Solo Run for Boston

Last week was… a train wreck. By Friday night, I was a mess of emotions all tied up in one slightly bizarre and wholly confusing package. After drinking many more beers than usual with a group of friends and then braving a rainstorm and a hectic metro ride home, I crawled into bed more than ready to close the book on the week. Saturday morning, I decided to do what I do when I’m sad or angry or frustrated… I ran. I went into this run with no expectations. I decided to just go out and see how far I got.

I’ve seen so many great events around DC and other cities where runners are getting together to Run for Boston. I chose to run solo for Boston. Just me, my sneakers, and my city. I decided to bring you guys along for a little tour because the weather was perfect and this was just what I needed to work through some emotions and emerge with a renewed spirit.

My first stop was the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington. I also checked out some beautiful spring flowers.


Then it was down onto path for a quick view of Arlington Cemetery.


Up off the trail and heading towards the Memorial Bridge.


And down onto the Mount Vernon trail for a run along the Potomac River. Mount Vernon is one of my favorite trails in the entire area. The views of DC are the best.


All the way down to Roaches Run (which I hate the name of because roaches are my biggest fear). I had a lovely view of some kids playing soccer and the planes taking off from Reagan Airport.


Then I turned around and headed back towards the Memorial Bridge. I love running under the highway. Gorgeous views abound.


I continued on Mount Vernon Trail under the Memorial Bridge towards Rosslyn and the Key Bridge.


This is my favorite place ever… a short stretch of boards running adjacent to the highway. It’s like a mini-oasis.


A quick hello to Roosevelt Island… another favorite place.


And up the ramp to Rosslyn. I took an unintentionally creepy picture of this guy… sorry dude!


Through Rosslyn and up the hill towards home! I have come to love ending my runs on this hill. It’s the perfect sense of accomplishment for the end of a run.


End of the day I covered 8.5 miles and it was the perfect way to start my weekend off right.



Questions for you guys:

– Do you exercise when you’re feeling down?

– How did you get active this weekend?

– Thoughts on running solo?


12 responses

  1. Awesome run! Great pictures! I long to visit DC! I always exercise when I’m feeling down, when I’m stressed, when I need to think, when I need to meditate. Running sets me free from everything. This last weekend I drank too much beer and then ran a half marathon. And I usually run solo during the week because I run at 4:30 a.m., and I can’t find anyone who will run with me that early in the morning! Weekends I usually will do one run with girlfriends but I enjoy running alone. Running with others, though, helps me get faster since I try not to slow them down (and everyone seems to run faster than me :)) Have a wonderful week! I hope its much better than last week!

    1. haha I’m impressed you did a half marathon after too much beer!! I long to be a good enough runner where I can take a drink when people hand out beer on the course… I’m not there yet 🙂

      I agree. Solo running is perfectly meditative especially early in the morning. A good girlfriends run is always welcomed though. Definitely forces you to push your pace!

  2. Ooo, this looks like a gorgeous run. How did you get to the memorial? I’m getting kind of tired of doing the same run/ path out on the Four Mile Run trail, so I’m looking for some new, hopefully scenic options!

    1. I have only run on Four Mile Run a couple times, but I got to Iwo Jima by going down Arlington Blvd. That will take you right to Iwo Jima. You can also get there by going into Rosslyn and up North Lynn Street.

      I used to run Rock Creek all the time when I lived in DC so I agree it can get really tiring to do the same route all the time!

  3. The photos of that trail look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you!! It’s my go-to trail because it’s ALWAYS beautiful 🙂

  4. What a lovely run…and 8.5 miles is impressive for just lacing up and heading out (especially after more beers than usual the night before!) I have to live vicariously through your run because I haven’t been able to get farther than a block yet!

    1. I was very surprised I ended up going that far! In my mind I was like, if it’s only 3 miles, that’s better than nothing 🙂 You’ll be back in the game before you know it. Enjoy your rest you EARNED it!

  5. Great mood lifter & hangover banisher – well done

    1. Seriously… anytime I can make it out of bed, a workout is the best way to cure a hangover!

  6. Thanks for thinking of us up here in Boston. Looked like a great run and has been added to my list of cities to explore via running : )

    1. You all have a lot of runner love coming your way!

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