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I’ve Missed You Too

I’ve had a pretty prolonged and unexpected absence from the blog. Sometimes, that just happens with me. But other times, such as this, there is an explanation. And this time, I think it’s kind of fun and exciting!

After much consideration over the past year, many late night deliberations with Mike, and weepy phone calls with my mother and best friend, I have decided to take my career in a new direction. I went into the field of health and health care partly because it interested me but most because I really wanted to help people. I have learned a ton in the last three years working in the policy arena, but I was ready to explore a career that brought me in closer contact with actual people. After researching, soul-searching, and finally taking a big leap of faith, I put in applications to get my Masters in Social Work… and wouldn’t you know it, I got in.

So this was my big, long-winded lead into a big announcement… I am going back to school! Starting full-time in August, and for the next two years, I will be pursuing my MSW at Catholic University here in DC. I’m so excited about this I can’t even tell you. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! The program at Catholic is the perfect fit for my interests while still allowing me to continue my life here in DC with Mike and the kitties.


I would be remiss not to mention how unbelievably supportive Mike has been through this whole process. I am one lucky gal to have a partner / future husband who supports my dreams and ambitions.

So basically, the last couple weeks have been CRAZY with making decisions, gathering paperwork, finishing out other commitments. And then… I took a break. We went to my parents’ house in North Carolina for Memorial Day Weekend (where I understand we were possibly the only people on the Eastern Sea Board with decent MDW weather) and now I blogging to you from Sunny California! (If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram – which you totally should – you already know this is where I am because I can’t stop taking pictures).

I had some days off and Mike had to take a business trip to the LA area. I bought a plane ticket and tagged along. I have never been to California before so I thought I couldn’t pass up this chance! It’s been amazeballs so far.

Anyways, I’m gonna log off now and get ready to head down to Newport Beach for dinner with Mike and a college friend of mine who lives in the area. Just wanted to pop in, say hello, tell you my news, and let you know that I missed you!! I promise to resume regular blogging again starting… RIGHT NOW 🙂

Questions for you guys:

  • What did you do for MDW? Anything else fun you did that I missed??
  • Any social workers or MSW students out there?? Show yourselves!
  • Favorite place in California? 

Being a 20-Something Is… Challenging

Recently, I’ve caught myself in a lot of thoughts that can be basically boiled down to thinking that I struggle uniquely or more intensely than others. But the truth is… I don’t. Do I struggle? Yes. But my struggles are often total cliches, especially when I think that I am alone in my woes. I was spending some time on the metro this morning expressing gratitude (YEP totally started doing it every day… it’s awesome) and I realized just how easy I have it. Then I read this article on Thought Catalog entitled “15 Guaranteed Things That Will Happen To You in Your 20s” and it hit the nail right on the head for me… it’s ALL NORMAL. I’m only 24 (I’ll be 25 in a month though so you know… halfway point of the 20s) and every single thing on this list has already happened to me… (NOTE: I took this text directly from Thought Catalog’s website and it is their original content)

1. Your social circle will narrow. In college, you’ll have lots of acquaintances and party friends but that will dissipate over time. Eventually, you’ll find yourself unable to spark up new friendships simply because you don’t have the time or desire. Now you’ll only make a new friend and let them into your life if you’re absolutely obsessed with them. Originally this made me sad… but now I realize that my friendships are SO MUCH stronger than they used to be. I’m a better friend and my friends are better to me (I had a bad habit of being in really toxic friendships in my younger years). I also really really like all my new friends… I guess you could say I’m obsessed with them.

2. You’ll seriously consider going to grad school. You’ll call your mom up in a panic one day and explain that you’ve always enjoyed something like psychology and, well, maybe it’s time to start entertaining the idea of, um, being a therapist. Mom? Stop sighing! Le sigh… been there. 

3. You will hate your job at some point, even if it’s better than 99% of your other friends’ jobs. You will be overworked and underpaid presumably until you’re 40. Then, you’ll suddenly be overpaid and not do much of anything. Right? That’s how it works? WORD.

4. Someone will betray your trust — a friend or a lover — and it will change the way you view people forever. The hurt is still there but I’ve made my peace with it. I don’t know if it changed the way I view people, but it has certainly affected how I choose friends.

5. You will do things that hurt you just because you’re not ready to feel good yet. The list of things I’ve done to myself is too long to even begin. For the first time in my entire life (and in my entire 20s) I’m in a place where I am ready to feel good and think that I deserve to feel good.

7. After learning your age, someone will say to you, “Wow, you’re so young!” and occasionally you’ll believe them. Yup.

8. You’ll miss certain days before they even end. This line struck me as so poetic and so true. What has surprised me most is that these days aren’t big events. They’re quiet simple days where I snuggle with my cats, drink a great cup of coffee, have an amazing workout, or spend quality time drinking wine and laughing hysterically with my best friend. The day where Mike first told me he loved me is a day I could live over and over and over again.

9. You’ll spend an entire day hungover in bed and nothing will make you feel more like a fucking idiot. Not even taxes or putting the fitted sheet on your bed. Truer words have never been spoken. This has definitely also happened to me way more than once in my 20s.

10. You’ll read a book that will change your life. People say that all the time, especially your grandma and your mom and your professors in college, and it always made you roll your eyes but now you get it. Life is changed. You are this book’s bitch. You fell in love with it in the same way you fell in love with someone in high school: blindly and all-consuming. I’m talking about the book that became the lens from which you chose to see the world. You were just waiting for something to come along and explain to you how the world works, to make it all easier for you. and it came. You will remember this  book more vividly than some of the people you dated for three months in college. I think I’m currently reading that book. I have always been a book lover, but no book has ever inspired such instantaneous changes in my life.

11. You’ll meet people who are vultures, who were literally sent to this world just to annoy you, to work half as hard and somehow become more successful. They’re networking leeches. Don’t take their business card! Save yourself! lol… but yes I know these people.

12. Some days you will wake up and be astounded by how ugly you are. People are always saying things like, “OMG, I look like shit right now!” but they don’t. You’re the one who looks like shit (truly!) so shut up everyone else! My struggles on this one aren’t a secret to… anyone 🙂

13. That being said, there’ll be some days when you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “Okay, I’d fuck me.” That’s good. It’s healthy to want to fuck yourself. I found this particular statement too graphic for my taste, but I appreciate the sentiment. I’m trying to have more days like #13 and less like #12

14. The Internet will hurt your feelings. You will find out information you wish you never knew and maybe you’ll go so far as to even cry! Imagine that: a machine you spent over a grand on is making you weep. Screw the Internet. Facebook can be an evil evil thing.

15. You will understand that the biggest battle you fight in your twenties is the one you’re in with yourself. The most important thing you can learn in this decade is how to love yourself. Without that knowledge, your life will always be a little bit terrible. You will always be dating someone who’s a little bit rotten and you’ll always be working a job that sucks. It affects everything so be sure to make yourself a priority.  Work on liking yourself before working on getting someone else to like you. This pretty much sums up everything I’m trying to work on in my life. Interestingly enough… Mike often thinks he’s “bad with words” or “doesn’t know what to say” when I’m sad. But he said something to me once that was my struggle summed up into one perfect sentence. He said “I wish you loved you as much as I love you”… I bagged a good one 🙂

I don’t really know what the point of this post… this article just struck me in a way that made me want to share it! Back to regularly scheduled stuff now 🙂 Also… the Grammy nominees came out and they’re pretty awesome.