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A Summer in Summation

We’re not doing Friday Favorites this week. I lost my iPhone on the cruise (wahhhhhhhhhhh) and then I got an insurance replacement but of course it’s a piece of crap refurbished phone so I hate it and I’ve kind of been avoiding it. Therefore, I didn’t take any pictures of my “favorite happenings” of the week this week. Let me think of a few of my favorite moments of the past week right now: Mike and I went whitewater river tubing in Harper’s Ferry, WV for our one-year anniversary on Saturday. Then we went out for pizza at Pete’s New Haven Apizza (the site of our very first date actually… and he let me order a WHITE PIZZA woot woot). Then he gave me this 🙂 (ok I lied, I took one picture this week… but the lighting isn’t good b/c my apartment is like a cave.

Woohoo my very own motorcycle jacket!!!! And it’s awesome because it is purple / pink with a sparkly design on the shoulder. He even got the size right… good for you honey! Now I really wanna go for a ride.

I digress… other favorite moments of the week: I ate Carvel Ice Cream Cake which is absolutely the best ice cream cake available and my friend Bryan and I ALMOST won a cornhole tournament at our company picnic yesterday. We lost in the championship game… womp womp. Anyways, that’s it. I’m really, really looking forward to this holiday weekend because Mike and I are visiting his family in Charlottesville!! I cannot wait to get out of the city and enjoy some sun, fresh air, and lake water.

It’s Labor Day though which means that another summer has come to an end (I know the season isn’t technically over, but I run my seasons more on a monthly basis meaning June, July, August are summer and then September, October and November are Fall). So today’s post is a summer in summation!

Here are my favorite things I did this summer, and the posts that go along with them 🙂

Bonnaroo Day 1, Bonnaroo Day 2, Bonnaroo Day 3

Hiking w/ Mike 

Father’s Day

One Year Anniversary with Mike

My trip to Europe: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3

Trail Running

A Day at the Beach

Now I’m setting my sights on the Fall and thinking about the exciting things that will be happening this season! Monday, there’s another seasonal checklist coming your way so stay tuned and HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!! Here’s a picture of Fig just to keep you going…

Vacation Favorites

I know I know I promised I would be back on Monday with all kinds of updates on my trip but I’ve been dealing with some serious jet lag this week, compounded by the need to get back to work after two (glorious) weeks off, and I am covered head to toe in an allergy rash (oh yeah… sexy stuff I know). My goal today is to find an allergist and get an emergency appointment! Anyways, about my vacation! I honestly can’t even say enough about this trip. I lack the words to describe what an amazing life experience it was… and so much fun! I could literally spend the next month blogging about this trip but I HIGHLY doubt anyone is actually interested in that. So here is a one post recap of my absolute favorite moments / events of the trip. (I also finally got pictures up on Facebook today. So if we’re friends… go there for more info if you want it!).

Spending a night in Tivoli Gardens and the G Man showcasing flowers at The Botanical Garden at Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen

Dancing on deck as we sail away from Copenhagen!

The G Man posing at the Vigeland Sculpture Garden in Oslo, Norway

Traipsing around the Danish countryside in Aarhus… by bus, steam train, and foot!

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Leisurely day at sea with pool time and trivia sessions

General family silliness in Rakvere, Estonia. Sword fighting and vodka tastings

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, drinking 7 bottles of vodka with 15 other people and one guide on the “Fun Tour” of Russia, sunset on the water, and wandering the extensive gardens of Peterhof Palace

Climbing to the top of Temppeliaukio Kirkko (The Rock Church) in Helsinki, playing with horses at a horse breeding farm specializing in Finnish Warmbloods, and wandering the cobblestone streets of Porvoo eating toffee.

Freezing my patooty off in the Ice Bar at the Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm (The very first permanent ice bar!)

Relaxing final day at sea. Enjoying sun and unusually warm weather by the pool and watching Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows on the outdoor movie screen

Allow me to take one self-indulgent moment just to say thank you to my family for this once in a lifetime experience. I was so surprised how many people on the trip were astounded that we all still traveled together even though Doug and I are adults. I think it speaks volumes of the depth of our connection to one another. We aren’t perfect and we certainly have our moments, but I am thankful every single day for my family and this trip created memories that will last a lifetime.

