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WIAW – a new schedule

Another day of eats coming your way. Don’t forget to head over to Peas and Crayons to see the entire link up!

Now that we are back from a little vacation in North Carolina and California, it’s time to settle into my new summer schedule. As you may remember, I made a big announcement that I was leaving my job to pursue a Masters in Social Work. I am really thrilled about this next step 🙂 I have a number of tasks for this summer prior to starting school full time. I am supplementing my time prepping for school with a number of exciting side projects that are a bit more “social work-y” (yeah I’m just gonna own that word) in nature. Here’s what my new schedule is like…

Like every good Tuesday, I started the morning with a cardio warm up and an AM session with my trainer. We were both traveling last week so we haven’t worked out together in two weeks! He definitely brought the pain  with a killer lower body workout. I was positively dripping sweat by the end of our session. I headed home to shower and enjoyed a breakfast of iced coffee with 2% milk and overnight oats in a jar! I finally finished my jar of sunflower butter (must get more ASAP I love it) so I made overnight oats with strawberry yogurt, oats, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, and raisins. So delicious and super filling. I had a really busy morning ahead so I didn’t want to get hungry!


My project kept me out of the house until 2 pm! By the time I got home I was positively famished. I reheated a homemade black bean burger (recipe post coming for these because OMG they were so good) on a toasted english muffin with a slice of gouda cheese. I wanted some veggies on the side so I cut up some celery sticks. As a little treat, I turned three of them into “ants on a log” with peanut butter and golden raisins. I guess the golden raisins make them less ant like but that’s what we had open. They were DELICIOUS.


I spent the rest of the afternoon working at home and taking a few phone calls. Suddenly I was totally in the mood to workout again! I am definitely enjoying the increased freedom of my new schedule so I decided to attend a 5:30 boot camp class at my gym I had never been able to get to before! Before heading out, I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk. Glad I had it because boot camp was amazing and TOUGH. I don’t normally or always workout twice a day, but I love to exercise so I just do what I feel like doing!


After gym round two, I came back home to work some more until Mike got home from work. We ran out to CVS to pick up some eggs / bread that I needed for our planned dinner. Totally impulse purchased a 99 cent pack of “Red Fish” because I was getting SUPER hungry. They were not as good as the real thing but for 99 cents I wasn’t too upset about it.


With all the proper supplies in hand, I set to work making a frittata for dinner. I wrote a post about frittatas a while ago with more information. This one included eggs (duh), red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, yellow onion, shredded cheese, salt, pepper, and basil. Topped with some sliced avocado and served with a slice of sourdough toast. This dinner totally hit the spot! If you haven’t tried sliced avocado on your eggs before I highly recommend it!


After dinner I wasn’t feel super hungry for a snack but I was having a little bit of a sweet craving. I realized I hadn’t had much fruit so I snacked on a gala apple. It was just ok… not the crispest apple ever. But that’s ok 🙂


Questions for you guys:

  • What are your favorite ingredients to include in a frittata?
  • Favorite fruit? 

Turn a Shortcut Into a Meal

Before we get into the meat of today’s post I realized yesterday that I missed my one year blogaversary! For snicks… here’s a link to my first post EVER! A lot has changed in the past year. I ran a marathon. I moved to a new apartment. I got engaged to the most wonderful man on the planet. It’s also not been without its challenges. My knee injury flared up again causing me to not run my second marathon. Or even the half marathon. I’ve also been doing some hard work to improve my relationship with food. All in all… the last year has been nothing like I thought it would be. I am so thankful for the friends I have made through this blog and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Pennies on the Run!

On a normal week, I cook for two people. But when Mike is traveling for work… it’s just me and the felines. When Mike travels, I not only miss him terribly (we try to face time every night, which is usually me chasing the cats around the apartment trying to get them to “say hi to daddy”. They HATE this game) but I also have a renewed appreciation for how much he does around the apartment! I mean he takes care of the cats, does the laundry, takes out the garbage… and now I have to do all of that myself. Disaster. Sometimes, I like to keep meals really simple by taking an easy shortcut and modifying it to create a great meal. This week I found a box of Annie’s Organic Alfredo Shells & Cheddar in the back of a cabinet (this was in my stocking this Christmas from my future in-laws!) The box says it has 2.5 servings but one serving of this was definitely NOT going to keep me satisfied all night. I decided to amp it up and turn it into a meal.


