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Pile on the Miles – Final Summation

Since I took a break from blogging for almost two weeks (yikes… was it really that long??) I kind of missed out on updating everyone on the end of the Pile on the Miles challenge. I didn’t give up on the challenge though! Today is the last day so I wanted to make sure I wrote a final summation.

Here are my recaps from weeks 1 and 2

I’m not going to go through my day by day breakdown since it’s been almost two weeks and that gets tedious! I’ll just give you a summation and some of my parting thoughts.


Not exactly as high as I originally aimed… but I think I really espoused the spirit of the challenge. The idea was to consciously add mileage and I definitely did that. I would say my running mileage stayed pretty consistent (I was maintaining up to the Philly Half and then I just started Marathon training officially this past week) but the walking was a big difference for me! I am not normally one to go out and “take  a walk”. I have loved adding that into my life this month. My weight is the same, but weight loss wasn’t my goal. I did manage to maintain through the holiday though! I attribute that maybe partially to the challenge, but mostly to try to eat “intuitively” through the holiday. Here are some parting thoughts / lessons learned:

  • Talking on the phone is a great time to take a walk. I sometimes don’t love to spend time on the phone because I feel like I’m not doing anything. But I love catching up with my mom, my bff Sarah, and my other long-distance besties like Elsa. This month, I started heading outside to take a walk and talk on the phone. Loved it.
  • I love the idea of getting out for a walk in the middle of the work day. I did it a number of times during the challenge and I really liked it. Unfortunately, I can’t count on being able to do that every single work day. There are a lot of day where a lunch break just isn’t in the cards for me. That’s ok… but it’s nice to take advantage of getting outside when I can. I want to be more mindful to do that when I can.
  • I didn’t miss the elliptical. I don’t spend a lot of time on the elliptical normally… but I occasionally use it for a little cardio warm up on my strength training days. During the challenge I decided not to waste any workout time on machines that didn’t count for the challenge (like the elliptical or the bike… I never bike though. I really don’t like it). I didn’t miss it at all. If I wasn’t in the mood to run, or thought my body needed time off, I just power walked and upped my incline to get my heart pumping. I realized that I really prefer “practical movements”… like running and walking.

I really enjoyed this on-going challenge too. As I was putting together my winter to do list this weekend (it’s almost that time again!) I decided I want to participate in more things like this!

Pile on the Miles – Week 2 Update

So I alluded to this last Friday… but this second (first full) week of Pile on the Miles totally sucked. I mean I ran / walked LESS than I do on a normal week. Obviously someone doesn’t understand the point of the challenge? Here’s a breakdown for you (of my complete and total breakdown… haha sweet pun!)

Sunday – Ran 6 miles in NYC!!!! BEST RUN OF THE WEEK.

Monday – Ran 5 Miles. This was just ok. I did it on the treadmill, which I hate but I just couldn’t face the outdoors in the early AM. I was too tired. My foot was still kind of bothering me from my weekend in NYC too so I took it pretty easy.

Tuesday – Walked 3 Miles. I normally strength train on Tuesdays so I did some tough inclined walking and hit the weights. Up until today… this week was totally on track. I was totally going to get my 40 mile goal at this rate.

Wednesday – Crash and Burn. Walked 1 freaking mile. My foot was hurting and I slept through my AM workout because I fell asleep on the couch watching election coverage and that always messes me up. After work, I decided to talk on the phone and lay in my bed instead of workout. Bleh Wednesday was bleh. But I figured I would take the day off for my foot and get back to it on Thursday.

Thursday – Slept through my AM workout again… no excuse this time. I was really mad at myself, but I brought my clothes thinking I would sneak out for a lunch time run. Work was crazy, couldn’t leave. Then I thought I would go quickly after work before meeting Mike and the running club for Happy Hour. Then I received devastating news (which I unfortunately will not share here… sorry!), and decided instead to walk 1 mile to pick up our packets for the LivingSocial Glow-in-the-Dark 5K and then drink beer / eat hamburgers for the rest of the night. We all cope in different ways.

Friday – Planned to run 3 miles before work, and then the 5K after work, but woke up with splitting headache. I am cursed by alcohol. Did not run in the AM. Still did the LivingSocial Glow-in-the-Dark 5K. So ran 3.1 miles. Post coming later this week about that!

Final Summation: Not a banner week. I totaled 19 miles… not even HALF of what I wanted to. BUT… this is another week. One of my biggest weaknesses is getting easily discouraged. I’m not the kind of person who immediately thinks “I’ll get em next time!”. My first initial thought is “Well that sucked. You’re fat and lazy. You might as well eat another cupcake.” I am insane just so we’re clear. BUT I’m trying to turn that around and stay positive. 19 miles is still nothing to scoff at! This Monday morning, I recommit.

This is my final week before marathon training starts too! I got up this morning and did 5.5 really awesome miles outside. I feel renewed! I also walked 2.5 miles at lunch while catching up with my mom on the phone! WOOHOO 8 Mile Monday!

Goal for this week: 30 miles. My plan is my usual Monday / Wednesday / Friday 5 mile AM runs, but adding 2.5 mile walks on Monday and Wednesday. Then planning 3 miles on Tuesday / Thursday in addition to my strength training (maybe walking, maybe running … going to play that one by ear). Then Saturday I’m going to plan an at least 3 mile walk with Sarah while I am in Philly. The Philly Half Marathon is on Sunday, so a Saturday morning walk will be a good chance to loosen up a bit and have some girl time 🙂