Now vacation is over (sad face) but I am glad to be home to my baby Fig and of course Mike (I missed both of them SO MUCH). There is a still a bit of summer left here in DC so I am hoping to squeeze all the remaining juice out of this season before heading into what I think will be a really exciting Fall. Lots of exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned 🙂




Friday Favorites

It will come as no surprise that this week’s Friday Favorites will feature all pictures from my couple days spent in Copenhagen. These are just a collection of my favorite “fun shots”. Hope you guys are enjoying the posts while I am away! I was able to sneak in one post about the trip yesterday but I’m on the cruise ship no so we’ll see how that changes! Love and hugs!!

“MySpace” style self-portrait at the top of the spire of the Church of our Savior (I was all by myself and I wanted photo evidence that I climbed all the way to the top!!)

Copenhagen is considered one of the most “bike-friendly” cities in the world… and people seem to know it! Apparently 1 in 3 people in Copenhagen travel by bike. This is a bike rack outside a metro station… ridiculous. They don’t even always lock them up either!! Obviously this is not DC.

My mom and I enjoying a delicious locally brewed Danish beer at dinner.

My dad and I tried the traditional “Shooting Star” at lunch. This dish includes boiled / breaded herring on a slice of bread with shrimp, asparagus, and caviar. It was… AWESOME.

Walking along the river one afternoon we found this weird trampolines! Obviously my mom and I wasted no time getting on them and taking many silly pictures. That Danish boy doesn’t look that pleased but we had a BLAST.

Week in Workouts: Thankfully I have been able to stay really on track and I feel great about it. My weekend got really crazy before we left on Sunday evening so by the time we landed on Monday morning I was DYING for a workout. Only complication has been all the treadmills measure km/hour and all the weights are in kilograms. I really struggle with the metric system so it’s been kind of trial and error 🙂

Friday 8/3:

  • 60 Minute Spinning Class

Saturday 8/4:

  • Rest Day

Sunday 8/5:

  • Rest Day

Monday 8/6:

  • 8K Treadmill Workout (that is approximately 4.98 miles)

Tuesday 8/7:

  • 20 Minutes Inclined Walking on Treadmill
  • 30 Minutes Total Body Strength Training w/ Weight Machines / Free Weights
  • 10 Minutes Elliptical

Wednesday 8/8:

  • Speed Workout (referenced in a post earlier this week)

Thursday 8/9:

  • 20 Minutes Inclined Walking on Treadmill
  • 30 Minutes Total Body Circuit Workout w/ high intensity cardio intervals
  • 10 Minutes Stair Master

Denmark Days

Hooray for wireless in our hotel rooms here in Copenhagen!! I was a little nervous because I COMPLETELY forgot that I would need an adapter for all my chargers while we were in Denmark (the cruise ship should be fine because it is an American cruise line). Luckily I snagged one from the concierge at the hotel and I’m writing during a little break in our day. We spent all day out and about and came back for a little rest before spending the evening / night in Tivoli Gardens.

So far all I can say about Copenhagen is WOW. Sometimes it feels like a city of opposites because on one hand our hotel is amazingly modern (you have to put your room key in a scanner to work the lights / electricity in your hotel room… hello Green), but on the other the city is packed with beautiful old architecture. I have loved just walking around and taking in all the sights (and eating the FOOD!)

We flew overnight from DC and arrived here in Copenhagen at 7:15 am local time. Everyone was pretty wrecked from not getting much sleep but for me the key to beating jet lag is not napping. So when we checked into the hotel and everyone went to lay down I used that time to grab a workout. It gave me all the energy I needed for the day ahead!

To start our sightseeing off, we bought tickets to the Hop On / Hop Off bus tour. They are embarrassing and touristy but they are a GREAT way to see the highlights of a city so haters go ahead and hate! We rode through a couple stops including a brief photo stop to see the Little Mermaid sculpture, but we hopped off the bus at Nyhavn, which is kind of a harbor front area. It is packed with outdoor dining and old fashion sailboats. Here we grabbed a bite to eat for lunch and walked around a bit before getting back on the bus.

