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Marathon Musings – Weeks 5, 6 & 7

My holiday vacation turned into a slightly longer break from blogging too. But the good news is that during that time I’ve taken the opportunity to really think about the blog, my vision for it, etc. Sometimes I definitely found myself defaulting to like “hey look at this fun thing I did!” posts, so I didn’t have to think about or come up with good content. While I want my blog to be personal so there is a real person attached to the words I write, it’s not supposed to be a Xanga (haha I might be dating myself by referencing that… did anyone else have a live journal in middle school??? I totally did… it was SO emo). Anyways, I’ve come up with a formula that I’d like to follow for posts. This formula has a topic for each week day, but if I don’t have anything to write about I’m just going to skip posting that day. Anyways, you probably don’t care but just wanted to give you some news!

I’m several weeks behind on Marathon Musings but don’t worry I haven’t quit training! Far from it in fact. I have definitely gotten mono from Mike, but mercifully my symptoms have been 1/4 as bad as his were (my poor baby!). I took a doctor’s advice and took one week really easy. Then I tried to get back into it the next week and was able to complete everything except the long run (more on that later in this post). This past week I was finally totally back on track. Woohoo! Here’s what the weeks called for in the Hansom Plan:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo OFF Speed (400M Repeats) 4 mi 8 mi 8 mi 4 mi
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo OFF Speed (600 M Repeats) 4 mi 6 mi 10 mi 6 mi
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo OFF Speed (800M Repeats) 5 mi 6 mi 10 mi 5 mi

Here’s what I ended up dong:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
OFF 5 mi OFF 5 mi OFF 8 mi 4 mi
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo OFF Speed (600M Repeats) 4 mi 3 mi 6 mi OFF
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo OFF Speed (800M Repeats) 5 mi 6 mi 10 mi 5 mi

Here’s what is going well:

1. Pacing / Speed: I’m getting a lot more comfortable with doing “easy runs”. Mike firmly believes that the sign of a runner “maturing” is becoming confident enough to do easy runs. I was out for my easy 5 miler on Thursday evening and I realized I was completely LOVING this run. When I got to mile 4 I was actually bummed out that I only got 1 more mile to be running. How weird is that? I’m also hitting my paces really well in my tempo runs, speed work, and long runs. My tempo runs are going to start getting longer this week and I’m looking forward to that. I traditionally haven’t liked speed work much, but I’ve been REALLY enjoying how challenging these workouts are.

2. Mileage: I’m back and able to get the miles in even though my body is pretty fatigued from the mono. I really needed that 10 miles on Saturday as a confidence builder. I have a 15 miler on the schedule for next Saturday and there’s no way I was going to feel ready without getting 10 miles in and feeling good. Unless the mono makes some sort of great surge this week, I feel fairly confident that I will be able to continue to stick to the program.

3. Stretching / Rolling: The frequency of my runs is definitely leaving my muscles tired and sore (the mono is probably contributing there too). I’ve been REALLY disciplined about stretching out after each run and using the stick (especially on my calves… holy god my calves are so sore all the time).

Here’s what I’d like to focus on this week:

1. Strength Training / Yoga: With the holidays and the mono, I’ve really only been able to focus on running the marathon miles. I really need to get back on track with strength training and yoga. I noticed a twinge in my knee this week, which suggests that I REALLY need to get back on my strength training game. I have 2 strength sessions on the calendar this week and a couple yoga sessions too!

2. Mental game: This continues to be a struggle. Two Saturdays ago I actually TRIED to do a 10 miler, but only made it the 6. Then the next day I was completely wrecked and couldn’t even fathom exercising. I have never started a long run and not finished it. This was a huge confidence killer. I came home really upset, talking about giving up on the marathon all together! I was asking myself questions like “Why am I even doing this? I hate it!” This week I want to focus on the goal and keep myself positive! Can’t let one bad run ruin everything!

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s up ahead this week on the schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 mi Tempo (and light Yoga) No Run (Strength Training + Yoga) Speed (1K Repeats) 6 mi (and Strength) 5 mi (and Yoga) 15 mi 7mi (and maybe some yoga)

Marathon Musings – Infected Addition

Annnnnddddd just like that… we’re 17 again.

Mike has mono… at almost 29 years old.

Poor guy has been sick now for over two weeks. At first we thought it just was a really bad flu, and I tried to be really careful not to get it too. Then he got tested at the doctor and sure enough… it’s mono. Unfortunately, the incubation period for mono is 4 – 7 weeks (Thank you WebMD). Which means that I was exposed to it long before he started having symptoms. Have I also mentioned that I never had mono when I was younger? BLEH. I thought maybe I wouldn’t get it. I thought my iron immune system would beat the odds. Then yesterday, I started getting a sore throat… and the body aches. Today I’ve got the sore throat, the body aches, the fatigue, and the headache. I’m not full on as bad as Mike is… so a tiny part of me is still holding out hope. Looking at how sick Mike is right now is like a terrifying crystal ball into my future. This is going to suck.

