Summer To Do List Check In!

Wow it’s after July 15th which means that summer is basically half over (I generally view summer as June 1 – August 31st… the “Christina Calendar”)!! I thought this was the perfect time to check in on our summer to do lists and see how much progress we’re making. My list needs more work than Mike’s, but I think we might be on track to get most stuff done!

My List:

  1. Try out trail running (This post on Lavender Parking really got me psyched up) – There are trails near Mike’s house we’re planning to go out for a run together one night in the next couple weeks. 
  2. Go for a day hiking trip (Maybe this one or this one) – DONE recap here
  3. Convinve a friend to go paint pottery with me at All Fired Up! (I heard you can bring wine??) – I have solicited two girls to do this with me and we are going next Thursday evening (Thursday is “Ladies Night” hahaha like there is a “Man Night” at a pottery painting establishment?)
  4. Attend a backyard BBQ (someone else will have to host because I have neither a backyard nor a BBQ) – my friend Sarah and her husband just bought a house and are tentatively planning a housewarming BBQ for the end of August so that could fulfill my goal. Also, I did have a cookout on memorial day, it just happened to be in a courtyard of an apartment building, not a backyard. 
  5. Take Mike’s motorcycle out for a scenic drive in Virginia / West Virginia (obviously he’ll be driving) – We talked about this yesterday and are tentatively planning to take the motorcycle to Harper’s Ferry, WV to go river tubing for our one year anniversary in August. Woohoo!
  6. Go watch an outdoor movie screening (they only have 100 million of these in DC and I’ve never gone) – will be attending Screen on the Green’s showing of “It Happened One Night” next Wednesday!
  7. Eat or get a drink at five new places from this list – Totally on track with this one. We have gone to Marvin, Biergarten Haus, and Rock and Roll Hotel already. Plans to go to American Ice Co, DC9, and Cork Wine Bar before the end of the summer. I also realized that I have been to a lot more places on this list than I initially thought. In general, this goal was to try new places and we’ve been doing that like crazy!
  8. Play some sort of lawn sport in the park across from my apartment – I’ve discussed this with a group of people so hopefully we can get it together before the end of the summer! I’m thinking perhaps Sunday the 29th would work. First need to purchase a lawn game though. Thinking about this or this.
  9. Make a creative DIY garland for the wall above my bed – Oh right, I forgot about this. I have the rope and the wall mounts so yeah better start browsing for ideas…
  10. Take a weekend trip to NYC to visit all my friends who live there. – Sadly, this isn’t going to happen this summer. I just ran out of available weekends. I’m hoping to do it this Fall. 

Mike’s List:

  1. Go to more Saturday Long Runs with running club (we didn’t go to many this spring with all our traveling and racing) – On track / Done.
  2. Ramp up marathon training (Mike is running the Philadelphia Marathon in November) – On Track / Done. 
  3. Try Sake Bombs (we were at a sushi restaurant at the time, inspiration comes from all over) – We’ve picked the best place to do it… now it’s just a matter of going there and letting the spectacle ensue. 
  4. Continue Wednesday track workouts (and convince Christina to join) – He’s been going every week. I went once! So let’s call this on track / done!
  5. Go to either Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens (ride a roller coaster) – We’ve decided to go to King’s Dominion in the early fall in hopes that it will be slightly cooler! I feel KIND OF bad because I went to Disney and rode a roller coaster without Mike. 
  6. Go to a rock climbing gym – There is a rock wall at my gym so we’re hoping to go together at some point. We need to pick a date. I also did a little research yesterday and there are a couple places that have intro to climbing packages at reasonable prices (I’ve never climbed before so I’m kind of interested in those.)
  7. Get Dave (his brother) to visit DC – DONE. Dave is coming to DC this weekend to go to the Hot Chip concert at Merriweather Pavillion on Sunday!
  8. Get Little Mac (his cat) and Fig (my cat) to fall in love (they haven’t warmed up to each other the way we had hoped) – DONE. Mike watched Fig while I was in Orlando on business and they boys are like two peas in a pod. Woohoo!
  9. Try at least three new pizza places (Mike LOVES pizza) – Totally on track. We’ve tried District of Pi and have plans to try Red Rocks, We The Pizza, and Pizzeria Paradiso (I’ve been to Paradiso, so that’s more of a back up)
  10. Get Christina an amazing one year anniversary gift (hehe) – He says he’s “thinking about it” haha. But I know what I am getting him so… score!

6 responses

  1. FYI, #10 is also “On Track / Done” 🙂

    1. you’re a sneaky one 😀

  2. You might be the most on-track goal setter I’ve seen! Way to go!

    1. I thought this was just going to be a summer thing but this to-do list has encouraged me to do so much more than I ever have! I think I’m gonna make another one in the Fall!

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