Weighing In

I swear I think writing on my blog that I never get sick totally jinxed me! I’m not full blown sick, but I’ve been battling a sore throat and general feeling of blah since yesterday morning. I maintain I’m not sick… just allergic to Mondays after a great weekend. I had an awesome weekend in Philadelphia visiting my long-distance best friend Sarah. Sarah was my other half on college and we were simply devastated when post-college work opportunities found me remaining in DC and her moving back to her home town of Philly. Luckily though, it’s been two years and we’re still going strong. Sometimes it’s hard with busy schedules, but there’s nothing better than when we get together for a girl’s weekend.

But I digress to today’s post… checking in on my on-going efforts to improve my relationship with food. I didn’t write a post last week (bad Christina!) on the topic so I think I have a lot to catch up on! I want to first provide a disclaimer thatI am not a doctor, nurse, registered dietitian, or medical professional of any kind. This is purely a reflection on my life, my experience, and what information / knowledge I’ve gained along the way.What is written in any of these posts should not be taken as medical advice.


With that out of the way… things are going ok! I’ve been feeling much more at ease about eating / exercising in general, which is definitely a start. However, I think I’ve been slipping a little bit in being diligent about hunger / satiety cues. I haven’t been eating to a point of being stuffed, but I still think I’m eating slightly passed satiety. I have, however, been recognizing a lot of habits / learning a lot about myself. I really like the actual act of eating and there have been many occasions where I have desired to continue eating when I knew I wasn’t hungry any more. I think recognizing the difference has been a big step for me.


One thing I’ve started doing that has been surprisingly positive is weighing myself every day. Growing up, I hated the scale. I feared it. Then I went through a pretty bad period of obsessive over-weighing. Then back to fearing / hating the scale. I literally have to psych myself up to get on the scale and I go through all those crazy thoughts in my head like “I ate sushi two days ago, maybe I’m retaining water”. I don’t want to be crazy about my weight, but I do want to maintain so I need to know how much I weigh. The problem is, the longer I go between weigh ins, the most uncertainty there is and the more scared I get. So I thought, let’s try weighing myself every day. It’s been surprisingly good. I feel like I’m taking away some of the power of the scale every time I get on it. I’m far less apprehensive every time I get on it too. It’s also really interesting to see your day to day weight fluctuations. Interesting example, between yesterday and today my weight dropped 4.5 lbs. I know that isn’t actually “weight loss”, but rather a reflection of a weekend with more cheese and wine than usual followed by a Monday of drinking a lot of water. But still… it’s interesting. I want to keep this up.

Here’s what I’m going to try and focus on in the next week:

  1. Not “fearing hunger”. I read an interesting article on Active.com this week about how hunger pangs come and go, and many people who are “afraid” of feeling hungry often eat more in a given day. Obviously I know that hunger is a cue that my body wants to eat, but sometimes I do find myself thinking that the moment I am hungry I need to eat. This week I want to try and delay eating for 30 minutes when I feel hungry just to see how that feels.
  2. Having a relaxing night alone with no plans WITHOUT overeating. I don’t know why this happens to me exactly, but when I have a night home alone without plans (social plans or just plans like yoga, grocery shopping/cooking, cleaning, etc) I always end up overeating. I think this is sometimes why I over schedule myself, but that’s not really addressing the real issue. In the next week, I want to take a night and try out some strategies to avoid this pitfall.
  3. Snacking smarter. I love to eat and I know that I eat less at main meals when I don’t come to them starving. Unfortunately, I’m not a good snacker. I don’t have good snacks that make me feel energized and satisfied. I want to look around this week for some better snack ideas and try them out to see how they make me feel.

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