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Bootcamp to Bust Boredom

If you follow my “Week in Workouts” you’ve probably noticed that I am mildly obsessed with a class at my gym called Cardio Strength Intervals (CSI for short). This class occurs every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and as long as I don’t have a meeting that prevents me from attending, I’m there. I’ve traditionally found weight lifting really boring, and I definitely prefer cardio or yoga. However, this class is totally changing my mind! The 60 minute workout is an absolute KILLER but it literally flies by every time. I thought maybe I’d share a little information about the class today in case anyone was interested in getting into strength training or just changing up their routine!

The basic format of the class is Warm Up (5 minutes), 1 Minute Strength Training / 1 Minute High Intensity Cardio (30 Minutes), Something special like Tabatas, 5-10-15s or Progressive Sixes (10 minutes), Abs (10 Minutes), Cool Down / Stretch (5 Minutes).

The high intensity cardio is either jumping rope, high knees, or jumping jacks (I used to be AWFUL at jumping rope but now I’m getting really good at it! I can even do the boxer shuffle!).

The strength moves are my favorite part though because they’re usually combo moves (combining two exercises into one to make it more challenging) or plyometrics (“jump training”). Here are some of my favorites:

Burpees: ignore the end of the video where they start using the rings. We don’t have that 🙂

Clean and Press with Dumbbells

Plant / Row / Reserve Fly

Box Jumps


Push Ups on Medicine Ball (Alternating Hands)