The Skinny on Shorts

Before we get to today’s post… I would be remiss not to include this disclaimer. I am hoping and praying that every citizen of the Boston area is not taking this situation lightly and staying in their homes / residences, as advised. I am holding the entire area, especially law enforcement, in my heart today. Everything that has happened this week, from Boston to Texas, makes this post feel exceptionally frivolous. So for those not interested in frivolity…. please feel free to skip today’s post. 

How do you guys feel about shorts? I have a love / hate relationship with them. For YEARS I simply never wore them. I exercised in long pants or capris year round, regardless of the heat. I had it in my mind that my thighs were just “too fat” to wear shorts. As part of my work with intuitive eating, I realized that, similar to “food rules” I had also created “body rules” for myself and it was time to challenge those! Mike was always encouraging me to wear shorts, especially in the dead of summer when running gets really challenging. He also happens to think I look good in them, but that’s neither here nor there.

So I decided to challenge my “no shorts” rule this year and try to find some shorts that work. My list of criteria are as follows:

  • Larger leg holes. I do have very muscular legs and my thighs are a touch bigger than the average duck. I need a pair of short that doesn’t constrict my movement or feel uncomfortable
  • Slightly longer inseam. I’m looking for 3 – 5 ” here. No splits or shortie shorts for me! HOLY CHUB RUB.
  • Wide waist band. Absolutely crucial for a comfortable fit that doesn’t dig into my hips / create awkward bumps.
  • Built in briefs. This is by far the best thing about running shorts. Built in underwear! Some people don’t like this but I LOVE IT.

Here are some of my favorites I have found so far.

Lululemon Run: Pace Skirt – TOTALLY jumping on the running skirts train. They are awesome. Not cheap though. Great quality materials and the shorts have grippy material on the leg hole so they don’t ride up. Amazeballs.


Moving Comfort Momentum Short – Solid inseam length and a really comfortable materials. Look at that wide waist band… my muffin top thanks you!


Under Armour Great Escape Shorts – These are a really different material but I totally love them. The printed patterns are SO FUN and the length / waistband totally fit the bill.


Questions for You Guys:

  • What are your favorite shorts?
  • What are your thoughts on shorts? Love em? Hate em?

5 responses

  1. I have always been a “no shorts” kind of girl. I prefer to keep as much jiggle from wiggling as possible 😉 So I’m all about capris in the summer! I do love the running skirts though and may have to try one on.

    1. haha I’m there with you! I still prefer capris but hoping that shorts / skirts will be a good option when the weather here in DC gets unbearable in the summer! The skirts are a good way, in my opinion, to get a little extra coverage 🙂

      1. Very true! I actually went and tried on the longer Lulu skirt after I read your post. Although I thought it was super cute, my legs just aren’t ready for that kind of exposure yet! 🙂 Good thing we don’t get crazy heat here in the summer. Or if we do it only lasts a day…:P

  2. I can never find shorts that don’t ride up in the middle or in the waist. I fall victim to chub rub every time I wear them. In addition to spending way too much time adjusting the material to prevent said chub rub (read: pulling the bunched up material from my crotch… sexy). I need a pair though, the summers are just unbearable.

    1. I hear you! I hate the little move where you try to keep running or moving and also pull your shorts down between your legs… haha not cute 🙂 I’m a big body glide lover too… there is nothing worse that chafing between your legs!!

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