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Adams Morgan Day

This weekend turned out a little differently than planned. Friday night, went to see Sons of Bill at U Street Music Hall and they were amazeballs. However, upon waking on Saturday morning to go meet the group for Saturday long run (I was really excited) I was greeted with a blistering migraine headache, complete with nausea, photo-sensitivity, the whole shabang. I tried to get up and get dressed, but when I bent over to tie my shoes I almost got sick. I thought maybe I could go and just go for a walk instead of a run, but it just wasn’t happening. I ended up taking medication and falling asleep sitting up on my couch. Migraines are super fun. The beast of it was gone by about 10 am, but it lingered all day basically killing any productivity. I ended up committing the day to being in my pjs and catching up on TV on my DVR. Mike and I tried to venture out later in the afternoon to get iced coffees and read in the park but we were met with a fast approaching thunderstorm. We got iced coffees and returned to the couch for the remainder of the day. While I enjoy relaxing days, I hate when a migraine derails my plans. I woke up Sunday morning positively itching to get out and move. After eating this which was awesome, I was in the mood for a nice long walk. We strolled the paths of Rock Creek Park for a while and it was beautiful.

We ended our travels intentionally at Adams Morgan Day. The festival was in full swing at about 1 pm when we got there, and things were bumpin! We started at the Florida Avenue stage to check out some beautiful dancing. Only thing that wasn’t beautiful? Mr. Wears a Huge Hat in all my Pictures. That might be a Mrs. Unclear.

I was obviously sporting my Sunday best including workout clothes, a scarf covering my dirty / tangled hair, flip flops, and no make up.

After taking in some dancing we explored some of the booths include Planet Pet‘s adoption center (PUPPIESSSSSS) and Stonyfield‘s yogurt booth. They were giving out free samples of Stonyfield yogurt including their greek yogurt. Mike was all over it because he loves it. I hate the texture for some reason, so I let him enjoy it. Enjoy it he did.

United Social Sports had cornhole and dodgeball going on the tennis courts, but as soon as I spied the tent for Capitol Kettle Corn, I was a woman on a mission. They had samples out of all their flavors (Classic Kettle, Sweet Cheddar, Butter, and Caramel Corn). We ended up sharing a small bag of the sweet cheddar that was not actually small at all.

DC Water was coming up big at this event providing a misting tent to cool off AND free water stations throughout the event. Good thing I brought a water bottle because I am all about things that are free. We also witnessed an Adams Morgan flash mob at the end of a salsa show. It was awesome.

We perused the art selection on Belmont before reaching the Columbia Road stage, where they numerous bands playing. We picked up a free bottle of Fuze before doing a teeny bit of shopping at some of the booths. Mike bought me this gorgeous necklace (that he helped pick out!) I’ve already worn it like three times. He’s the best!

All in all, it was a great Sunday. We finished up the day with football and lentil soup 🙂 I guess sometimes our weekends don’t go EXACTLY as planned, but they’re still great.