Pile on the Miles – Week One Update

Hey Everyone!! As I mentioned last week, I am participating in Monica’s Pile on the Miles challenge this month. My goal is 140 miles for the month of November, but I’m feeling like that might have been a “safe” goal. I’m going to see if I can get it up over 150 miles. I updated my spreadsheet this morning for the first “week” of the challenge. Since November only started on Thursday and the weeks for the challenge run from Sunday – Saturday, it wasn’t exactly a big number.


Having Monday and Tuesday off from work TOTALLY threw off my week. I just couldn’t get back into it last week. I definitely slept through every single morning workout Wednesday – Friday… whoopsies. I got back on track this AM though with a workout before work 🙂

I managed to get 10 miles in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. I feel pretty good about that! Here’s what it looked like:

Thursday: Walked One Mile (pretty lame sauce but it was the first day of the challenge so I felt like I had to get SOMETHING)

Friday: “Urban Hiked” 3 Miles (I obviously slept through my AM workout, couldn’t get out of the office for a lunch time workout, and then got on a bus to NYC. By the time we arrived, I was dying for exercise. I carried our heavier backpack – even though Mike offered to – and we walked from Penn Station to my friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side. We could have easily gotten a cab or taken the subway, but I really wanted to walk)

Saturday: Walked 6 Miles (Originally, our NYC intention was to run on Saturday morning and go watch the marathon on Sunday. Obviously, the marathon didn’t happen. We then changed plans and decided to go running on Sunday morning. Mike’s ankle definitely wanted another day of rest and I didn’t exactly spring out of bed on Saturday morning after being out until after 2 am catching up with my friend Max. So we walked from the upper East Side across the park to my friend Bissie’s apartment near Columbia. We also walked several miles with Bissie around the Upper West Side on Saturday afternoon. The weather was PERFECT for walking around this weekend. I loved it)

Final Summation: I suppose I would’ve liked to post some running miles in the first couple days of the challenge, but it really did feel good to do this much walking! I live in an urban environment, so I normally walk a lot and don’t think much of it. I have been enjoying this more intentional walking 🙂 Also, this weekend kicked ass (post to follow later today) so I really wouldn’t have changed anything about it.

Goal for this week: My goal this week is 40 miles. I ran 6 on Sunday in NYC and I got up this morning for 5 miles, so that was a great start! Unfortunately, the arch of my right foot has really been bothering me (I walked all weekend in boots that probably weren’t supportive enough). I want to do a little yoga tonight and use my plantar massage balls to try and roll it out a little bit.

Remember – if you’re participating in Pile on the Miles go over to Run Eat Repeat or input your miles in this spreadsheet by midnight tonight!

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