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Summer 2012 To Do List

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope you are all having an amazing weekend… I know that I am! There will be post updates this week with some details 🙂

Like most amateur bloggers (I literally don’t even deserve to be called an amateur blogger… I think there might only be 2 people who read this blog who are not related to me, but whatever!) I learn a lot by reading more established blogs. I read many really awesome fitness blogs, but I also venture away and read some other blogs for fun. One of my favorites (don’t hold your breath this blog is like more than famous) is Cupcakes and Cashmere. Recently there was a post with a summer checklist and I thought it was a really fun idea. Here’s mine! I’m hoping to post updates when I achieve any of the items on the list.

  1. Try out trail running (This post on Lavender Parking really got me psyched up)
  2. Go for a day hiking trip (Maybe this one or this one)
  3. Convinve a friend to go paint pottery with me at All Fired Up! (I heard you can bring wine??)
  4. Attend a backyard BBQ (someone else will have to host because I have neither a backyard nor a BBQ)
  5. Take Mike’s motorcycle out for a scenic drive in Virginia / West Virginia (obviously he’ll be driving)
  6. Go watch an outdoor movie screening (they only have 100 million of these in DC and I’ve never gone)
  7. Eat or get a drink at five new places from this list
  8. Play some sort of lawn sport in the park across from my apartment
  9. Make a creative DIY garland for the wall above my bed
  10. Take a weekend trip to NYC to visit all my friends who live there.

Mike’s Summer To Do List (I made him make this over drinks on Saturday night)

  1. Go to more Saturday Long Runs with running club (we didn’t go to many this spring with all our traveling and racing)
  2. Ramp up marathon training (Mike is running the Philadelphia Marathon in November)
  3. Try Sake Bombs (we were at a sushi restaurant at the time, inspiration comes from all over)
  4. Continue Wednesday track workouts (and convince Christina to join)
  5. Go to either Kings Dominion of Busch Gardens (ride a roller coaster)
  6. Go to a rock climbing gym
  7. Get Dave (his brother) to visit DC
  8. Get Little Mac (his cat) and Fig (my cat) to fall in love (they haven’t warmed up to each other the way we had hoped)
  9. Try at least three new pizza places (Mike LOVES pizza)
  10. Get Christina an amazing one year anniversary gift (hehe)

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!! I’m off to sit next to the pool all day 🙂