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Thoughts of the Week

Happy Friday Everyone!! Every Fall I think things are going to slow down from the summer, but they never ever do. We’ve got a big weekend ahead including dinner with friends, a trip to Kings Dominion, the Army 10 Miler, and rock climbing! Here are some thoughts of the week:

1. Running is awesome. I actually quoted a League of Their Own in my head while I was running this week. I was thinking like, wow running is actually really challenging and hard. And then all of a sudden Jimmy Duggan popped into my head… “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great!” Love it.

2. This song has been stuck in my head all week. In fact the whole album I like can’t get enough of it. I’m trying not to listen to it so I don’t get sick of it but it’s hard. Mike has introduced me to a LOT of music since we met, but Sons of Bill is BY FAR my favorite.

3. Nashville is easily the best new show of the season. LOVE IT. I love Connie Britton <33 Hayden Pantierre just like can’t seem to keep her clothes on in this show but I look forward to her developing more as a character. Also Vulture is doing episode recaps… WOOHOO.


4. Me and Tom Haverford have way too much in common. Last night’s episode of Parks and Rec included a lengthy list of Tom’s daily internet visits. And I realized that mine is not that far off (and his is supposed to be a joke!) Daily visits for me include Gmail (and all its affiliates include gchat, gcalendar, gdrive), Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader (for ALL my blogs… there’s a LOT on this list), Washington Post, WordPress, Pandora or Grooveshark… it’s so much!! I don’t feel a particular need to change it… just worth mentioning šŸ™‚

Happy Weekend Loves <33

Race Review: Rock’n’Roll Nashville Country Music Marathon

So I know I already told you guys all about how the marathon experience went for me on Tuesday, but I also like doing a little review of races I participate in. One of the prominent themes of this blog is being on a tight budget, and registering for races gets really expensive. You want to make sure that the races you participate in are worth it! For reference, I have run one other Rock’n’Roll event (I ran the Inaugural Rock’n’Roll Savannah Half Marathon in November 2011). Here is a little re-cap of my pros and cons.

Got the pictureĀ HERE


  1. RNR races are HUGE and they adhere to a strict wave start. I personally like big races because the environment really fuels me. What I don’t like is crowds so overwhelming I can’t run my race. RNR assigns each runner a corral (this weekend there were I believe 35 corrals… I was assigned corral 16). They release each corral individually and wait a couple minutes between. I love this about their races. The field feels energetic but not hectic… perfection.
  2. The bands… duh! I usually run with an iPod because I like some distraction noise in my ears. I know there is a lot of research that says you shouldn’t run with music, but I hate hearing myself breathe, it just drives me nuts! I did not use an iPod during this race and I didn’t feel like I needed it at all.
  3. The Expo totally rocks. RNR typically does a two day expo which is perfect and they are absolutely massive. They have a whole section of “official” RNR merchandise and then a general area of all other vendors. If I haven’t made it abundantly clear… I LOVE SHOPPING. From this expo I walked away with (in addition to my official race Brooks technical tee) a RNR Nashville Country Music Marathon technical shirt (don’t judge me I really wanted something that said 26.2 on it… I earned it), a picture frame, new headbands from Hippie Runner (my absolute favorite), and another geeky 26.2 tshirt from Run Girl Run. Also got a bunch of free stuff… score!
  4. Course Support is ample. This can be really tough when there are 35,000 people participating in an event so I give them a lot of credit here and you have to excuse the occasional water table that doesn’t have cups ready. The only times that happened were tables at the front of a stop and there were always plenty of ready cups waiting and tables slightly further down the line. There were ample water / gatorade stops, which was completely necessary with the heat. At a few water stops, volunteers were running hoses to let runners run through the mist and cool down… amazing. They also had tons of medical support handing on vaseline, salt, etc. I didn’t end up ever needing to use it but it definitely made me feel better to know it was there. My only con is that I’m not personally a huge fan of lemon-lime gatorade, but I won’t fault them for that šŸ˜‰
  5. The residents of the city make the race. People get SO into these races and there’s nothing better than that!
  1. Ā The races are a little pricey. I would do more Rock’n’Roll events if they were less expensive but I also completely understand that all of theĀ amenitiesĀ they provide come at a price. I end up having to pick one or two events in the year. They are really really excellent events, but if you have to economize you might pick a smaller, local race that will be less expensive.
  2. The Country Music Marathon might not be the perfect choice for a first time marathoner. That being said, I have no regrets about my experience. If you are considering a first time marathon, I might suggest looking for a course that is a little bit flatter and takes place when you have less chance for high temperatures.
In synopsis… a Rock’n’Roll race is WELL worth the experience. They are all over the United States so if they come near your home town do not miss out. They are also in great cities for destination races. Where should I go next??