To me, one of the best ways to bulk up a meal is to add a ton of veggies. I found 1.5 zucchini and a bag of arugula in the refrigerator. I also had a pack of chicken sausage. Veggies? Check. Protein? Check.


I sliced up the zucchinis and 2 chicken sausages to saute in a pan with just a little olive oil.


After they had a few minutes to cook, I added two big handfuls of arugula. When cooking greens with other veggies, always add the greens last. They cook down MUCH faster and you don’t want them to get overcooked.


After the macaroni and cheese was finished I added everything together and mixed it up. Voila!

P1000513 P1000514

Served in a bowl with a little extra parmesan cheese on top for good measure. By adding all these extra ingredients, I was able to turn this into THREE servings of a very hearty and delicious meal. It made for an excellent lunch the next day at work too.


Questions for you guys:

  • When was the last time you ate macaroni and cheese from a box? I hadn’t had it in FOREVER.
  • What “shortcuts” to you use to make delicious meals?

Toasted Turkey Meatball Subs

Growing up, one of my favorite memories was making meatballs with my dad. I used to wake up on a weekend morning to the smell of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove and know it was time to make a huge batch of meatballs! To this day, I’ve never found a meatball that compares (and I’ve tried a lot trust me). I was curious to see if I could apply some of the techniques from those meatballs to a lighter / turkey version. Saturday night I decided to give it a shot (and turn them into some really delicious open face turkey meatball sandwiches). Here’s what you need for the meatballs (recipe is at the bottom!):

P1000479 P1000480

Very unscientific fact right here… it’s better to mix the meat by hand 🙂 Just make sure you remove your rings / jewelry (unless you like having raw meat stuck in the crevices!)


Many people fry meatballs in a pan on the stove in oil, but we always baked them in the oven. I think they taste a LOT better and they’re not fried in oil… double win!


My dad is a scientist, so cooking was always fun with him because he would teach us things in the process! You want to make sure your meatballs are equally sized to ensure even cooking. I always wanted to make HUGE ones when I was little but it’s better to keep them on the smaller end. You can really pack them into the cookie sheet though… no risk of spreading here!


While the meatballs were in the oven, I prepped the ingredients for the sandwiches. We made pizza the night before so I used up the rest of the pizza sauce / mozzarella. I also decided to add a little extra basil to balance the thyme flavor of the meatballs.


Flip your meatballs over halfway through cooking. They should get that nice brown mark on the bottom (that’s how you know they’re ready to flip!)


I also sauteed up a bag of kaleidoscope chart with some coconut oil to eat on the side… DELICIOUS and so simple.

P1000486 P1000487

When the meatballs were done I transferred them to another plate and put the oven on broil.


Prepped and ready for the broiler! Don’t forget about them while they’re in there though. Broiler is a fickle beast so you want to watch them carefully.

P1000491 P1000493

Anddd… VOILA! Perfectly browned cheese with a hefty portion of chard to accompany. These were absolutely amazing so I hope you enjoy 😀



Questions for you guys:

– How do you make meatballs??

– What foods were your favorite to cook when you were little?

Ricotta Pasta

I.LOVE.PASTA. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would definitely be pasta (or maybe pizza… close tie). I am especially loving pasta these days since I’m not forcing myself to restrict it anymore! (I’m planning a summation post on my Intuitive Eating challenge later this week with many more details) I used to think pasta was “bad” so when I did “let myself have it” I always completely gorged myself on it. My mind was in that deprivation place of not knowing when I would ever be allowed to have it again. So when I was confronted with pasta… I ate ALL the pasta. Now that I know I can have pasta absolutely any time I want to have pasta, I eat a single serving in a bowl and walk away from the table completely satisfied (ok, ok, maybe one or two more bites as I pack away the leftovers).

Recently, I’ve been finding myself really favoring simple meals. We’re busy during the week so I have less time to cook elaborate dinners. This recipe requires 5 simple ingredients and hits 3 macro nutrients all in one dish (protein, carbs, and vegetables). Here’s what you’ll need (recipe / instructions at the bottom): You could substitute any kind of pasta (I chose brown rice fuscilli – but please remember I am NOT gluten free. I just like this kind a lot), meat (I used ground turkey but beef or chicken would be fine), vegetables (I ❤ brussels sprouts. End of story) and tomato sauce (Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic is delicious and $1.95 – CHA CHING). The secret here is the ricotta (which in my world is pronounced with a G). Mixing it with tomato sauce gives you a slightly “creamy” sauce without a super heavy alfredo. mmmmm…mmm…. good.


