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Veggies… In Pancakes??

I grew up in a really awesome, really loud, really BIG Italian family. Food was basically the center of everything. I associate food with great memories and a feeling of family togetherness. So as an adult, I’ve developed quite an interest in cooking. Cooking food at home is the healthiest and cheapest option so you know I’m all over that!!

Recently, Tuesday nights have become my favorite night of the week. I teach my spinning class right after work, Mike picks me up, and then I cook dinner at my apartment for us. We have a lot of fun hanging out and goofing off in the kitchen (Mike helps!). As runners, both of us make an effort to eat healthy so I’ve been experimenting a lot with different healthy recipes. Last Tuesday, I made a chicken and spinach skillet dish accompanied  by SkinnyTaste Summer Squash and Chive Pancakes.

I got summer squashes in my produce delivery (I use Washington’s Green Grocer… they are the BOMB. More on that later) and I was kind of lost on how I wanted to use them. The skin in the outside of summer squash isn’t my favorite texture, so I don’t love them cut up and sauteed in a pan. However, the idea of pureeing them into pancakes was very appealing. Here’s how it turned out… (Mike took some of these pictures too so yay! Good job honey!)

Lovely ingredients. I do not have a food processor unfortunately (it’s on my wish list) so I used a hand mixer. It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

There is nothing that spectacular about this chicken dish and I wouldn’t dare to refer to it as “original”. I did not use a recipe from the internet for this one though, so here’s a little info:

Ingredients: Diced chicken meat (this is thigh meat because my grocery store was out of breast meat… how does this happen? We may never know), a huge bunch of fresh spinach I eventually chopped up, some leftover chives from the pancakes, Fat Free Italian salad dressing, and Balsamic Vinegar. I cooked the chicken in a skillet with the Italian dressing (I hope this doesn’t seem weird – I sometimes use this instead of oil for cooking because it provides moisture and a little flavor without fat or a lot of calories) and balsamic vinegar.

Add the spinach and chives on top. Fresh spinach cooks down a TON so put a big pile on top. I added a little more balsamic vinegar and some sea salt to finish up.

Bon Appetite! I know I said I wasn’t drinking any alcohol the week before my marathon but Mike got a really nice bottle of white and it was awesome. I had one glass and also drank a coconut water, so I think it evened out 🙂
Note: I live in a studio apartment, I do not have a kitchen table so we eat at the coffee table. It’s not ideal but we have fun with it. I also don’t have place mats, so we use old issues of Runners World and Fitness magazine. You know, sometimes you just gotta work with what you’ve got!

Just to give you an appreciate of how laughably small my kitchen is, I will share this picture. Yes, this is the ENTIRE kitchen. I have like 2 square feet of counter space that is available for food prep and no dishwasher. It has definitely forced me to get creative 🙂 But it works for me for right now.

Hehe my other little kitchen helper, Fig.
(seen here sitting on my computer obscuring my view of the squash pancakes recipe)