This isn’t a diet

First off let me say HI!!! I’m back from my blog-acation (and my blog-acation I mean I have been working 14 hour days and have had absolutely no time). I probably should have thought ahead and written blogs / pre-scheduled them but I guess this is like a blog lesson learned.

Anyways, on to the post at hand. I’ve been thinking a lot over the last several days about my nutrition and eating habits. It’s not a secret that I have issues when it comes to food and I’m really committed to breaking the diet-cycle I have going on in my life. However, when I stopped dieting it became pretty clear that I don’t have great eating habits (ok I’ve gained 4 lbs since I ran my marathon at the end of April too).

I exercise a lot as a way to make up for it but in the end it’s really about food. So here’s what I propose! I’m going to embark on a journey to revolutionize the way I eat, think about, and relate to food. And I want to share the journey on here! I honestly don’t see this becoming the kind of blog where I post everything I eat in a given day, so I’m thinking perhaps at least one post per week about my progress / challenges, etc.

Anyways here are some key issues I want to tackle from the start:

  1. Recognizing hunger / satiety cues. This is so basic but I really struggle to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied. I often eat based on cues that are not hunger and continue eating until I am stuffed / not feeling well.
  2. Snacking smart / intelligent eating. There are situations that I know always lead to eating habits that don’t make me happy (the worst is situations with hor devours.) I often skip meals leading up to events where I perceive I will “eat a lot” so then I’m starving when I get there, and surprise surprise, I eat a ton. And then I feel awful. I need to develop better strategies to enjoy these kinds of events without leaving feeling sick and miserable.
  3. Condiments and extras. I generally enjoy eating healthy foods but I often sabotage myself with the “extras” like salad dressings, mayo, ketchup, cream in my coffee, and alcohol. I firmly believe that there is room for everything in a healthy balanced diet, but I need to work on moderating these extras.
  4. All or nothing mentality. I don’t know how to treat myself and stay on track. The second I eat something “bad” (I also need to stop using those labels but you know… baby steps) I end up thinking “well I’ve blown it now so I might as well just go nuts”. I need to learn how to incorporate treats into my diet so I actually enjoy them without guilt and still stay on track.

The truth is that I have the knowledge. I know how to do all of this. I just need to make a commitment to putting into practice for the long term. This is not a diet. This is a life change 😀

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  1. Paulette Zimmerman | Reply

    wow, I really appreciate this entry because you have captured what I too struggle with all the time. I look forward to your insight and suggestions on this – this will definitely motivate me at a time I really need it:)

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  4. […] I digress to today’s post… checking in on my on-going efforts to improve my relationship with food. I didn’t write a post last week (bad Christina!) on the topic so I think I have a lot to […]

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