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October Date at Kings Dominion

Disclaimer from Christina – my laptop is being really mean to me right now and all my pictures won’t format correctly in WordPress. I’m trying to figure this out and hopefully I’ll fix it soon. Until then, I recognize that the picture placement / spacing is really off and gross looking and I’m sorry!!

This past weekend was legitimately one of the only weekends this fall that Mike and I were both in DC with no special events or visitors. We decided to take advantage of this time, and get in our October “special date”. You can read about some other special dates herehere, and here. I never wrote a post about our August date, but it was white water rafting in Harpers Ferry, WV for our anniversary. Unfortunately, we kind of forgot about our September date because it was such a crazy busy month. We did go see Sons of Bill at U Street Music Hall so we kind of cheated and called that our date. October though, we were ready for something good! Mike and I are more of the adventurous types, so we prefer to make our dates cool activities. Saturday morning we hopped in the car and headed down to Kings Dominion! It’s almost two hour from DC to Kings Dominion, but it is totally worth the drive for a couple reasons. Number one: you get to see the leaves changing in Virginia!

And number two… there are like 5 Wawa’s on the way down!!! If I haven’t made this completely clear… I LOVE Wawa. I grew up in New Jersey, and it is kind of like a way of life. Plus, tickets to Kings Dominion are expensive enough… let alone trying to buy food there! We stopped at a Wawa and got deli sandwiches (also much healthier than the multitude of fried options at the park) and drinks. We ate half of our sandwiches in the car and then headed into the park for the day. Mike and I both felt the same way, we didn’t want to waste any time on so-so rides. We were only interested in the big ones. We both love roller coasters (fun fact: When he was little, Mike REALLY wanted to design roller coasters for a living. He knew all the “big names” in the industry and everything. But then he decided to be a huge slacker and build rockets that go into space instead… WHATEVER!). We ended up riding six rides: Dominator, The Volcano, Anaconda, Intimidator 305, Drop Tower, and Rebel Yell. Totally worth it.

It was really interesting to go to KD with Mike because he knew so much about the engineering of the rides. He knew all the different names for the different style seating (inverted, suspension, etc. etc.) and was pointing out stuff I never would have noticed.

After Dominator, The Volcano, and Anaconda… I needed something to drink (and potentially a snack). I walked around searching in vain for a soft pretzel (seriously KD… not a single pretzel vendor was open!) so we ended up settling for the Coke “Oasis” which sold soft drinks and a surprising selection of very healthy snacks including whole fruit, cliff bars, pop chips, etc. We both got a Coke Zero (diet soda is my true vice… I won’t be judged) and a piece of fruit to tide us over. Then we hopped in line for INTIMIDATOR 305. I could tell Mike was eyeing this ride from the moment we arrived. It boasted a 301 ft drop at approximately an 85 degree angle. This was a serious coaster.

Intimidator did NOT disappoint. It didn’t go upside down, but it was by far the best coaster of the day. Afterwards, we headed over to the other side of the park to finish out the day. First on the list was Drop Tower. This ride did not look that scary, I just thought it was going to be fun. In reality, it was by far the most scared I felt all day!! Once we were strapped into our seats, I felt really nervous that my feet were just dangling there, and I became irrationally scared that my shoes were going to fall off! Then we started going up and it was just SO FREAKY to be up so high (305 feet) and have your feet just dangling! While I was a little freaked out and simply COULD NOT look down, it was an amazing view of the park and the surrounding country side. And then we dropped… and it was awesome!

We finished out the day with Rebel Yell, a wooden roller coaster. I totally underestimated this one. I thought it was going to be easy peasy, not that exciting, but it was so much fun!! Such a fun way to end the day. We were hoping to go on the Grizzly or the Hurler to complete the day but they were both closed 😦

Halloween Haunt was going on that night and right when we were about to leave we started seeing lots of people in costumes. We decided not to stay for Haunt because we wanted to get back to DC since Mike was racing in the morning.

Before we left though, we treated ourselves to some Rita’s Italian Ice. I also LOVE Rita’s so it was the only treat that interested me (Dippin Dots is cool but it doesn’t really taste like anything…) I got Swedish Fish ice and vanilla custard and Mike got cherry and vanilla. Perfect way to end a perfect Saturday.

My favorite thing about Mike (well I have a lot of favorites) is how much fun we have when we’re together. We were at KD for 6 hours and it felt like it flew by 🙂 It was a great way to spend a Saturday together ❤