Christina Eats Snacks

Here we are once again for the weekly food check in!! The title of this post was meant to be a reference to the podcast “Mike & Tom Eat Snacks“… I guess the explanation kind of killed it but whatever. So last week I said I wanted to work on some key things in the next week: snacks, not fearing hunger, and not overeating while home alone. Two things went well, one not as well… that’s life I suppose.

While I didn’t totally pig out while home alone, it wasn’t excellent either. Maybe “excellent” isn’t a realistic goal though. I tried hanging out in bed as opposed to on the couch, that definitely cut down on mindless eating. I also tried to fill my time home alone with getting ahead on stuff around the apartment or snuggling with Fig. We did munch a little too much in front of an episode of Pretty Little Liars though. It was a scary episode! Maybe I need to just make a “no eating while watching TV” rule. That could be tough.

The “not fearing hunger” thing was a very interesting experiment and I definitely noticed a difference. The best thing of the week, though, was SNACKS. I did some research around some healthy living / eating blogs and got some inspiration. It’s difficult for me because I actually work in an office so my snacks need to be mobile and often pre-portioned (I hate doing excess dishes / lugging all kinds of containers on my 1.25 mile walk to work in the morning). I still keep my snacks relatively small (around 200 calories) but it definitely helped to have nutritious snacks that stuck with me between meals. Here’s some of what I came up with:

1/2 Cup of Cottage Cheese – 110 calories
One Medium Yellow Peach – 60 calories
Total = 170 calories

10 ounces of black coffee – 0 calories
1/2 Packet No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate Mix – 30 calories
1/2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder – 60 calories
Total = 90 calories

Arnold Sandwich Thin – 100 calories
1 Tablespoon Chocolate Peanut Butter Better’n Peanut Butter – 50 calories
Total = 150 calories

Dannon Oikos Non Fat Greek Yogurt – 130 calories
1 Cup of Watermelon – 46 calories
Total = 176 calories

Medium Banana – 105 calories
Total =  105 calories

While I have chosen not to share my weight on the blog (I’m making steps to have a healthier relationship with food / my body but let’s not expect miracles here people), I actually have lost 4lbs! I’m still a couple lbs above my “marathon weight” but this is the lowest I’ve been since the marathon so yay!! And what is better is that I haven’t felt like I’ve been dieting at all… cha ching. I’ve got a big vacation coming up next week (details to follow later this week) and that’s going to be a big challenge (I’m going on a cruise and cruises aren’t exactly known for their lack of available food options). It’s all included too so there’s no incentive NOT to eat everything! I’ve been spending some time thinking about some strategies to enjoy every aspect of my vacation while not making myself miserable.

  1. One treat per day. I believe that vacation is a special time and definitely the place to treat yourself. My goal is to identify one special treat per day and really really enjoy it without feeling guilty!
  2. Eat the Bread, Skip the Sides. Or vice versa depending on the sides. I really love bread, but on top of a big meal it’s too much. Sometimes though, I’d rather have the bread and then just some meat / veggies. I guess we’ll call this “picking one carb”.
  3. Daily workouts. This requires no explanation.
  4. Sharing is caring! I love trying new foods and experiencing local cuisines, but that can be a lot of food to try. This trip I’m going to try sharing more dishes with other people so I can taste / experience many different foods without having to stuff myself!

4 responses

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve found that snacking has been the most effective way to lose weight. And have fun on your cruise! Yet again I’m jealous of your adventures!

    1. Snacking combines two of my favorite: eating and fitting into my pants! 🙂 Thank you I am SO excited. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Texas… definitely a state that is high on my “must visit” list!

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  3. […] put together a plan for my workouts on the cruise! I already talked about some of my ideas for eating (relatively) healthy on my vacation and part of that does include sticking with my daily workouts.This trip is […]

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