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It’s been a good run

(Note: Totally meant to post this on Friday but you know how moving is… let’s pretend it’s still Friday)

It’s moving day!!!!!!!

This feels somewhat like the end of an era in many ways. This apartment was my very first “big girl” apartment. I moved in less than 2 months after graduating from college, and I had no idea how to do basically anything. Me trying to figure out how much personal property coverage I should get from my rental insurance company was comical. I thought graduating from college and getting a job would make me an adult but no. This apartment made me an adult. It was the first place in the world that was completely mine, and it was totally my responsibility to take care of it. It was frustrating as hell some days… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was the perfect first apartment for a single girl living in a city (My friend Dara referred this as the”total rom-com period” of my life… though it wasn’t actually all that glamorous).

I’m going to miss this apartment. It was my home through some really major life changes! I met and fell in love with my soul mate living here. I started running, I ran my first race, my first half marathon, and then my first marathon too!

This was also the apartment where I brought Fig home from the shelter. I felt like I had built this wonderful loving home, and I just needed to share that with an animal who needed one. He is my favorite bargain buy of all time ($50 from the Washington Animal Rescue League… he was a total steal!!)

The apartment is also in an amazing location / neighborhood, had a sweet walk in closet, and was the best apartment I found that I could still afford!

But in life, all chapters must eventually come to an end, and I am so excited to see what my next chapter has in store for me!! So in the spirit of keeping things light and in perspective here’s a couple things that I will definitely NOT miss about this apartment:

1. The kitchen. Sailboats have bigger kitchens. Having me, Mike, and Fig in this bathroom gives me an anxiety attack. I also have this really little stove / oven combo and there is a small space between the edge of the stove top and the wall. It’s like a vortex for food. I have dropped more crap down in that little space (that is too small for me to get my hand in). Infuriating.

2. The bathroom. It’s so small the door actually hits the toilet when you open / close it. One of my movers was kind enough to point that out to me when moving my stuff in. Hey, thanks man. I also dropped an entire jar of microwavable hot wax in there (you think you’re saving yourself a little money and look what happens). It’s never really been the same since then.

3. The Community Laundry Room. The people who work in my building rock. The people who live in it on the other hand… do not. I once received a typed note on my dryer informing me that I was a “spoiled brat” because I accidentally left my laundry too long. Also, community laundry rooms always suck no matter how awesome people are.

Can’t wait to post pictures of the new apartment soon!! ❤