Moving Sucks

The big day is Friday and I’m only going moderately crazy so far. I HATE mess. My freshman year roommate once told me that I was one of the most anal people she has ever met. I feel to this day that was a slight exaggeration but I will stand by the fact that I like things clean. I don’t really seem what is wrong with that. I don’t just other people who don’t, but you can believe that my space is going to be clean and clutter free. So right now my apartment looks like this…

Anyways I’m losing my mind a little bit. In addition, I’ve literally had 46 doctors appointments this week (just kidding… it was like two but it’s putting major stress on my week), and my car decided to be a total asshole and one of the headlights went out. COME ON BUDDY! In other news, not a single garage I can find is open past 6 pm. WHAT THE HELL? PEOPLE WORK MAN!

But if you think this week has been hard on me then you clearly haven’t considered how it’s impacting this guy:

He’s been very unsettled by all this packing. On one hand he’s be able to explore new territories like the back of the coat closet, and he fulfilled a lifelong dream of sitting on a shelf of the big bookcase, but on the other he seems very distressed that I’m going to forget him. He’s been attached to me while I’m packing, which has proved hazardous for both him and me. The other night we were snuggling on the floor of my closet (don’t you judge us) and we had a long talk about how there was nothing to be afraid of and mommy was never going to leave him. I don’t think he bought it. He’s been very suspicious every time I leave, and even more vocal than normal. I also cleaned out the storage under my bed, which meant his kitty carrier came out. He did not like this even a LITTLE BIT.

No promises about how much blogging I’m going to get done this week but at least you have new apartment pics to look forward to!

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