Friday Favorites

Well it has been a week! I picked up a little bit of a sore throat in Disney (airplanes are the worst) so I’ve been feeling kind of beat since I got back. I am so excited for a weekend at home complete with Saturday run with the running club, a concert at the Rock’n’Roll Hotel and a special day with Mike. Also, Ted is coming out this weekend. Anyone else really want to see it???

Mike sent me this picture while I was in Florida and it made me so happy!! Glad Fig had a great “boys trip” with Little Mac and Mike 🙂

Parade at Magic Kingdom… Cinderelly Cinderelly…

Used my one day off to hit the parks with my friend Bryan (his very first time ever at Disney!!). It was an epic day complete with all the major rides at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

MISSION SPACE!!! Really fun ride at Epcot

You know you’re in Disney when… all your snack options are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads

Finally home just me and Fig! We were both pretty exhausted so there has been a ton of snuggling. 

My Week in Workouts: My workouts this week were kind of scattered since I was traveling for work. The hotel gym was incredibly small and crowded so I just hopped from machine to machine, whatever was free! The gym hours also weren’t ideal for my work schedule on this trip (didn’t open until 6 am and on Friday I had to be showered, dressed, and at work at 6:45 am, hence the hotel room workout!)


  • 30 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (perform each move for 60 seconds, repeat three times: jump rope, jumping jacks, burpees, speed skaters, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, power squats, scissor lunges, high knees, butt kicks)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • 9 Mile Run


  • 20 minutes Treadmill
  • 30 minutes Elliptical
  • 20 minute hotel room high intensity cardio circuit (the above but only repeated 2x)


  • 40 minutes Treadmill (First 20 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, Second 20 minutes alternating 5 minutes running at 6.0 speed 1.0 incline, 5 minutes walking at 4.0 speed 7.0 incline)
  • 15 minutes Bike (hill workout setting)
  • 10 minutes Abs


  • Rest Day


  • 75 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class


  • 60 Minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class
  • 60 Minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class

3 responses

  1. It must be the worst torture to have to work when Disney World is right outside!

    1. Well “luckily” Tropical Storm Debbie meant a pretty steady downpour for the majority of the trip so that definitely helped some. Got one day of decent weather to go to the parks, but I was hoping to be able to be outside more in our limited free time 😦

  2. Paulette Zimmerman | Reply

    I am pretty amazed that you could work out as much as you did given the long days at the conference. Also…love the picture of Fig yawning or yelling at you

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