The other best part of this meal is that you can make the entire thing in the time it takes to boil the water / cook the pasta. I also was able to prep chicken noodle soup in the crock pot during this time.


Mike is an excellent kitchen helper. I cut these brussels into quarters because they were really big.


Fig kept a watchful eye on the whole process, but he doesn’t like vegetables (BLEH green stuff!)



After the meat was cooked, I moved it to a bowl and drained MOST of the fat. I left some (about 1 tbsp) in the pan to sautee the brussels.

P1000431 P1000433

For the sauce simply add your sauce and a dollop of ricotta cheese for a smooth and creamy finish.

P1000434 P1000435 P1000437 P1000439

Serve with a little extra ricotta if you like (I love cheese… so yes please) and any garnish you like! I used oregano and crushed red pepper.


For being so quick and simple, this meal was a HUGE hit. Mike loved it.


And so did Little Mac…



Warm Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

One of the things I am loving the most about working through the 21 Intuitive Eating Challenge is rediscovering foods that I had made “off limits” for so long. One of those things? Caesar salad. I NEVER ate it for years because of the dressing, cheese, and croutons. Since I’m working on throwing out all my food rules and eating what I truly crave, I had my first chicken caesar wrap in years last week at work. It was… delicious. Sunday evening, I wanted to cook something warm and homey for dinner. I had a bunch of crap in my refrigerator and no plan. Intuitive eating perfection right there!

Recalling my extremely positive experience with my chicken caesar wrap, I decided to draw on that. I didn’t have lettuce so traditional salad or wraps were out. But I did have a nice amount of other delicious green veggies… so warm chicken caesar sandwiches were born!


Here’s everything you’ll need (but the recipe with ingredient list is also below!)


I’ve recently started using Trader Joe’s Olive Oil cooking spray and I’m enjoying it a lot! It’s not the BEST for non-stick properties (eggs particularly stick a little bit, but not terrible). I lightly coated my pan and browned a pack of chicken thighs. Chicken thighs are completely delicious btw. Much more flavorful than breasts so a great addition in simple dishes.

P1000407 P1000408 P1000412

While my chicken was cooking, I prepped the other pieces. I was getting hungry so trying to be as efficient as possible. I went with zucchini, green pepper, yellow onion, and leeks. I recently discovered leeks and I’ve been using them a lot. They are amazingly fragrant and a nice complement to onions. And of course hearty wheat bread, which we toasted as a sandwich base.


I removed the chicken from the pan and threw the onions and leeks in first to “sweat down”. I heard that phrase on a cooking show once and I think it’s very accurate.

P1000416 P1000417

For the sauce, I decided to mix a vinaigrette caeser dressing with a dollop of tahini sauce to add some creaminess. They ended up blending together wonderfully!

P1000418 P1000419

And VOILA! served hot and topped with Parmesan cheese (because I don’t think many meals are complete without cheese!)


Here’s my recipe in case you need it!

Warm Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Healthy Office Eats

I feel like a common sentiment is that working in an office makes eating healthy / living healthy harder. I notice a lot of people citing office parties or events as endless temptation of cookies and cake. I seem to work in a relatively healthy work environment… but I do work in the healthcare field (woah my first insight into what I do for a living on POTR) While I think working in an office provides interested and unique challenges, I don’t think it’s impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today I thought I’d share some healthy office tricks and then some recipe ideas for easy pack and go breakfasts / lunches.

Healthy Office Tips (that work for me… you might be different and that’s ok!)

