Woaaahhhhh BATTITUDES!

I have referenced my softball team a couples times before on the blog, but today I wanted to share a little information about this really awesome group of people. This is my second year in a row playing with this team, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join. A coworker talked me into joining the team (which is associated with Christ House, a medical recovery facility for homeless men in Washington, DC, where she was a long time volunteer) because she knew I had played softball in high school and apparently they needed girls. I hadn’t played since a put down my glove at the end of high school, so I was kind of excited to get back in the game, especially when it was just for fun! I was kind of nervous because sometimes adult sports can be kind of annoying. Guys can take things way too seriously and sometimes it’s less about sports and alllll about getting wasted (please refer to my multiple seasons playing adult kickball). I wanted an opportunity to get out and be active, without the pressure to party really hard after (I get devastating hangovers so I can’t really party when I have to be at work in the morning).

A couple weeks back, my mom and dad were in town for the night and they, along with my brother Doug, graciously came out to watch my last game of the season. It was so much fun to have them there, especially because my dad hasn’t seen me play in so many years! My dad is a softball umpire now, so of course he got chummy with our ump! I even hit a triple (the guys on the other team told me that they “left me hit it” because they knew my family was there to watch. Aren’t they sweet?) Big thank you to my brother, Doug, for taking all these great pictures with my iPhone. The sun was setting so the light was tough, but Doug has a great eye and did a great job capturing the narrative of the game! That’s me at third base by the way.

We lost (we’re not really all that good) but we didn’t care at all! This team is great about just getting out there, having fun, and supporting each other. I think we might have even convinced my brother to join up next summer!!

This picture is what we call the “Friends and Family of Sarah” contingent of the softball team (Right Left: Evan, Bryan, Sarah, Sarah, and Me!)

Before I sign off let me leave you with a brief plug for Christ House. My friend Sarah has recently left our job where we worked together to take a position as the Director of Development at Christ House. Please take a minute to read their website to hear about the amazing things they are doing in the lives of homeless men in DC. Here is a link about how to make a donation (either in-kind or monetary).

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