The Need for Speed

So as I mentioned last week I am trying to focus more of my running attention on speed and after my first two speed workouts I can say it’s going AWESOME 🙂 I thought I’d share with you the two workouts I have done and some information on speed training in case you too are hoping to set a new PR!

Speed Workout #1 – Track Workout (But OK, I actually did it on a treadmill because I was on my lunchbreak and the gym is more accessible than a track) “Faster, Faster” from RunningTimes.

400 M Easy Run Pace (I did 10:50 min / mile)
400 M  15K Pace (I did 9:10 min / mile)
400 M 3 – 5 K Pace (I did 8:40 min / mile)

The website says to repeat it 4 times but I did 5 times with a quarter mile cooldown after the last for an even 4 miles.

Speed Workout #2 – Tempo Run

1 M Easy Run Pace (I did 10:50 min / mile)
3 M 10K Race Pace (I did 9:00 min / mile)
1 M Easy Run Pace (I did 10:50 min / mile again)

It’s only my first week of these speed workouts so I think setting the right paces will be a learning process. I felt really good after these but I wasn’t as wiped out as I thought I would be. That probably means I can push the speed even faster. I would also like to get my tempo runs up to longer distances, but I was busy this week and 5 miles was all I could get (I try to remember… 5 miles is better than 0 miles!).

One thing I really loved was that it made these shorter workouts feel like they packed more of a punch. My four mile speed workout was MUCH harder than a normal 4 mile training run… but in a good way.

Next week I’m going to try out a different track workout and maybe a six mile tempo run? We’ll see what I have time for when I make my workout calendar! Anyways… MEEP MEEP! (hehe get it? The Roadrunner?)

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