  • I bring breakfast and lunch to work pretty much every day. It’s cheaper to use groceries to make these meals and I have more control over what is in them. I make dishes like soups, stews, or casseroles that are really easy to pack and reheat. I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home in the mornings (my mornings are streamlined down to the minute to get up, workout, and get out the door in time) so I bring it with me and eat with my coffee at my desk. I have located a couple eating out options near my office that have healthy-ish options that actually taste good. I use those as treats. I can’t eat a salad every day for lunch… kill me.
  • I don’t keep snacks at my desk. I know several coworkers who keep snacks at their desks but not me. Gretchen Rubin talks about the importance of understanding if you’re an abstainer or moderator. In this way, I am an abstainer. It is easier for me to just not have them. If they’re there… I will eat them. I one time took down an entire container of wasabi almonds in two days. It was… gross. I try to make sure I pack a breakfast and lunch that will keep me through the day and either fruit or greek yogurt as a snack.
  • I stay super hydrated. This is lame advice because everyone knows they should drink water. But I find that it seriously curbs my appetite and decreases my urge to snack.
  • I just say no. See above about whether you’re an abstainer or a moderator, but I prefer to pick my splurges. I often walk into the kitchen to find someone has put out cookies or snacks. We always order a cookie / brownie tray for catered meetings. For those situations, I just.say.no. I’m not saying I’ve NEVER eaten a snack someone put in the kitchen or had a cookie at a meeting, because I totally have. But I’d rather save my treats to eat a pizza with Mike or get gelato on the weekend. Something that I’m really craving and really want, not just something that is there.

Work Recipe Ideas:


  • Whole wheat toast with some kind of protein topping (This is a staple for me. I do fat free refried beans, cottage cheese and sliced tomato, sunflower butter and jelly… anything!)
  • Overnight oats (easiest of the easy… I make while I’m cooking dinner and pick them up in the morning)
  • Smoothies (I make mine the night before, keep it in the refrigerator overnight, and when I get back from the gym pop it in the freezer so it lasts on the commute to work. I keep them simple with fruit / veggies, yogurt, almond milk, and protein powder)
  • Frittatas or Egg Bakes (I LOVE eggs but it’s hard to eat them during the week when I’m having breakfast at work. Frittatas and Egg Bakes are super easy to cook ahead of time and reheat at the office)
  • Crockpot Oatmeal (I make a large batch and put it into individual containers with different toppings. Then I just reheat it at the office!

photo (8)


[Breakfast: Red Pepper and Artichoke Frittata with sliced banana on gorgeous office china]


  • Soups (I make soup a lot. Throw it in the crock pot with a ton of veggies and protein and you’re guaranteed to be full all afternoon. The easiest thing in the world to pack and reheat at work too)
  • Salads (If I’m using leftovers from dinner for lunch but there isn’t quite enough to be a standalone meal, I throw everything on top of a big salad to beef it up)
  • Casseroles (Two examples: here and here. I often make casseroles that have 8 servings so between Mike and I we get 4 meals out of it. I space them throughout the week so I don’t get too bored. Mike doesn’t care he could literally eat the exact same thing every day and be happy!)
  • Sandwiches, Wraps, Burritos, Quesadillas (If you’re office has a toaster oven… use that bad boy! I bring fat free refried bean and mexican cheese burritos or black bean and veggie quesadillas all the time. They’re way healthier than pre-made frozen ones… even the kind from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. They’re also SUPER cheap… you’re welcome wallet)

What do you do to stay healthy at the office??

Crock Pot Overload

I didn’t have a recipe post for you guys last week and I used an old recipe this week, so I thought I would give you a look at what else I’ve been up to in the kitchen the last couple weeks. Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers is doing a crock pot challenge and I decided to participate! Basically, I’m going to try 10 new crock pot recipes before the end of February, write up a summary post of all the recipes I tried, and link up with her on her site. I’m aiming for about 2 recipes per week so I don’t go on crock pot overload. However, last week we had a lot of social events or nights with easy dinners like pancakes / eggs, so I didn’t have much to show! Crock pot recipes are awesome but they’re kinda lame to highlight on the blog. Like, what am I going to show you? I opened a bunch of cans and packages, dumped them into a pot, turned it on, and went about my life until it was ready to eat. Not exactly a lot of skill involved in that. But I’ll give you a sneak peek prior to my big recap.

My first recipe was this gingered beef and vegetables recipe. It ended up being several days worth of lunches and it was GOOD. I almost always use chicken or vegetable stock when cooking but I need to stop overlooking beef stock. It is SO flavorful and delicious. This was a great “hearty” lunch to take me through after work social events like a concert and a basketball game.


