Monday Check In

Heyoooo!! Happy Monday to you! I am coming off an unbelievable weekend to face two days of work before taking off on a 5 day vacation with Mike and Fig to my parents’ house in North Carolina for the Fourth of July. Ahhh yes, the summer is sweet. For today, let’s check in on my post from last week.

I figured I needed to take things in small steps. I decided to focus on hunger / satiety first because it’s the most basic. I also tried to be conscious of the “extras” but that was pretty secondary. I would say that things went really really well… but it’s only been like 5 days so I’m cautiously optimistic. I always do really well off the bat, it’s usually a couple weeks in that things start to get hard.

On Thursday there was a big meeting at my office that got catered lunch, and of course there were a TON of leftovers in the office kitchen. This has led me astray on more than one occasion. When I walked into the kitchen to get my salad out of the refrigerator, I definitely felt that familiar pull to dig in. But I reminded myself of all the times this has happened in the past, and I had a perfectly delicious meal waiting in the refrigerator. I wanted some kind of carb to go with my salad / chicken lunch, so I selected a small roll from the basket of bread that went with a pasta entree. I almost took 2, but then I stopped and thought, take one and if you really want another in an hour, they’ll still be here. I can assure you this has pretty much never happened before, so I took it as a win. And I didn’t even want another piece of bread later… imagine that.

Saturday was an interesting day. I wouldn’t say it was a day filled with the healthiest choices I have ever made, but by paying close attention to my hunger / satiety, I honestly didn’t feel guilty! After our long runs, Mike requested lunch from Super Tacos & Bakery (this amazing little place in Adams Morgan … get the burrito if you go, you won’t be sorry. I hope to one day order a cake from here when the need arises). We both got burritos and I ended up eating half and taking half with me… revolutionary. Normally I would just house the entire thing and then spend an hour whining about how fat I am (I am… a joy). I ate the other half as an afternoon snack, which was awesome. We had dinner out at Biergarten Haus on H Street and, even though I was really excited about the food, I took a minute to check in with myself and realized I wasn’t actually THAT hungry. So we ended up sharing a small appetizer and entree. I was pleased with how satisfied I felt after. Then we caught a show at Rock n Roll Hotel (we saw the Japandroids), where we literally danced our pants off. I left drenched in sweat (went in with straight hair, left with curly. Also, there is quite possibly nothing less comfortable to wear than a soaking wet jean skirt). I was seriously thirsty and HUNGRY. So we did something completely awesome. We stopped at Ben’s Chili Bowl and shared an order of chili cheese fries. Like I said, not the absolute healthiest day I’ve ever had but it was noticeably different than my typical “mess up once and then binge on junk for the whole day” MO.

There’s some stuff coming up though that I think could prove to be more challenging:

  1. Road Trip. Mike and I are driving down and back from NC (it’s at least 6.5 hours each way without traffic… and it’s the 4th of July so there will be a ton of traffic). The car is like a snack trap for me and the options for healthy snacks is quite limited at the majority of places we stop (Bojangles, McDonalds, Convenience Stores… Oh my!). I need to go to the grocery store before we leave to have enough healthy snacks / drinks to tide me over.
  2. Holiday. The 4th of July on one hand requires me to live in my bathing suit, but on the other it includes a lot of parties / eating. Need to tread carefully.

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