Time to Shake Things Up

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my fitness routine and I think it’s time that I shake things up! I went through a phase where I really wanted to just do what I felt like doing without a schedule. But recently I’ve been feeling the pull back towards intense training, but I haven’t seemed to get myself back in gear. It’s time to get back in gear šŸ™‚

I am running the Baltimore Half Marathon in seven weeks and I know it’s gonna be a tough one (there are a lot of great hills on the Baltimore course). I want to do well in this half and I think that I can! So I turned to my favorite favorite favorite running tool in the world… the training plan (one of my FIRST POTR entries… what what). I always start with Hal Higdon because he is awesome and provides training programs FO FREE (there’s an update coming soon about the POTR budget and it’s about to go from tight to soviet so I love things that are free!). I decided to bite the bullet and go for the Advanced Half Marathon training. I’ve shied away from it because of the number of days per week you have to run, but I’m ready for the challenge. Please keep in mind that this is an advanced program and only because I have been running for some time / have run many many many half marathons and one full marathon do I think this is healthy / safe for me. This is a twelve week program so clearly I’m a little late to the party. At this point, I feel confident in my fitness level / current running patterns to jump in 5 weeks into the program (this is like the #1 thing they tell you NOT to do when training for a race but again I’ve done this many times and know my body very well. This would NOT be advisable for everyone to do!). Here’s what it is going to look like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 8 x 400 5-KĀ pace 3 m run +Ā strength 30 min tempo 3 m run + strength Rest or easy run 90 min run (3/1) Rest or easy run
2 4 x 800 10-KĀ pace 3 m run +Ā strength 45 min tempo 3 m run + strength 4 m pace 1:45 run (3/1) Rest or easy run
3 3 x 1600 race pace 3 m run +Ā strength 50 min tempo 3 m run + strength 5 m pace 1:45 run Rest or easy run
4 5 x 800 10-KĀ pace 3 m run +Ā strength 30 min tempo 3 m run + strength Rest or easy run 15K Race Rest or easy run
5 4 x 1600 race pace 3 m run +Ā strength 55 min tempo 3 m run + strength 5 m Pace 2:00 run (3/1) Rest or easy run
6 6 x 800 10-K pace 3 m run +Ā strength 60 min tempo 3 m run + strength 3 m pace 2:00 run Rest or easy run
7 6 x 400 5-KĀ pace 3 m run +Ā strength 30 min tempo 2 m run + strength Rest or easy run Baltimore Half Marathon Rest

I’m pretty excited to get back on a training program but I’ve played around with the workouts a little bit to work with my personal schedule. I really prefer to do my long runs on Saturday as opposed to Sunday, but it is really more ideal to do pace work the day before the long run as opposed to after. Therefore, I decided to do my pace runs on Fridays, Long Runs Saturday and do the Rest or Easy Run days on Sundays. I also switched the “easy days” to Tuesday and Thursday since he suggests strength training those days and I like to go to my cardio / strength intervals class on Tuesday and Thursday during lunch. As far as yoga goes, my plan is stick with around 3 classes per week and focus more on stretching and core / upper body strength and less on killing my legs.

Right now my half marathon PR is 2:08:01 (which is a 9:45 min / mile). I would LOVE to run a 9:30 min / mile average this fall (which would be 2:04:27). So that is what I’m going to use as my goal pace for my tempo / pace runs. I usually do 8:30 min / mile for my 5K pace and 9:00 min / mile for my 10K pace for speed work, but those are really just estimates (I rarely actually run 5K and 10K races).
My ultimate goal is run a sub-2 hour half marathon but you know baby steps. Also, I totally realize that many people run sub-2 hour halfs like it ain’t not thang, but I think at this point we’ve deduced I’m not most people and I’m kind of slow… SORRY I’M NOT SORRY! Whenever I get down on myself for being slow (like pretty much every time I get annihilated while running by some skin and bones chick with a six pack and no shirt) I try to remind myself that at least I’m not 200 lbs like I used to be (haha fun fact about me) and I’m a RUNNER, which is pretty fabulous šŸ™‚

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  1. Paulette Zimmerman | Reply

    sounds like a very good plan. although I am not running marathons you motivated me to put a geared up fitness plan together for myself this fall. do you have any suggested websites for general excercise and strenght training that you like and would recommend? btw..when is the Baltimore Marathon – your fans want to be there.

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