Welcome to Pennies on the Run!

Well here goes nothing! My best friend in the whole world (I’m sure a post will appear at some point about our wildly successful post-college long distance friendship) recently suggested that I consider writing a blog and my immediate reaction was, “Everybody and their mom has a blog! There is nothing exceptional about my life… who would want to read about it?” But then I got to thinking (what else is there to do on the 45 minute drive to my boyfriend’s house? yeah, we’ll get to that later too), maybe writing a blog isn’t completely narcissistic? Maybe it could be a really fun outlet? Suddenly, I had a million ideas of things I wanted to write about!

Here’s the general theme I came up with: a fitness blog that explores my burning love for exercise and shares some of my adventures in healthy (and occasionally not so healthy… I’m only human here) cooking, sprinkled occasionally with some light fashion, home decor, and lifestyle stuff. All of this on an EXTREME budget. (Get it… Pennies on the Run? hehe, another friend came up with most of it… she gets the credit!)

I want to have it all when I can barely afford half of it… I figure maybe we can help each other out through this blog 🙂

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