The Little Mermaid statue / Nyhavn

We got off again at The Church of Our Savior, where I climbed all the way to the top of the spire! The views of the city were unbelievable and it was quite a workout to get up all those steps (my calves are actually kind of sore today… embarrassing). We toured around a bit more before heading back to the hotel for a pre-dinner nap. We ate dinner at the great Danish restaurant pretty close to our hotel. We learned the hard way though that the portions of certain dishes are very large. We ordered way too much food and no one could finish! We wised up going forward though.

View from the outside stairs at the top of the Church of our Savior / A massive portion of food at dinner

On our second day, I got up nice and early and got my workout in before meeting the family for breakfast. We walked over to Amelinborg Palace for the changing of the Royal Danish Guard. It was really fun and unlike the guards at Buckingham Palace some of the guards would actually smile or look at you for pictures which was fun (I saw one of them even messing with a group of tourists and then smiling… so cute!). A rain storm came through so we ducked into a little restaurant for a beer and a small lunch. I got an egg and tomato Smorrebrod, which totally hit the spot! We walked around a bunch, so much that we needed to come back and take a little rest!

Across the River from the Opera House / Changing of the Guard / Egg & Tomato Sandwich

Anyways, glad I got to share a little of my vacation so far with you! I’ll hopefully be back again soon 🙂

Sweet spire on top of the Stock Exchange (according to the recording on our hop on / hop off bus tour the design is three dragons on at the bottom with their tails intertwined, sick)

You can take a vacation from some things…

So as is probably pretty apparent to everyone at this point… I love planning. Nothing makes me happier than putting together a “plan of a attack” for pretty much any situation. And I love to talk them out with people too (Mike is wonderful and totally obliges me when I start a conversation on a Wednesday night with “Let’s talk through our plan for this weekend”). So it only seems fitting that I would put together a plan for my workouts on the cruise! I already talked about some of my ideas for eating (relatively) healthy on my vacation and part of that does include sticking with my daily workouts.This trip is definitely going to be a busy one with a lot of activities planned for days we are in port, and actually very few strictly “at sea” days. If I didn’t lay out a rough plan ahead of time, I felt I was in danger of skipping too many (which just won’t make me feel good).


I was planning on doing a half marathon the weekend I get back from the trip, but I’ve decided against it (It just felt like too much to travel the weekend after getting back), so my next distance race isn’t until late in September. That takes some pressure off me to try and get in “long runs” on the cruise (which would have to be done on a treadmill… woof). But I’d still like to try and get back to more regular runs and start increasing my distance again so I’m ready for the fall season (I can still run the distances but it’s not as easy as it was… in fact it’s pretty challenging at this point). I’m thinking I’ll take the two “at sea” days (one is a Sunday and one is a Saturday) to try and get longer runs in (perhaps like 8-9 miles) and other days try and maximize 45 – 60 minute workouts by making them intense. Here’s my plan:

Monday: 5 mile Run + Light Abs
Tuesday: Strength Training / HIT Cardio (circuit style workout)
Wednesday: Speed Workout (8 x 800 Meter @ 5K Pace, 400 Meter Jog to Recover)
Thursday: Strength Training / HIT Cardio (circuit style workout)
Friday: Free Day to do Whatever (
Saturday: “Easy Workout” in the Gym – Cardio or Easy Weights
Sunday: Longer Run (8-9 Miles)


Monday: Strength Training / HIT Cardio (circuit style)
Tuesday: 5 mile Run + Light Abs
Wednesday: Strength Training / HIT Cardio (circuit style)
Thursday: Speed Workout (4 – 5 x 1600 Meter @ 10K Pace, 400 Meter Jog to Recover)
Friday: Free Day to do Whatever
Saturday: Longer Run  (8-9 Miles)
Sunday: “Easy Workout”

To prepare I’ve assembled some ideas from around the interwebs, especially for the circuit workouts and free days. There is a running track on the ship, but I imagine it’s probably a very short one so we’ll see how much I use it. It is very possible I will need to juggle things around after I get on the ship and have a better sense of our schedule, but it feels good to have a rough plan of attack. Happy Monday!!

