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When Your Rest Days Aren’t Restful

There is so much research out there that proves that rest is equally as important to athletic performance as effort. Disclaimer to this post – I am really, really, really bad at resting. Mike and I talk about it all the time because he thinks I push too hard and am not always kind to my body. He’s probably right.

I try to workout 5 – 6 days per week with 1 – 2 days of rest. However, I tend to find that my “rest” days end up being days that I just can’t possibly fit in a workout. It’s not like I actually rest my body and my mind on those days. I think that is probably the case for most people. There are days that you workout and days you are forced to rest. But what about rest days where you CHOOSE to rest?

About once a month, I find I have a day where I just feel like… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Yesterday was one of those days. According to my workout schedule, I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday at lunch and then go to a 75 level 2 hot power yoga class after work. I did neither of these. I got a really solid day of work in, and then I changed in my workout clothes (because they’re more comfy) and went to Target. I shopped a little bit (bought a few clothing items for Bonnaroo this weekend and a pack of iced animal crackers because they’re awesome and they were $1), and then I went home to snuggle with my kitty.

Fig and I parked ourselves on the couch and watched the season finale of Glee (that show has seriously fallen off so I usually just fast forward to the songs I like) and two episodes of Mad Men on my DVR (OMG Peggy! OMG Lane!!). Today I feel a lot better. I love working out so when I really, really, really don’t want to work out… that’s typically a sign for me that something isn’t right. Sometimes I need to just push through it and get it done. Yesterday, I felt confident in my decision to rest.

Today, I’m trying to remember that one day is such a tiny party of my life journey to wellness. I have committed myself to healthy living forever… and sometimes that means giving myself a break. If I force myself to always, always, always exercise 6 days a week for 90 minutes a day for the rest of my life… I’m going to burn out. I know myself well enough to know that I need to feel like I have choices and options. I can’t be confined to too rigid of a schedule for too long. So if you’re finding yourself in a rut or you’re feeling stifled by your current workout routine… maybe you just need a truly restful rest day. It does the body and the mind a world of good 🙂

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