Saturday was a great day to use the slow cooker for dinner. Sometimes I don’t like to use it during the week b/c all the recipes say to cook for 8 hours on low. It’s always more than 8 hours from when I leave the apt in the morning to when I return in the evening. Sometimes I don’t want to leave it sitting there on “warm” for 2 more hours! Since I was around on Saturday, it was such a nice treat to not have to think too hard about cooking dinner when the time came. I used this recipe for Pasta with Eggplant Sauce. I loved this sauce because it was so thick and hearty with vegetables. It made my portion of high-fiber mini penne look positively massive (see the picture below… YOWZA). I am a pasta eating champion and if left to my own devices could easily put down a ridiculous amount of pasta. By adding lots of vegetables / thickening agents to the sauce, it’s a great way to tame the pasta eating beast within!


And this Santa Fe Chicken is cooking in the crock pot for dinner AS WE SPEAK! Gonna be some goooooood eatins tonight. I love these kind of crock pot recipes, especially because I can throw the chicken breast in whole and shred it after it’s had 9.5 hours to cook with just a fork. So easy. And also delicious.


Anyways, as you can see the creativity I can employ with photographing crock pot meals is pretty minimal. So don’t worry, you won’t be seeing a crock pot recipe every week until the end of February. I’ll spice it up for you! But so far… the recipes have been amazing (even if they’re slightly boring to look at). I’m planning on making this Vegetable and Chick Pea curry later this week! Crock pot challenge FOR THE WIN!

Anybody have favorite crock pot recipes they want to share??? I’ve got a lot more meals to make before the end of February and I am taking any and all suggestions 🙂 

Homemade Pasta

Today’s post is an oldie and long overdue. Mike took all the pictures on his phone and of course this became a huge obstacle to me because I’m computer illiterate. I know it’s weird, I blog and people at my job seem to think I’m really good with computers but trust me… I am not. ANYWAYS. As I mentioned in my Fall 2012 To Do List, I wanted to master a new cooking skill this fall. I decided I would finally try my hand at making homemade pasta. Pasta is really not hard to make… but you need a lot of space to dry it. Space was something I did not have in my old apartment. So with my brand new big girl kitchen, I set out to make homemade pasta a few Sundays back. I coordinated with my brother so plan a dinner at his apartment with my homemade pasta and his sauce and meatballs. A perfect Sunday indeed. Mike was kind of enough to take 1,000,000 pictures of me during this process. Here’s how it went.

There are a startling number of eggs in pasta. I had no idea. I used this step by step guide I found online, because I never do anything without instructions. I decided to make a double batch since the batch they made looked kinda small, and I was making a meal for three boys and one pasta eating phenomenon (me). Look at me… totally following the directions. Making my little flour mountain into a flour volcano so I can pour my eggs in just like the lady in the demonstration.

Aaaannnndddd then my flour volcano erupted. Literally, we were at def con 5 up in here. Egg was spilling out EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t get it together fast enough. Mike was legitimately just laughing at me and catching this all on camera because he is a terrific boyfriend (but he seriously is). I was pretty convinced I was never going to get a cohesive ball of dough out of this mess. Unless you counted all the crap that was stuck to my hands (WARNING: take off all jewelry before trying this at home… I wish I had taken my own advice. I found a dried piece of dough in one of my rings like a week and a half later). But finally after some serious sweating and cursing… I muscled my ball of dough into submission.

And it rested. And I rested! Then it was time to roll. Thank you Mike for purchasing this rolling pin at Target. Without it we would’ve had a giant ball of dough and no pasta.

After I got it as thin as I could (it was still thicker than normal pasta from the box, but I think that is normal) I rolled it around the rolling pin and was left with my little pasta stromboli (minus the gooey cheese and marinara). After this, I made Mike put the camera down and start helping because this was a lot of work. I cut the roll into the thinnest pieces possible, and then we started unrolling / laying the pieces out to dry.

I was not kidding when I said you needed a lot of space for this. It took up the entire counter and our electric stove top. I wish I had a drying rack but when it comes down kitchen supplies and my budget, you have to separate need from want (Example – I would love to have a pizza stone to cook pizzas at home. However, when it comes down to buying a pizza stone or milk, pizza stone doesn’t compete well)

After letting the pasta dry for 3 hours, we packed it all in a container and went over to my brother’s place. One big pot of water and olive oil later, dinner was served! And oh… my… God… IT WAS GOOD.

I just got a craving for pasta writing this post… thanks guys. Anyways, final summation… making pasta at home is fun! It’s messy work though. Was definitely still scraping stuff off the counter like 2 days later. Will I do it again? Probably! Now it’s time to start thinking about my next skill…

Happy Monday!

