Marathon Musings

The last time I was training for a marathon (last Spring) I started POTR about a week or so out from the race. This time, you can to be with me through the entire journey… lucky you.

I have a couple goals, but predominantly I want to do better this time around. Just better… in general. I didn’t love the training the last time around, and even though I put in a ton of effort in the training, race day conditions (temps over 80 degrees and high sun) prevented me from doing as well as I think I could have potentially done. This time… I’m out for vindication. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m not fast. My goal time this go around is a very conservative 4:30 (ish… I’d be happy with a time that started 4:3_ )


I loved Amy’s Marathon Reflection Monday when she was training for Chicago. I looked forward to them every week… so I’m going to be SUPER original and copy her. Sorry! But I think there will be a lot of value for me to look at my training week by week. I just want to enjoy this experience more than I did the last time… from the training to the ice baths to the actual race.

So here’s my first “Marathon Musings” post. I’ve been officially training for one week! I ran the Philly Half Marathon (I’m really behind on my posts but I’m hoping to get all caught up this week) and that landed me right at the start of my training program. My race is Saturday March 16th and this go around I have elected to try the Hanson Method of training. Mike just read the book and I’m pretty intrigued by this approach to training.

Here’s a basic look back at the week of training:

I started off with a whopping two mile run. I don’t think I’ve gone for a two mile run EVER. It was kind of fun actually. Everyone wanted to go out to breakfast while I was down the shore, and I was able to say “Let me get my run in really quick first, I’ll be back in 20 minutes”. I meannnnn I’m normally like, “Bye Family I’ll be back in a couple hours”. I then ran three days of three milers. I also don’t often run just three miles. My “long run” for the week was 4 whole miles. Needless to say… this week felt very foreign to me. I typically feel like any weekly long run under 10 miles is “light”.

It’s probably pretty normal to feel like the beginning of a training plan is a little light, but I am glad to have these first couple weeks to get used to the frequency of the runs. My last go around (and pretty much my standard running plan for the last 2 years) had me running 4 days per week (I’ve gone up to 5 a couple times). This plan has me starting at 5 and going up to 6 days a week in just a couple weeks. This will be an adjustment to my normal schedule. The shorter frequent runs in the first week helped ease the transition a lot.

It’s only the first week, but I will still say that it went well. I’m enjoying being back on a training plan because it forces me to be more intentional. It also forces me to stay accountable. I’ve gotten a little complacent in half marathon land. I’m almost too confident that I can do the distance… so I’ve stopped training for it. That’s not good. Marathon land makes me feel like a rookie again… like I’ve got something to prove!

This next week though I need to focus on one thing… PACE. Not speeding up… slowing down. Hanson really stresses the importance of having your target marathon pace (mine is 10:30 ish) and structuring all of our runs around that. I am not good at doing recovery pace runs. I did my 4 miler on a treadmill yesterday just to force myself to hold a slightly slower pace. I need to take that discipline outside and learn to love “easy” runs. Normally I think… it’s exercise so if it’s a short run, I need to pump up the speed! So this week… I’m working on that!

Check back next Monday… my long run this Saturday is 5 miles. WHAT?

3 responses

  1. Haha! Copy away! Having a weekly accountability post helped me a lot, plus it was a great opportunity for other people to weigh in with advice. I’ve never heard of Hanson. I’m looking forward to hearing how it works out for you!

    1. Well they say imitation is the sincerest form a flattery 🙂 Mike really liked the book and I like the exercise physiology behind the plan. It’s more about cumulative load and has a pretty keen eye towards injury prevention (sweet!)

  2. […] Marathon Training – So far so good! I’m two weeks in (I owe you guys a marathon musings actually… later today) and things are going really well. I want to keep up this enthusiasm! […]

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