Friday Favorites

This was a really, really good week! I got to have dinner with a great girlfriend who I love spending time with, run with my favorite running buddy (and life buddy too), eat Sweet Frog frozen yogurt (which is THE BEST), and spend a whole night eating pizza and drinking beer with my softball team. As you know, I embark on my vacation this weekend, but before I go I have plans to see a great friend who is going back to Boston while I am away (I got her for a whole summer and I feel like it went by SO FAST. I’m going to miss her), attend Mike’s family reunion brunch in New Jersey, and PACK. Sometimes I don’t have enough appreciation for how great my life is, and that’s a shame because I am so blessed. On the phone this morning my mom gave me an excellent piece of advice. She said, “Stop majoring on the minors. Major on the majors.” Such a simple concept, but so much truth for me. I get bogged down in silly little stuff a lot, and I lose sight of the big stuff that actually matters. I can’t wait to take some time on this vacation to regain some perspective 🙂 Have an excellent weekend and I will see you soon!!

Fig photo bombed some blog photography earlier this week. There are a lot of cat pictures this week… just deal with it.

This is literally one of my favorite sights to wake up to in the morning.

Fig once again demonstrates his complete lack of utility in the kitchen… just hangin.

The Battitudes “awards banquet” at Armand’s Pizza in Silver Spring. Bryan won “Best Midwesterner / Beard”… it was a landslide victory.

Evan won “Most Improved” and Dump won “Most Valuable Tape Measure”… it’s a hipster thing, just go with it!

Aaaannnddd in my crowning achievement for the season, I won “Best Dance Moves”… most notably for my “towel dance”, which I did on base anytime I got a hit.

Week in Workouts:

Friday 7/27:

  • 60 Minute Spinning Class

Saturday 7/28:

  • 90 Minute Level 2 Hot Yoga Class

Sunday 7/29:

  • Rest Day!

Monday 7/30:

Tuesday 7/31:

Wednesday 8/1:

  • Speed Workout (400 Meter Interval @ 10K Pace, 100 Meter Recovery. Repeat x16)

Thursday 8/2:

  • 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class

Christina Eats Snacks

Here we are once again for the weekly food check in!! The title of this post was meant to be a reference to the podcast “Mike & Tom Eat Snacks“… I guess the explanation kind of killed it but whatever. So last week I said I wanted to work on some key things in the next week: snacks, not fearing hunger, and not overeating while home alone. Two things went well, one not as well… that’s life I suppose.

While I didn’t totally pig out while home alone, it wasn’t excellent either. Maybe “excellent” isn’t a realistic goal though. I tried hanging out in bed as opposed to on the couch, that definitely cut down on mindless eating. I also tried to fill my time home alone with getting ahead on stuff around the apartment or snuggling with Fig. We did munch a little too much in front of an episode of Pretty Little Liars though. It was a scary episode! Maybe I need to just make a “no eating while watching TV” rule. That could be tough.

The “not fearing hunger” thing was a very interesting experiment and I definitely noticed a difference. The best thing of the week, though, was SNACKS. I did some research around some healthy living / eating blogs and got some inspiration. It’s difficult for me because I actually work in an office so my snacks need to be mobile and often pre-portioned (I hate doing excess dishes / lugging all kinds of containers on my 1.25 mile walk to work in the morning). I still keep my snacks relatively small (around 200 calories) but it definitely helped to have nutritious snacks that stuck with me between meals. Here’s some of what I came up with:

1/2 Cup of Cottage Cheese – 110 calories
One Medium Yellow Peach – 60 calories
Total = 170 calories

10 ounces of black coffee – 0 calories
1/2 Packet No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate Mix – 30 calories
1/2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder – 60 calories
Total = 90 calories

Arnold Sandwich Thin – 100 calories
1 Tablespoon Chocolate Peanut Butter Better’n Peanut Butter – 50 calories
Total = 150 calories

Dannon Oikos Non Fat Greek Yogurt – 130 calories
1 Cup of Watermelon – 46 calories
Total = 176 calories

Medium Banana – 105 calories
Total =  105 calories

While I have chosen not to share my weight on the blog (I’m making steps to have a healthier relationship with food / my body but let’s not expect miracles here people), I actually have lost 4lbs! I’m still a couple lbs above my “marathon weight” but this is the lowest I’ve been since the marathon so yay!! And what is better is that I haven’t felt like I’ve been dieting at all… cha ching. I’ve got a big vacation coming up next week (details to follow later this week) and that’s going to be a big challenge (I’m going on a cruise and cruises aren’t exactly known for their lack of available food options). It’s all included too so there’s no incentive NOT to eat everything! I’ve been spending some time thinking about some strategies to enjoy every aspect of my vacation while not making myself miserable.

