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Hump Day Motivation

My planned post didn’t exactly come together but I wanted to share a really, really awesome video that my BFF Sarah posted to my Facebook wall this week.

That video made me wanna get out there and pound the pavement! Also since we’re in the business of sharing motivation today I thought I’d share a great strength training workout I did yesterday morning at the gym. I started with 20 minutes of cardio to warm up and then hit the weight room for about 45 minutes.

Circuit Workout
Leg Circuit 
Exercise  Weight Reps
Squat Jumps Body Weight 20
Lunge w/ Knee Up 15 lbs DBs 20
Calf Raises 15 lbs DBs 20
Hamstring Ball Curls Body Weight 15
Repeat 1X
Chest / Back Circuit
Exercise  Weight Reps
Bent Over Rows 15 lbs DBs 15
Lat Pull Downs 50 lbs 15
Push Ups Body Weight 15
Burpees Body Weight 15
Repeat 1X
Arms Circuit
Exercise Weight Reps
Overhead Press 15 lbs DBs 15
Bicep Curls 10 lbs DBs 15
Tricep Pull Downs 30 lbs 15
Split Shoulder Raises 10 lbs DBs 10
Repeat 1X
Abs Circuit
Exercise Weight Reps
Mountain Climbers Body Weight 20
Stability Ball Sit Ups Body Weight 20
Leg lifts to Hip Raises Body Weight 20
Repeat 1X

Oh you know me… always workin on my strongs. Happy Hump Day!