Weekend Look Ahead

Let me just take a moment for a quick blog milestone… yesterday POTR received a record number of page views! I don’t know if the blog is getting a little more popular or it was just an interesting subject but THANK YOU! I don’t really know exactly where I see this blog going long term. I started it because I love to write and I thought it would be fun… but if it turned into something bigger I would totally be cool with that. I’m not really doing anything to make that happen though. Maybe that will be my next goal. Who knows.

Anyways, onto the topic at hand. IT’S FRIDAY BABY! I’m about to cut loose in a fashion that would please even R Kelly

I am extra excited for this weekend because I will be traveling to Philadelphia this afternoon to spend the weekend with my long distance bestie Sarah! It is her birthday weekend… she’s turning the big 2-5 this weekend!!!!! First a quick summary of the weekend plans we have!

FRIDAY: Gigantic birthday dinner at La Virtu which looks amazing

SATURDAY: workout in the AM, a free day to spend just the two of us toodling around Philly, and then we are heading to Sumeria Philly Fall Gala! I got my party dress in my bag (ok I brought two). I haven’t been to something like this since I was in college so I am PUMPED.


Needless to say it’s going to be a great weekend. But this post is not just a weekend look ahead, it is also a BIG birthday tribute to this amazing girl I have the pleasure to call my best friend. Sarah is brilliant, driven, no nonsense and one of the coolest girls I know. But she is also hilarious, fun, caring, and supportive. So many of my best memories and favorite stories involve Sarah. Like the time that Sarah let me cut her nose ring out of her face the night before a big job interview with a pair of nail clippers (She got it pierced in India and not a single medical professional or tattoo artist in DC could get it out. Drastic measures had to be taken) And dancing down second street in South Philly in the Mummers Parade. And roadtrips to Southport, Georgetown basketball games, and so many more.

I know she is a lifelong friend (because I won’t let her get away no matter how hard she tries). Happy Birthday Sarah… I love you!!!!!!! The commemorate this big birthday, I have included some of my favorite pictures of us over the years.

and this is one of my favorite pictures of Sarah ever. St. Patty’s Day senior year of college. It is so “Sarah”… especially because she stole that hat from someone.

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