  1. One treat per day. I believe that vacation is a special time and definitely the place to treat yourself. My goal is to identify one special treat per day and really really enjoy it without feeling guilty!
  2. Eat the Bread, Skip the Sides. Or vice versa depending on the sides. I really love bread, but on top of a big meal it’s too much. Sometimes though, I’d rather have the bread and then just some meat / veggies. I guess we’ll call this “picking one carb”.
  3. Daily workouts. This requires no explanation.
  4. Sharing is caring! I love trying new foods and experiencing local cuisines, but that can be a lot of food to try. This trip I’m going to try sharing more dishes with other people so I can taste / experience many different foods without having to stuff myself!

Eating on Vacation

I feel like eating too much and vacation have become almost synonymous these days but I’m determined to find a way to break that cycle. I do think vacation is a time for some special treats (like chocolate cake on fourth of July or key lime pie at the Sugar Shack) but if I go too overboard I just end up miserable! On my trip to NC I really tried to focus on some healthy eating strategies.

Here’s what went well:

  • Listening to my hunger/satiety cues. I tried to be really diligent about this… Eat when I’m hungry, stop when I am satisfied. For the most part it went really well. There were several times where I noticed that I “wanted” to eat more but I was actually satisfied and ready to stop eating. I do really like to eat so I need to be careful to slow down and check in with myself.
  • Eating actual meals. Sometimes on vacation I can just snack the day away. Or sometimes I found myself saying I want to try and push lunch off to later so I’ll have a snack now. This just leads me to overrating non nutritious foods. On this trip I was a lot better about starting the day with a healthy hearty breakfast and packing a healthy sandwich for lunch at the beach. I ate less and felt more satisfied…. Imagine that. I was also able to control myself better around unhealthy foods because I wasn’t really hungry.
  • Keeping up with daily workouts but also being flexible. Working out makes me feel so good I never “take a vacation” from that. Mike and I went running and to the gym for workouts pretty much every day. It was so unimaginably hot though so I found running to be a little challenging. I intended to do a ten mile long run on saturday morning but I just couldn’t face 85 degree heat at 6:30 am. I slept in and promised myself I wouldn’t beat myself up over it. That was a major accomplishment for me 🙂

What I still need to focus on:

  • Dinner parties with hors d’oeuvres. I don’t know why this is such a hang up for me but I routinely overeat in situation where hors devours are served. On Friday night we had a BBQ at the house with a few of my parents friends and I was trying to be really conscious of not eating too much before the actual meal was served. Friday actually went pretty well. I didn’t eat a ton of appetizers and then I cut back on my main meal a little so I didn’t feel too full. However, Saturday my dad, brother, mike and I returned home from golfing to find some unexpected company had stopped by. My mom had put out cheese and crackers and I was hungry. I totally ruined my dinner by eating too much! Need to come up with some new strategies for this.
  • Drinking enough water. I usually drink a lot of water but on vacation I never do unless I’m working out. I ended up drinking a ton more diet soda than I normally drink too, which isn’t the end of the world but it’s not the best either. I need to think up some new strategies here. I brought my nalgene but it never made it out of my bag 😦

Well this is another week so here’s to moving forward and feeling good!! This is a process so I don’t expect things to be perfect from the start. I think it’s going really well for now 🙂

North Carolina Fourth of July

Phew there is nothing like five days away from your phone, email, and Internet to recharge your batteries!!! I feel a renewed sense of motivation that I was seriously lacking before this vacation! I grew up in New Jersey but two weeks after I graduated from college my parents and I packed up our home of 22 years and moved down to a small town in southern North Carolina. I was preparing to Washington DC full time and my brother had already been living in DC for years. I was nervous about how this move would make me feel but honestly it’s the best thing ever for the whole family! Now my only regret is I can’t get down there MORE! Regardless, Fourth of July in my parents’ town is quite a big shin dig! Here are some highlights from our trip:

