  • Learn more about wine – Bahahaha… nope. Still clueless. I did buy a bottle of red wine at Trader Joe’s today that was 40 cents more expensive than the cheapest bottle… does that count??? But seriously… someone teach me (preferably for free?)
  • Spend Wisely – This is one of my favorite resolutions of the season actually! Normally my relationship with money is so singularly focused on saving / frugality. I always felt guilty after any splurge and scrimped in places it didn’t really make sense. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve purchased and have been able to do that while still being financially responsible. FTW!
  • Practice gratitude This has been such a good practice for me. I’m not saying I’m zen because I am far from zen and I certainly don’t feel grateful all day every day. But by spending just a minute every day feeling grateful, I am able to frame my day in a much more positive light. Also makes handling the blows a little bit easier too 🙂

Fall 2012 To Do List

Ok ok so I promised on Friday there would be a Monday post… but I didn’t say what time on Monday!! To be fair, I made my to-do list in the car on Saturday but I’ve been enjoying a blissful holiday weekend in Charlottesville with Mike’s family complete with a gold medal winning nap, a great run, and woohoo a MASSAGE. More details about my epic weekend this week 🙂

But I did not want this Labor Day holiday to pass us by without setting things up for the fall! Before we get to that though I have a big announcement… drum roll please… POTR IS MOVING! That is right folks, moving on up and over the river to Arlington, Virginia. I am still working in the city, but will be a only a couple stops on the metro outside the city. For those not familiar with DC (or those who just love analogies) Arlington is to DC as Manayunk is to Philadelphia or Hoboken is to New York City. Please refer to this amazing video for a glimpse of what my new neighborhood will be like 🙂

While I have simply adored living right in the city for the past two years, I am thrilled about this move! The kitchen in the new place is so much more boss… POTR recipe posts are going to be 100 million times better. Anyways that’s my exciting news!! Thus, the fall 2012 to do list reflects that a bit. I also included some more “personal” goals (my summer to do list was mostly just a bunch of stuff / activities. My fall list has some areas of personal improvement too… whoot whoot). Here it goes 🙂

  1. Register for a spring marathon and get a training plan – that’s right! Making the plunge to run another marathon. I am thinking probably the Rock’n’Roll USA right here in my home city! I am also thinking about a very different training method… the Hanson Plan! More on that later!
  2. Try rock climbing – this was on Mike’s summer list and we never got around to it but I really want to try this. It looks really cool but we’ll have to be careful how we fit this in the budget.
  3. Develop a home yoga practice – As part of “Operation Spend Less Money” I need to start making some tough cuts. I have to cancel my membership at my current studio with my impending move, so I’m hoping to use this opportunity to develop a home practice which is… you guessed it… FREE.
  4. Become a morning exerciser (and stick to it!) – This is just something I think I need to start doing to prepare myself for the rest of my life. I am committed to exercise / fitness / and RUNNING so I think this is a good move for me. I like getting up early, now I just have to get myself out the door.
  5. Floss four times per week – This makes me sound gross but seriously I have excellent oral hygiene habits! The only problem is I have bonded retainers on the insides of my teeth so flossing is a PAIN (I have to use those special threader things). I don’t do it as often as I should so I figured a solid goal was a good start.
  6. Make more running dates with friends and learn to love the running club. Also, try at least one new running group – Since this summer I’ve been in kind of a rut with running. I can feel myself slowly starting to claw my way out of it and I’m really excited to attack it full force this fall. If you need me? I’ll be running. But I also need to get over some lingering insecurities I have about running. For that, I’ve gotta learn to love the group.
  7. Try a barre class – I always thought these classes looked fun but they are expensive as all get out in DC. $25 for a single class????? Surely you jest. But I saw online that Lululemon in Arlington is offering a free barre class on Friday evenings. I’m hoping to check that out.
  8. Go to NYC to visit friends – Didn’t do it this summer… need to do it this fall. Right now I’m planning to go up for the weekend of the NYC Marathon!
  9. Stick to the budget (NO SHOPPING) – I have developed quite a nasty shopping habit over the course of my existence (I will not apologize for my love of shoes). I don’t need anymore clothes or shoes… I need to stick to my budget.
  10. Take a day trip to Kings Dominion – Mike really wanted to do this over the summer and we just couldn’t make it happen for him. I really want to make sure we do this in the fall for him!
  11. Finish Anna Karenina before the movie comes out (and then go see the movie with Sarah K) – This book is long as hell. I’m reading it on my Kindle and I have read 233 Kindle pages. Do you know how many there are total? OVER 13,000!!!!!!! Just confirmed on Wikipedia, the actual text is 864 pages. But it’s pretty good so far. As long as I can keep all the Russian names straight I think this is gonna be fun. Plus there’s movie popcorn at the end of the road here. I ❤ popcorn.
  12. Master a new cooking skill – Don’t know what yet… but it’s time I start tackling some tougher stuff in the kitchen. Plus with my new kitchen, I’ll have so much more space to play!!!
  13. Host a dinner party (or a brunch party!) – I’m thinking a house-warming in the new apartment 🙂
  14. Go to as least three free fun / social events in DC or VA – Sticking with Operation Spend Less Money on this one. There is so much going on in DC. I just don’t take the time to research / find out about stuff ahead of time.
  15. Research and consider adult Spanish language classes – I used to be extremely proficient in Spanish (I might not go all the way to fluent but I was pretty close!) I haven’t used it in years though and it really is such an important skill to have. I’d love to find an adult class I can take to brush up on my skills (especially conversational skills) We’ll see if it fits in the budget though.