Thoughts of the Week

Happy Friday to all my favorite bloggie buddies! I am particularly excited this Friday, and I have lots of totally awesome thoughts floating around in my head that you should know about!

1. ONE WEEK TO MOVING DAY!!!! My boxes are being delivered today, so this next week is about to get crazy. I cannot wait. I think Fig knows that we’re moving too because he’s gotten super destructive in the last week or so. He spends more of his day obliterating the blinds (I am totally going to get charged for that). He also has taken to knocking over any container of liquid available and shattering glasses all over the floor. He is such a joy. Now I’m trying to decide what color schemes to go with in the new place! There will be new bedding in the bedroom and a new bathroom to think about! For the bathroom, I like everything to revolve around the shower curtain. Right now I’m considering this one, this one, or this one.

2. Quick update on my friend! I mentioned earlier this week that a friend of mine was in the hospital. I am thankful to report that after a long week, he has been released from the hospital, but returned home with his family for rehabilitation. Please please please continue to send him good vibes, thoughts, and prayers. He is such a fighter. I went to see him off at the airport yesterday and you would never believe had been through such an ordeal, he was so calm and collected. I would be a complete nightmare in such a situation.

3. and finally… HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN????? That is right boys and girls, Georgetown Homecoming weekend is UPON US!!!! I may not have expressly said this before but I am a proud Georgetown Hoya baby!! When I decided to stay in DC after graduation, I felt it was important to establish a life outside of Georgetown. I don’t go out to the same bars anymore or go to events meant for students (this cannot be said for all alumni let me just tell you). But Homecoming is MEANT for alumni (even though I totally loved it in undergrad too). A lot of my college girlfriends are all scattered over the country now, and this is one of the only times of the year we all get together. I cannot wait to have the weekend to be with them!!! Here are some pictures of the fabulosity of Homecomings past for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Yes it would appear I wear the same shirt every year to Homecoming. Gonna wear it tomorrow too… so take that! You can also see the sweet evolution of my hair color here. I thought blond on top and basically black on the bottom was a super good look for me at the time. The Jersey girl died hard in me. Happy to say we’ve reached a much more natural hue these days. Although I was just talking about wanting to dye my hair, so maybe my “evolution” is just in my head.

Anyways, it’s going to be a great weekend catching up with old friends, reconnecting, and remembering how much I loved Georgetown (not that I ever really forgot). Mike is coming too this year!! He has not met some of my college friends yet (that might give you an idea how often I see some of them) so I’m excited for him to meet the whole gang. My only goal is not get sick from drinking. I’m pathetically weak, and for that reason I don’t drink much anymore. I’m almost 25, it’s time to get through a day of Homecoming without making myself ill.

Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

4 responses

  1. I am moving in less than a month, so I know exactly how you feel! I hope my dog doesn’t go crazy and start destroying my apartment. Looks like you have a fun weekend ahead of you!

    1. haha isn’t it funny how pets can totally sense it?? Fig is losing his mind but he’s gets to move in with his kitty brother so I think he’s gonna be really happy once we get there 🙂

    2. I’ve moved with my dog twice now, and the best advice I can give you is to let your dog go to the doggy hotel or doggy day camp on the day of the move or even the day before and pickup the day after. My dog has anxiety and while I was packing this last time I could tell he was getting worried. When he came back from the doggy hotel, I had all the furniture settled back in, so his transition was much smoother.

      1. A Broski comment on the blog!! what what!! 🙂

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