  • Fig made his first long car trip and he did GREAT! He really wanted to be in someone’s lap the whole time though, so I will have to be creative if ever taking him on long drives alone (kitty in the driver seat seems very dangerous to me. I am currently writing this post in the car on the way home with Fig in my lap… My brother is driving I promise!). He also met his first dog – our geriatric family mutt Bernie (Bernie is 15 years old and is the sweetest, most easy going guy ever). He did pretty well with Bernie. At first he was very scared of him so there was some minor hissing and hiding under furniture but all on all they cohabitated perfectly. He also didn’t destroy my parents house… Score!
  • The weather was unimaginably good. We went to the beach every single day (even Mike who kind of hates being in the sun. I told him I’d turn him into a beach / sun lover and I think I might have succeeded!!).
  • Mike played his first game of tennis since 2007 and his first full 9 holes on a real golf course ever. My favorite thing about visiting NC is all the activities there are to partake in. Its the perfect way to feel really active and enjoy the gorgeous weather. He was obviously really good at tennis even though he said he wasn’t and even though he spent the entire trip saying how bad he was going to be at golf he was annoyingly good. He is already looking at clubs on CraigsList, and I suspect my dad and brother will soon box me out and just take Mike golfing with them 🙂
  • Fourth of July celebrations to remember. For the actual fourth of July we tried to get downtown for the parade but we were lazy having coffee and chatting in the morning and the traffic was too crazy. So we packed it in and just went to the beach instead! Then we went to my favorite restaurant on the beach, Island Way, for an amazing dinner of broiled fresh seafood and a chocolate cake that should be illegal. By then the sun had set and we walked out on a huge fishing pier where you could see fireworks in literally four different towns as well as some very impressive personal firework shows on the beach. (Fireworks were illegal in NJ growing up so the most we ever had were sparklers. I’m still amazed at how awesome the personal fireworks were.)
  • Dinner at the Sugar Shack. My brother flew down on Thursday night to join us on vacation so after we picked him up at the airport we went to dinner at literally one of the best restaurants in the whole area. It is absolutely nothing to look at (quite literally a shack) but they serve hands down the most amazing Jamaican food I’ve ever had. I’ve been raving about this place to Mike for forever and it did not disappoint. The portions are MASSIVE so we shared a half rack of ribs with coconut shrimp and curried rice with sweet potato. And of course a slice of house made key lime pie for dessert 🙂 Best meal of the trip!

I love having a go to vacation spot with my family where we can just hang out together and enjoy beautiful weather. Mike has been down once before but it was at Christmas so it’s not exactly the same as the summer. I was so glad he got to experience it! I’ll check in tomorrow about vacation food stuff. I have a lot to discuss!!


Friday Favorites

Well it has been a week! I picked up a little bit of a sore throat in Disney (airplanes are the worst) so I’ve been feeling kind of beat since I got back. I am so excited for a weekend at home complete with Saturday run with the running club, a concert at the Rock’n’Roll Hotel and a special day with Mike. Also, Ted is coming out this weekend. Anyone else really want to see it???

Mike sent me this picture while I was in Florida and it made me so happy!! Glad Fig had a great “boys trip” with Little Mac and Mike 🙂

Parade at Magic Kingdom… Cinderelly Cinderelly…

Used my one day off to hit the parks with my friend Bryan (his very first time ever at Disney!!). It was an epic day complete with all the major rides at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

MISSION SPACE!!! Really fun ride at Epcot

You know you’re in Disney when… all your snack options are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads

Finally home just me and Fig! We were both pretty exhausted so there has been a ton of snuggling. 

My Week in Workouts: My workouts this week were kind of scattered since I was traveling for work. The hotel gym was incredibly small and crowded so I just hopped from machine to machine, whatever was free! The gym hours also weren’t ideal for my work schedule on this trip (didn’t open until 6 am and on Friday I had to be showered, dressed, and at work at 6:45 am, hence the hotel room workout!)


  • 30 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (perform each move for 60 seconds, repeat three times: jump rope, jumping jacks, burpees, speed skaters, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, power squats, scissor lunges, high knees, butt kicks)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • 9 Mile Run


  • 20 minutes Treadmill
  • 30 minutes Elliptical
  • 20 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (the above but only repeated 2x)


  • 40 minutes Treadmill (First 20 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, Second 20 minutes alternating 5 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, 5 minutes walking at 4.0 speed 7.0 incline)
  • 15 minutes Bike (hill workout setting)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • Rest Day


  • 75 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class


  • 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class
  • 60 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class