Friday Favorites

Exciting news!! I purchased my domain name so now it’s just! Woohoo!! Now onto Friday Favorites…

Sweetfrog frozen yogurt on Memorial Day Weekend. I love love love frozen yogurt in case I haven’t made that ABUNDANTLY clear.

This is a picture of Mike’s nightstand. A copy of Runner’s World, a copy of Running Times (which he says has “more technical shoe reviews”), Advanced Marathoning, and Road Racing for Serious Runners. So.Hardcore.

We went up to Philadelphia on Sunday so Mike could buy a new motorcycle from this guy (yeah it happened). We stopped in the city to have lunch with Sarah, and walked by the Magic Gardens on our way to Supper on South Street.

Took Fig over to Mike’s house for a little playdate with Little Mac, and tried riding in the car out of the carrier. He was so much happier! He just cries and cries and cries in the carrier (not to mention he drew blood the last time I tried to put him in the carrier).

Mini bagels! Just enough carbs to make me feel totally satisfied by a salad lunch.  This is also perhaps the most perfectly toasted bread item in history (in my humble opinion)

My Week in Workouts

Friday 5/25:

  • Early AM: 60 Minute Spinning Class

Saturday 5/26:

  • Cascades 10K (Run 6.2 miles)

Sunday 5/27:

  • Rest Day

Monday 5/28:

  • Run 5 Miles

Tuesday 5/29:

  • Lunch: 60 minute Cardio / Strength Intervals Class
  • After work: 75 minute Level 2 Hot Power Yoga Class

Wednesday 5/30:

  • Lunch: Cardio Session (20 minutes Hill Workout on Elliptical and 20 minutes Hill Workout on Stair Master)
  • After work: Track Workout (Woohoo I actually did it! We did a half mile warm up, then 500 M at 5K pace followed by 300M recovery jog. Do this 8 times. My 5K pace was between 7:44 min / mile and 8:16 min/mile – between 2:25 and 2:35 for each 500M interval.)

Thursday 5/31:

  • Lunch: 60 minute Cardio Strength Intervals Class (I wanted to go to early AM yoga but I was really wiped out from Tuesday / Wednesday’s workouts so I gave my body a small rest)

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