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Maifun … Fun

So I actually made this recipe awhile ago but I’ve been hoarding it in my post bank. Yes, I am trying to create a post bank so I can post new stuff even when I get busy. You’d think this wouldn’t be so difficult but it’s hard to work ahead on your “fun activities” sometimes. Anyways, I digress. Remember my awesome weekend in Philly for Sarah’s birthday?? Well on Sunday night when I returned to DC, I was happy, tired, and definitely craving a healthy meal. I wanted something super easy and then I remembered a box of Annie Chun’s Maifun noodles that I took from Mike’s roommate. That makes it sound like I stole them, which I didn’t. He put all this food out on the counter with a note saying “Take whatever you want.” So I took almost everything. Anyways, Maifun. Here’s what I love about it… you don’t even have to actually cook it! If you’re using them in a stir fry you can just soak them in warm water for 5 – 7 minutes before adding them to your dish. I meannnnn, this is amazing.

Thank you Harris Teeter for providing the perfect blend of Asian vegetables to my stir-fry without me having to do any work at all.

Tofu for protein… yes please. I love tofu and thankfully so does Mike. I try to be mindful of my soy intake so I don’t eat it constantly, but when I do it is always delicious. Every time I make tofu Mike asks if we can have tofu more often. He ate several cubes cold off the cutting board. Hippie.

Finally… the sauce! I’ve made this sauce before in this post and it never steers you wrong. I needed to actually buy soy sauce because I haven’t been ordering take out much recently and I didn’t have any leftover packets!! Mike suggested I try tamari instead of soy sauce. Upon investigation, tamari is a gluten-free 100% soy soy sauce (that was redundant). The flavor is AMAZING compared with regular soy sauce. Love love loved it. It wasn’t even substantially more expensive than soy sauce too (maybe only 50 cents more for the bottle).

Everything does in the pan and stir that bad boy up!! In retrospect, I wish that I had mixed the peanut butter and tamari together ahead of putting it in the maifun. The noodles are SO thin that they kinda clumped together around the peanut butter. The PB didn’t spread throughout the dish like I hoped it would, and I made a HUGE mess trying to stir it up. Lesson learned for next time.

It was so good I forgot to snap a picture of it plated up on the table but trust me… it was delicious. I ate leftovers for like two days. Happy happy girl. Also, here’s a picture of Fig grooming himself during dinner. Fig, please, not at the table.