Conquering Cabbage

You know those foods that you were basically certain you hated as a kid but then came to realize as an adult they were the This happened to be about a year ago with brussel sprouts… HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME???? And most recently, it happened with cabbage. My only real experience with cabbage before this was A. drenched in mayo in coleslaw… yum, and B. pickled and stinking up our entire kitchen in a pot of sauerkraut… gross. This was not a great introduction to cabbage. But recently, I decided to conquer the cabbage at home by following this recipe that I saw on KERF. While it seemed simple enough, this ended up being quite the undertaking in my teeny tiny kitchen (please refer back to this post, for a picture of how laughably small my kitchen is). I made the rice in my handy dandy rice cooker… because that’s just how I roll.

The Beast in the FLESH

So the recipe said to tear off the “outer leaves” of the cabbage. How many leaves is that? I had no idea. When they stop being super green? That wasn’t many leaves. Que freak out number one. I also didn’t really understand the whole dunk them in boiling water thing. It felt like kind of a waste but what do I know? I don’t have a dishwasher so I really try to avoid excess dish dirtying, so this did not make me happy.

As the rice bubbled away, I chop, chop, chopped away. And my pan filled up quickly… this was a lot of stuff!! I waited and waited for the cabbage to cook down (like spinach does!) but it never did. Whoopsies. Que freak out number two. I could barely control this pan. There was cabbage EVERYWHERE. Dis-as-ter.

I regrouped and moved the whole concoction into a pasta pot instead of a frying pan. This made me feel MUCH better (except for the fact that this meal had now dirtied almost every single pot I own. I mentally resigned to enlist Mike to help with the dishes… which he was happy to do!)

With the mixture complete, it was time to roll these bad boys up. That went pretty well until I filled all 8 of the cabbage leaves I had prepared and there was still a TON of mix in the pot. Like… a TON.

So after I topped the rolls with tomato sauce and cheese, I dumped the rest of the mixture into a bread pan and topped that with tomato sauce / cheese. CABBAGE FOR EVERYONE! Threw it all in the oven and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Until I saw this…

Hurricane Cabbage blew through the POTR kitchen!

Whatever! Nothing that a glass of white wine and a piece of Trader Joe’s sourdough bread can’t fix.
Fig photo bombed me.

Despite this whole ordeal… they came out of the oven looking PRETTY boss.

And they tasted just as good too!! I actually liked the inside mixture better than the rolls (my cabbage leaves were kind of hard to cut into without a really sharp knife… and who has money for that kind of stuff besides like married people?) Next time I might just forget the whole rolls business and just do the shredded cabbage as a casserole.

Anyways… fears faced, cabbage eaten, and kitchen demolished. Pretty standard evening 🙂


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