This is all a way of prefacing this post because if I do in fact have mono… I don’t think there is going to be a marathon in March. That part has really been the hardest for me to think about. But mono could mean (at least) a solid month off from training… from running really at all. I think it’ll be too much time off to be marathon ready. So while I’m not giving up all hope just yet… I am trying to prepare myself mentally for that.

That being said let’s talk about this past week. Here’s what it looked like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5M Rest 4M 5M 4M 6M 4M

I got all of these in except Sunday (when I was feeling sick). I honestly could’ve still gone and run, but I was kinda feeling a little down about the potential of getting so sick. I kept getting in my head like “What’s the point? I’m not going to be able to do the marathon, I might as well just give up now!”

But this morning, I’ve decided to override that tendency for now. I don’t know that I have mono yet. I don’t have all the symptoms yet either and the ones I have are relatively manageable. I need to keep on keeping on. I’m going into this week hoping to keep my schedule going as planned.

I was actually really proud of this week! I got up every single morning to exercise, which was a big deal for me! On Thursday, I had to be at work at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am so obviously that meant I wasn’t going to get my run in in the AM (I just did 30 minutes of yoga at 5 am… what up!). I was really nervous I was going to bail on my run because my work day was going to be so long. BUT I brought my clothes with me to work and went for a great 5 miles after the day was over around the mall. I was really glad that I did it 🙂

Strength training, yoga, and stretching were also ALL on point this week. So I had a great week… I can’t let this mono business derail me before I know it’s happening for sure!! On to the next week! Here’s the plan… things are starting to get interesting this week!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 mi Tempo Rest Speed (12x 400M Repeats
w/ 400M Recovery)
4 mi Easy 8 mi Easy 8 mi Long Run 4 mi Easy

Marathon Musings – Week 3

I am just not doing well making these appear regularly on Monday am I? Oh well.. TUESDAY!

3 weeks of Hanson Method Marathon Training Down!

Here’s what the week was supposed to look like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5M Rest 3M 3M 5M 5M Rest

Here’s what the week ended up looking like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rest 3M 5M 3M Rest 10M Rest

Same # of miles but I juggled some days around. I don’t want to make a habit of that, but life does happen! Monday was an unscheduled rest day. I threw in some light strength training / walking to get myself moving but Mike was REALLY sick. I really wanted to spend time with him (especially because he has been gone all weekend with his friends) so I decided to move the week around. I also lumped my Friday / Saturday runs into one big run because I ran the Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler. I planned to out for an easy 3 on Sunday, but Mike really encouraged me to rest. I wasn’t exactly difficult to persuade! Let’s check in on some stuff!

Pacing: It’s going pretty well! I did my Tuesday 3 miler at slightly higher than marathon pace (10:45). Wednesday’s 5 Miler I wanted to do at marathon pace (10:30). I went out a little too fast (around 9:45) but was able to slow it back to marathon pace for the second half. Thursday I did easy pace (11:00). Saturday obviously was very fast, but I was racing!

Hills: I’m trying to be very intentional about adding challenging hills into my runs. My marathon course will include some hills and I want to be ready for them. My Wednesday run was actually really challenging. Basically the entire second half of the run was uphill and by the end I was definitely tired. I ran that same course again on Monday though because I want to see how much better I can get at that extended hill.

Strength Training / Yoga: Keeping up with strength training a lot, especially thanks for the 2012 Closeout Workout challenge! I will have a recap for that soon… but I did full body strength training on Tuesday and Thursday after my 3 milers. Every night I’ve been doing at least my 75 reps before bed too. I eased off them a little for the race but started back up with those. I did yoga a couple times last week (Wednesday and Thursday) but I really want to get it up to 3 times this week!

Stretching: Apart from wanting to add more yoga… I’ve been SO good about stretching out after runs and I think it’s having a huge impact. I found a good plan for me is to come in from a morning run, get a glass of iced coffee w/ chocolate milk (what up caffeination and recovery all in one cup!) and stretch out for 10 minutes while watching GMA. My muscles are feeling so much better during and after runs… woohoo!

I’m starting to miss my higher mileage runs but I know we’re going to be there very soon. All in all… three weeks in and things are going great. I feel strong and confident right now… so I’m trying to ride that out!

Here’s what this week is going to look like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5M Rest 4M 5M 4M 6M 4M

First six day week of the plan! Check back next week and see how it goes 🙂