Rock Climbing… Well… Rocks.

I feel like I could’ve written an entire weeks worth of posts just about all the things we did last weekend… and I kind of did! This is the last one I swear. Sunday afternoon, after a full morning at the Army Ten Miler, Mike and I headed up to University of Maryland for an afternoon at the rock wall with our friends Sarah and Evan. I really wanted to try rock climbing this fall (it’s on my to-do list) but it can be really expensive! Luckily, to climb at University of Maryland, all you need is a friend and a $7 guest pass to the athletic center… cha ching! The wall also had climbing shoes, helmets, and all the equipment. Mike decided he wouldn’t climb, since his ankle wasn’t feeling that great. He was my personal photographer instead 🙂

The wall at UMD is great… especially for a beginner climber like me! There were plenty of areas for experiences climbers, but the big face was slightly angled which made it easier to climb. I was pretty nervous… just because I had no idea what to expect. I watched a couple people climb before suiting up myself.

Climbing shoes are ridiculously uncomfortable. Sarah says that more people buy them 1.5 sizes too small. THE WORST. My baby toes were crying. Then I watched Sarah climb… she totally rocked it.

Then it was my turn. The harness was also pretty uncomfortable… but I clearly looked FABULOUS. Sarah was kind enough to belay me and she was awesome. I really had no idea what to expect, so I just kinda winged it. The first go I didn’t follow a route, I just tried to get to the top. I kind of made a deal with myself that if I got to the log halfway up and wanted to come down… I would. But once I reached it, I knew I had to make it to the top. I definitely forgot to breath most of the trip up because I was like panting at the top! I was only a little bit scared, but mostly it was so much fun.

I was pretty psyched when I got back down 🙂 I took a break between trips to let Evan climb. He obviously did a much harder climb than me and he totally rocked it. He didn’t even wear climbing shoes… just sneakers! I think it kind of helps to be taller and have long limbs. Sarah was belay-master general for everyone.

After Evan climbed, I made one more trip up. This time I followed a route (though it was the easiest one on the wall) but it definitely made it a lot harder. I loved it though 🙂 I had such a fun afternoon and it was a killer new experience. I was also kind of sore the next day!! Guess I worked some new muscles. I want to go back really badly… maybe in the spring when the wall opens back up!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend 😀 My friend Elsa is in town and I cannot wait to see her… I’ve missed her so much! There is a halloween party AND the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend. Can’t wait!!


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