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Creamy without the Guilt

For whatever reason, there are few foods more comforting to me than a creamy homemade casserole. I remember growing up one of my favorite dinners was chicken pot pie with rice (never let it be said we were not a good old fashion all American family). I also feel like I default to casseroles because they are relatively easy to make, they make super convenient leftovers, and you can get all of your food groups into one simple dish.  I really like creamy casseroles, but don’t love the nutrition facts that often come along with them. So last week I set out to make a delicious creamy tuna noodle casserole that wasn’t loaded with butter or cream. I found this recipe on Eatingwell.com and modified it slightly to my personal tastes. The main vegetable ingredient in the recipe was mushrooms  and unfortunately I really don’t love mushrooms. I can deal with them if they’re in a dish for flavor, but as the main veggie I’ll just end up eating around them. I thought about the best vegetable substitute and landed on fresh spinach. It ended up being an excellent substitute. I also left out the white wine because I didn’t have any. I didn’t end up missing it.

I whipped this casserole up while simultaneously doing a load of laundry and chatting on the phone with my friend Sarah. I am the queen of multi-tasking (usually. Sometimes I set off the smoke alarm…) By the time it was cooked, my kitchen was really hot and I wasn’t actually feeling all that hungry. I portioned out a small amount into a bowl to enjoy while Fig untied my bedroom slippers under the coffee table.

In other news, Fig is a terrible kitchen helper. He did lick the pan clean because of the tuna, but he was absolutely no help when it came time to finish the dishes.