Vegan Carrot Ginger Soup

I love soup. I’m a soup lover! Besides liking the way it tastes, I like that soup often allows me to pack a ton of vegetables into a meal and keeps me feeling full for a long time (I think it’s all the liquid). I’ve taken recently to preparing a big batch of soup in the crockpot on Sundays and eating it for lunch at work all week. I have a couple rules for soups made at home. 1. Packed with veggies 2. A healthy base like stock of tomato (no cream based soups). In the last couple weeks I’ve made this White Bean and Spinach soup and this butternut squash and apple soup.

I love pureed vegetable soups because they remind me so much of when I was studying abroad in Ireland (I saved all my money to travel and drink beer, so I ate a lot of soup). However, I hesitate to make them at home because its SO annoying to transfer the soup into a blender and blend it up when it’s done cooking. I also overfilled the blender when doing my butternut squash soup, which resulted in a very cartoon-esque scene where butternut squash soup was exploding all over my kitchen (and face). HOWEVER, Mike, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, brought me an IMMERSION BLENDER! I was so psyched to try it out that I knew soup was going to be on the menu this week. Then when the hurricane hit, I had some extra time on my hands. I decided to try this recipe from Epicurious because it thickened the recipe with potatoes as opposed to adding cream! The recipe was a little bit more intricate than I would normally choose for a slow cooker meal, but with the extra time I figured I would give it a try. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for a dish 🙂

I started out with shallots, ginger, and an orange. I zested the orange and minced the ginger and shallots with the help of my handy dandy Euro Chopper (I REALLY need to get a food processor). It didn’t turn out half bad actually!

Then I got started on the potatoes and carrots. I decided to use pre-cut and peeled carrots for the recipe, but I still cut them in half to make the pieces smaller. I figured there was already so much peeling, cutting, mincing, and zesting in this recipe, I would give myself a break on the carrots.

KITTY ATTACK!! Luckily we were able to play quick defense and keep Fig out of the crock pot.

I used vegetable stock to make the recipe “vegan”. I don’t eat strictly a vegetarian or vegan diet. I personally believe (and I may get dinged by some for saying this) that just because something is vegan or vegetarian, doesn’t automatically mean its healthy. Conversely, I believe that just because a recipe includes meat doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. I choose to eat a balanced diet that combines sometimes eating meat and sometimes not. If you call me a “flexitarian” I will find you and slap you in the face.

I continued to mess around in the kitchen while the soup cooked, and Fig sulked by laying on my computer.

In my experience, this soup took way longer to cook than the recipe said. It said cook on high for 2 hours, but I ended up cooking it on high for 6 hours. It was just easier to let all the veggies get really soft. Then it was time to IMMERSION BLEND IT! Mike was a super kitchen helper… I think he was also pretty excited about the immersion blender.

VOILA! The result was a supremely delicious ginger carrot soup. I added some hot sauce and tamari for flavor but left off the sour cream / yogurt garnish. This baby didn’t need it 🙂 I am really glad I decided to take a stab at this recipe. I was especially thankful to have it for lunch on Wednesday, which prevented me from inhaling any more candy that I really did not need 🙂

Well friends… I’m off to NYC! I’ll be back with blog updates on Monday 🙂 Happy Weekend!

Super Fast Spaghetti Squash

Ugh I’m having trouble formating my pictures again!! No big deal though… on to the post at hand! So Monday night I went outside for a five mile run only to discover it was raining! But I was there and I was ready to run, so I just ran… in the rain. I came back looking like this:

Needless to say I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into dinner. Thankfully, I precooked a spaghetti squash on Sunday and picked up some pre-marinated salmon filets at Trader Joe’s over the weekend. Perfecto. The salmon went into the over to broil and I got to work preparing the squash.

I wanted to complement the dijon mustard flavor of the salmon, so I went with something light and citrusy. Approximately one tablespoon of coconut oil went into the pan followed by the spaghetti squash to warm it up (I used about 2/3 of an entire spaghetti squash).

I used the juice of one half an orange, one whole lime, and one whole lemon right into the pan and a little bit of sea salt (not much at all).

Complete the meal with a delicious glass of white wine and in less than 15 minutes, we were ready to roll!

DELICIOUS!! A perfectly light and healthy start to the week with very little effort involved 🙂 I intended to put feta cheese in (it’s in the picture up top) but I totally forgot!! Didn’t need it in the end.

Then the kitties wrestled for a little while hehe