A truly restful weekend

They’re hard to come by in my life. No matter how many people say it or how often I think it… I just can’t seem to slow down! I think sometimes I attribute inactivity with laziness, and I don’t like being or feeling lazy. But sometimes, there is nothing better for your soul (and body) than to truly and honestly chill out. This weekend… I was able to do just that and today I feel like a different person than on Friday (to be fair the end of last week was particularly rough, but that’s another story for another day).

On Saturday afternoon, Mike and I packed up the car and drove the ~2.5 hours from DC to Charlottesville to spend a weekend with his family (well his family actually lives right outside Charlottesville but let’s just say Cville for ease). I once again didn’t take any pictures… I guess I’m off my picture taking game so we will have to make do for today. Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

– Taking a yoga class at Bikram Yoga Charlottesville  with Mike’s brother Dave. Mike had some work to do this weekend so on Sunday morning Dave and I went to his yoga studio. I haven’t done bikram since I was a sophomore in college and it was NOT a pleasant experience (hence why I never returned). I practice in a heated space, but the studio I went to back in the day was awful. The instructor was nasty and it was so militaristic / not welcoming at all. I definitely like this studio better (people were generally more pleasant) but I don’t think bikram is ever going to be my favorite style of yoga. It was really nice to do something different though… shaking things up is important!


– Sitting outside a coffee shop with an iced coffee, Mike, and my Kindle. Only pictures we took the whole weekend. It was such a great way to just sit and be quiet with the person I love. We talked for a while, but soon we settled into a comfortable silence. It completely rejuvenated my soul.

– Not blow drying my hair or putting on make up the entire visit 🙂 Those who know me well know that I generally like to look put together and I rarely go anywhere without makeup on. Think what you want about that but I feel good when I feel like I look my best. However, there is something so liberating about taking some time away from all of that. It was nice to enjoy the sensation of wet hair and not worry if my eyeliner was smudged.

– Going for an amazing 5 mile run through University of Virginia’s campus on Monday morning. Mike and I went over to UVA on Monday morning because Mike wanted to run the route of the Charlottesville 10 miler (he is training for the Philadelphia marathon right now). He runs that race every year (I ran it this year too!) and loves the course. I ran a modified version of the course to make it 5 miles. Here’s a picture of us from the Cville 10 Miler this spring.

– Getting a massage from Mike’s mom. This requires little explanation I feel. It was a small slice of heaven.

– Taking an Olympic Gold Medal winning nap. On Sunday afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch during an afternoon rainstorm and slept for 3 hours! I NEVER nap, and I certainly do not nap for 3 hours. This was unheard of, and it felt awesome. Fig, however, is the original Olympic napper 🙂

Back to real life…

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